POUNDING THE PAVEMENT (SPV - Steamhammer - 2018)

Produced by Jörg Uken, Anvil
Bitch In The Box
Doing What I Want
Smash Your Face
Pounding The Pavement
Rock That Shit
Let It Go
Nanook Of The North
Black Smoke
World Of Tomorrow
Warming Up
Don't Tell Me (listed as bonus track on all releases)
Spark It Up(Anvil Enterprises CD only)

It will be released January 19, 2018 through SPV/Steamhammer. You can also pre-order the CD and other items at the band's PledgeMusic page for the project. The album will be available in the following formats:

They have posted a sneak peak of one track, 'Bitch In The Box'.

"Don't Tell Me" is listed as a bonus track despite being available on all releases so far.

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