original CD cover

Massacre digipak cover

Massacre LP and The End CD cover

Icarus CD cover

SPEED OF SOUND (Massacre Records / Hypnotic Records - 1998)

Produced by Anvil
Speed Of Sound
Blood In The Playground
Deadbeat Dad
Man Over Broad
No Evil
Mattress Mambo
Secret Agent
Life To Lead
Park That Truck
Metal On Metal [live] (enhanced CD - video / German digipak only)
Kick Some Ass (Japanese CD only)
Vengeance To Kill (Japanese CD only)

The video for the live performance of "Metal On Metal" was taken from their appearance at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Wacken, Germany on August 7, 1998.

"Metal On Metal" was originally recorded on METAL ON METAL.

"Kick Some Ass" is incorrectly printed as "Kick Some Us" on the CD, back cover and in one spot in the liner notes of the Japanese CD.

Notice the slightly different covers for each release. The original CD releases have "SPEED OF SOUND" printed up the left hand side while the digipak, LP and new CD releases have it printed along the bottom. The Massacre Records digipak has the anvil craft firing a missle while all other releases do not. The Icarus CD has "SPEED OF SOUND" printed both up the left hand side and along the bottom. However the title along the bottom is a different font, colour and location.

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