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02 March 2012
Added new Ham Radio related programs (Android & Windows) for downloading from my The Digital Radio Amateur section.
15 February 2012
Latest issue of my APRS® Thunder Bay Vol. 4 No. 13 newsletter is available
in Writings & Publications.
Added my Thunder Bay Historical Museum Historical Society article on the first wireless rescue by marine radio station MUG Port Arthur of the SS DUNELM in Writings & Publications. The Society asked for a 1-year exclusive use until I posted it on my website. The new Marconi wireless station had just been constructed and commenced operation with a temporary antenna.
I'm very familiar with handling of the first distress call at a newly installed station. I had the "pleasure" of doing so, just an hour after the Lake Winnipeg peripherals were turned on. They had been just been remoted to the "new" VBA Thunder Bay (spring of '86). That one was a lot of fun. Not!
15 January 2012
Happy New Year! I'm now writing a new column for TCA (The Canadian Amateur) a RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada) publication. It's called "All  Things Digital, Amateur Radio for the 21st Century". I'll be adding another web section that will contain my TCA columns plus the software and links that go with each one. This should make it easier for readers to navigate through the text and not have to retype the links as this can and often does cause problems. I'm  just waiting for the go ahead from RAC.
Right now, TCA readers can download the current column software from my The Digital Radio Amateur page.
As I write this, the Feb/Apr draft column has already been submitted!
Many heartfelt thanks to those who have sent me congrats emails and their comments; it's very much appreciated! The feedback will help shape future articles.
27 November 2011
Added new main page link for the modern Canadian Coast Guard's 50th Anniversary. Seeing as I've been working for the CCG for 35 of those 50 years, it's a good way to end my career and add another souvenir pin to my collection!
Added new main page link to Inland Marine Radio History Archive.
Removed main page radio and electricity museum links.
14 April 2011
Added new historical material including early Canadian Great Lakes station installations and VBA station listings for 1936, 1987, 1997 and 2009 plus MCTS Great Lakes & Lake Winnipeg services.
See pages:
Going Postal
MCTS Millennium
VBA Thunder Bay
My deep thanks to the John Adams Library at the Canadian Coast Guard Library, Sydney, NS., & to the Transport Canada Library, Ottawa, ON., & the DOT Muster website.
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