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Welcome to my home page. I am a real estate appraiser located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Thunder Bay is located on the north shore of Lake Superior, in the northwestern part of the province.

Thunder Bay's location in Canada

In addition to being a Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, I am also:

-a member and Past President (1980) of the Thunder Bay Real Estate Board;
-a retired officer of the the Canadian Forces' Army Reserve for 15 years with the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment;
-a Knight of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem;
-a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada; and
-a Fellow of the Rotary International Foundation.

About My Work

The Appraisal Institute of Canada educates, trains and designates two types of real estate appraisers: Accredited Appraisers of the Canadian Institute (AACI), and Canadian Residential Appraisers (CRA). I have been a residential appraiser since 1976 and was designated a CRA in 1986.

The Thunder Bay Real Estate Board is the local trade organization for real estate brokers and salesmen. Members of the Board that are licensed to trade in real estate are known as Realtors. The term Realtor historically referred to the quality of the service offered to the public by members of the Canadian Real Estate Association and that meaning still applies, although it has been extended to include the members themselves.

The Real Estate Institute of Canada is the senior educational body of the real estate industry in Canada. The REIC provides education and professional development in a range of real estate related fields including; property management, leasing and what is called ICI, or industrial, commercial and investment real estate. This professional development is usually undertaken after any provincial licenses have been obtained and is at the university level of study. Being named a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute (FRI) takes a minimum of five years to qualify and it is awarded at the sole discretion of the Institute.

The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is 900 years old, having been created during the Second Crusade. It is an order of chivalry that still confers knighthoods (I was knighted in May 2005!) and the Order does charitable work in many fields including its traditional reason for being founded - leprosy!

Rotary is an international service club that does huge amounts of good works around the world. Just two examples are the millions of dollars that Rotary raised in order to fund the World Health Organization's programme to vaccinate the children of the world against polio and six other deadly diseases, and the Rotary Scholarships that are the most numerous graduate scholarships given out by any body in the world and are worth more per graduate student than even the famous Rhodes Scholarships.

Now, every country has an army of some name or description. I am sure surfers of the Internet are NOT interested in my military career as a Reservist, so I have included something on this home page that may be more interesting - and maybe even useful to some. Below is the Canadian Forces' Administration Order that lists the regimental and branch marches of the Canadian Armed Forces and how to use them. In the list of marches are some links to units of the CF and music files of some of the marches. Another CFAO listed the order of precedence within Canadan and within the Canadian Forces.

I hope you enjoy the information below and some of the links included on those pages. If you did find this page interesting or want more information, my E-mail address is tgroulx@tbaytel.net. Should you know of the web site for any CF unit listed below or have MIDI files of their march, please send them to me and I will link that regiment's name on the CFAO or add the march to the page so others can use this page as an index to CF unit home pages. If this stuff is of no interest to you what so ever, at least take one thing away with you: Murphy's Law of Combat Operations reminds us, "If the enemy is in range, SO ARE YOU!"

Canadian Forces

crest of the Canadian Armed Forces (CF)

Regimental & Branch Marches of the CF

Canadian Forces Administrative Order 32-3

Precedence in Canada and the CF

Canadian Forces Administrative Order 61-6

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Last updated on 31 October 2005