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At the end of each calendar year, a particular year's activities and photos will still be available on its own TBBC page.

We also report some of our members' adventures away from the club, and feature some of their favourite wildlife photos.

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January to March 2020 on Ranges 1 and 2

On 13 January, Barry E. was sighting in a Hart action .222 Remington from Harry's collection. It shoots very well.

On 21 January, soon after a very heavy snowfall, the Tuesday RF gang is back and these photos show part of the first relay.

On Sunday 26 January we had two CF for score relays shown below.

On 9 February Don M. brought in a Hornady tool for trimming cartridge neck thicknesses to fit into custom, tighter than standard diameter, chambers. There is a green circle added to the photo around the horizontal inside neck pilot, which steadies the neck, and a cutting tool coming down from above. Don demonstrated the necessary steps to achieve a close fit, which aligns the bullet perfectly with the barrel bore.

On 10 Feb, Dale Z. brought in a brand new Turbo V-2 action for .22 rimfires that features a left loading port, and triple lug to reduce bolt throw to 45 degrees. This action is seriously heavy and built to achieve high precision. Now we'll have to wait to see what custom barrel and trigger and stock will be added.

On 18 February, Jody G. turned up with a new-to-her heavy .22RF benchrest rifle made by Valmet in Finland.

On 9 March Don M. was shooting a new to him .22 Dasher, while Ray and Barry were practicing BP loads with some Sharps .45-70's for our 16 August BP shoot.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

Barry using a
CF Hart action
on 13 January
On 21 January
Dale is using
a Cooper RF
Wayne P. does
very well with
an Anschutz
More lads on
the first
January 26
our first
CF relay
and here's
the second
Here's a Hornady
device for
neck turning
powered by a
drill and
demo'd by Don
The resultant
neck is shiny
and sized
Dale brought
in a Turbo V-2
new action
Jody G. has
a Valmet .22RF
benchrest gun
Don is testing
loads for a
.22 Dasher
Ray shooting
BP cartridges
and so is
Barry in
practice for
16 August

Virus COVID-19 Facility Closure in March 2020

The virus pandemic resulted in government mandated closure of public gatherings and non-essential businesses and activities. Consequently the TBFG ranges were closed for an indeterminate period of time. Reopening of range activities will be announced by TBFG at some later date.

Member Adventures and Nature Photos -- 2020

On 13 January Lorenzo S. captured this trail cam photo of a Snowshoe Hare aka Snowshoe Rabbit, a critter I have rarely seen lately, perhaps because we have so much snow this year. (Maybe that's why they're white :-)

This group of four deer, a doe and her two now-yearlings and another doe, have been visiting my yard since last summer.

Click on the individual images here to see a larger view.

13 January
Two does and
2 yearling