movies, television shows and video games

The following is a list of movies and television shows that Anvil music has been included in.

Name Type Company Year Track Line-Up Album Track Originally Appeared On
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers movie Double Helix Films Inc. 1988 Straight Between The Eyes #1 STRENGTH OF STEEL
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland movie Double Helix Films Inc. 1988 Wild Eyes #1 STRENGTH OF STEEL
Anvil! The Story Of Anvil movie Universal Pictures 2008 various live performances, clips of songs from THIS IS THIRTEEN #5 various
The Final Destination movie New Line Cinema 2009 Burning Bridges #5 THIS IS THIRTEEN
Sons Of Anarchy (season 2, episode 1)
tv show FX 2009 Slip Kid #5 Sons Of Anarchy: North Country
Rock Band 2 (downloadable content) video game MTV Games 2009 666*, Metal On Metal*, This Is Thirteen
*2009 recordings
#5 THIS IS THIRTEEN (2009 recordings are bonus tracks)
Brütal Legend video game Electronic Arts 2009 March Of The Crabs,
Tag Team
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars video game Rockstar Leeds / Rockstar North 2009 Winged Assassins, 666, Forged In Fire, March Of The Crabs, Metal On Metal School Love, Thumb Hang
all 2009 recordings
(dedicated radio station in the PSP version)
#6 THIS IS THIRTEEN (bonus tracks), MONUMENT OF METAL, unreleased
Pure Pwnage (season 1, episode 4)
"Rock On"
tv show Showcase 2010 Bombs Away,Metal On Metal*
*2009 recording
#6 THIS IS THIRTEEN (2009 recording is a bonus tracks)
The Simpsons (season 22, episode 5)
"Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life"
tv show FOX 2010 Metal On Metal #1 METAL ON METAL
The Green Hornet movie Sony Pictures 2011 the band can be seen performing live on a television in the background of a scene. There is no sound. #6 N/A
Rookie Blue (season 2, episode 11)
"A Little Faith"
tv show Global (Canada)
2011 Metal On Metal
2009 recording
#6 THIS IS THIRTEEN (bonus track)
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil (season 2, episode 11)
tv show Space 2012 Metal On Metal
2009 recording
#6 THIS IS THIRTEEN (bonus track)
IT movie New Line Cinema 2017 Metal On Metal
2009 recording
#5 THIS IS THIRTEEN (bonus track)


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