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Education and All That


Teaching Experience:


1979-1981, 1985-2009: Taught at 10 different schools:


In a variety of positions:


Volunteered for:


And in the community:


Educational Background:


Bachelor of Arts, Lakehead University, Ontario (English)

Bachelor of Education, Lakehead University, Ontario

Several extra university courses in English, History, and Anthropology

Basic Qualifications – Primary, Junior and Intermediate Divisions

Librarianship, Part 1, Part 2

Primary Education, Part 1

Computers in the Classroom, Part 1

Numerous workshops on computers, math, classroom management (such as co-operative learning), physical education and daily physical activity, health, teaching strategies, brain development (such as Eight Intelligences, Brain Gym), science, drama, music, social studies, assessment, evaluation, testing, and all aspects of literacy (such as First Steps and Six Plus One Traits of Writing).

Attended several university, college, and community workshops, courses, on-line courses, and retreats in writing

Trained as a lay-leader for Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada by Socho (Bishop) Orai Fujikawa

Completed four term Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course, Jodo Shinshu Centre, Berkeley California


Contact me at b.ferrante at tbaytel dot net