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This will be a catch-all page with articles of general interest to members, by members, and for members.

Recommended Reading for Benchrest Shooting

There have already been several book reviews published at NOSA's website that bear directly on the type of precision shooting we hope to accomplish.

The Accurate Rifle, by Warren Page. (It's interesting that .505 Dave mentions this book often, in apparent awe, even though we don't recall that Warren favoured portable artillery pieces ;-) Seriously though, Warren goes into great detail on dealing with mirage and wind, which are our frequent bugaboos. Lots more about equipment choice and shooting tips.

The Accurate Varmint Rifle, by Boyd Mace. This book goes into all aspects of extreme shooting accuracy, applicable to target shooting as well as the title suggests, varmint hunting. Besides shooting equipment recommendations and help for shooting technique, he gives useful tips on precision reloading too.

The Book Of Rifle Accuracy, by Tony Boyer. Reviewed by our Ray M. and here is a tiny extract: "From a target shooting/ benchrest point of view this book is a must read. If you are interested in precision shooting, reloading to increase accuracy and getting the best performance from your rifle, Tony Boyer will lead you through the various aspects of the sport and the fundamentals of rifle accuracy."

You can find those reviews with more detail here: Books and More

Now that we are much more involved in the precision end of our shooting hobby, it's time to read and reread some more great books.

The key to building a useful reference library on any topic is perseverence in tracking down used copies at inexpensive prices. There the internet will become a valued friend.

Some Reasons We've Heard Explaining Fliers

-- "Mirage was up, down, and sideways." [That real old standby.]
-- "Someone opened the door." [Violently churns air in front of scope.]
-- "My scope extension was too short to go out the window." [Which is why paper rolls and duct tape are useful -- Red Green would smile here.]
-- "Bobo licked me." [Yes that too can happen.]
-- "A fly landed on my barrel." [Changes barrel harmonics.]
-- "I had less than 5 coffees." [Lack of concentration.]
-- "I had more than 5 coffees." [The whole world vibrates.]
-- "Intermittent sun on the bench variably affected some primers." [Changing temperature can affect cartridges' ignition.]
-- "It was raining and bullets hit different numbers of raindrops." [This one just might have a tiny effect.]
-- "Ditto for snowflakes." [We've heard some beauts.]
-- "My other rifle is a .505 Gibbs; so now even firing a BB gun makes me flinch." [Just Dave.]
-- "Ray fired his black powder shells and the target disappeared." [Actually happened.]
-- "I fell asleep mid-group and the barrel cooled off." [Happens way too often nowadays.]