What's Missing: Clothes

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Available at: Amazon.com (kindle and paperback), Amazon.ca (kindle), Thunder Bay's Baggage Building Arts Centre - Gift Gallery at the Marina,  First Impressions - Red Rock (print), Northern Woman's Bookstore - Thunder Bay, and from the author.

What's Missing: Clothes is a book for toddlers that encourages observation and comparison while it expands the child's knowledge of clothing. A fun book for parents and children to share.

Daleine rated it 5 stars
What's Missing: Clothes, is a wonderful book to help kids become observant. It is a really cute book.

Kim rated it 3 stars

In this book a small article of clothing or a portion of an item of clothing (e.g. buttons or an overall strap) is missing from a picture and the child is supposed to determine what is missing. The next page shows the same picture with the missing item restored and a fact about the article of clothing. I gave the book three stars because it wasn't really what I was expecting or hoping for, which was a book I could use with my preschool clients I see for speech/language therapy, but the concept is unique and I think many kids would enjoy figuring out the missing details.


Sample Pictures from What's Missing: Clothes