original cover

Hypnotic / Icarus cover

STRENGTH OF STEEL (Metal Blade Records - 1987)

Produced by Anvil and Paul Lachapelle
Strength Of Steel
Concrete Jungle
I Dreamed It Was The End Of The World
Flight Of The Bumble Beast
Cut Loose
Mad Dog
Straight Between The Eyes
Wild Eyes
Kiss Of Death
Paper General

Lips and Dave Allison share lead vocal duties on "Straight Between The Eyes".

"Wild Eyes" was originally recorded by The Stampeders.

"Flight Of The Bumble Beast" is an instrumental.

Notice the Hypnotic / Icarus cover is a darker red.

The Brazilian CD includes two bonus tracks: "Rockin'" and "Straight Between The Eyes". Both are unreleased demos from 1985. This may be an unofficial release so I am not including the songs in the tracklist.

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