666 (2009 version)
A.Z. #85
American Refugee
Another Gun Fight
At The Apartment
Available Youth
Axe To Grind
Backwaxed (early, unreleased version)
Bad Side Of Town
Badass Rock N Roll
Ball Breaker (unreleased)
Ball Of Fire
Beat The Law
Bedroom Game
Beef Curtains (unreleased)
Big Business
Billy Goat (unreleased)
Bitch In The Box
Black Or White
Black Smoke
Blind Rage
Blood On The Ice
Blood In The Playground
Board Meeting (unreleased)
Bombs Away
Bottom Feeder
Bottom Line
Brain Burn
Bunk Spunk (unreleased)
Burning Bridges
Butter-Bust Jerky
Call Of Duty
Can't Catch Me
Cold Fever (unreleased)
Computer Drone
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle (early, unreleased version)
Condemned Liberty
Corporate Preacher
Cruel World
Cut Loose
Daggars And Rum
Dead Man Shoes
Deadbeat Dad
Destined For Doom
Die For A Lie
Dirty Dorothy
Doctor Kevorkian
Doing What I Want
Don't Ask Me
Don't Look Back
Don’t Shoot The Messenger
Don't Tell Me
Don't You Take Me For A Fool
Dream Of It Tonight (unreleased)
Eat Your Words
Explosive Energy
Face Pull
Fast Driver
Feed The Greed
Feed Your Fantasy
Fight For Your Rights
Fire At Will
Fire In The Night
Fire On The Highway
Fire Rain
Five Knuckle Shuffle
Five Knuckle Shuffle (early, unreleased version)
Flight Of The Bumble Beast
Flying Blind
Food For The Vulture
Forged In Fire
Forged In Fire (2009 version, unreleased)
Forgive Don`t Forget
Free As The Wind
Fryin' Cryin'
Fuken Eh!
Fuel For The Fire
Future Wars
Game Over
Ghost Shadow
Glass House
Go Away
Going Deaf (unreleased)
Gold And Diamonds
Good Love Gone Bad
Green Jesus
Groove Science
Gun Control
Hair Pie
Hard Times - Fast Ladies
Hard To Hold
Hard Wired
Heat Sink
Hero By Death
Holy Wood
Hope In Hell
Hot Child
Hot Lust
I Dreamed It Was The End Of The World
I Want You Both (With Me)
I'm Alive
I'm Defiant
I'm Trying To Sleep
In Hell
It's Your Move
J7 (unreleased)
Juggernaut Of Justice
Keep It Up
Kick Some Ass
Killer Hill
Kiss Of Death
Kiss Of Death (earlier version, unreleased)
Knob Tickler (unreleased)
Left Behind
Legal At Last
Let It Go
Life To Lead
Local Muff
Machine Gun
Mad Dog
Make It Up To You
Man Over Broad
Mankind Machine
March Of The Crabs
March Of The Crabs '97
March Of The Crabs (2009 version, unreleased)
Mattress Mambo
Metal On Metal
Metal On Metal (2009 version)
Minutes, Seconds (unreleased)
Mister Green
Nabbed In Nebraska
Nanook Of The North
Never Deceive Me
Never Deceive Me (early, unreleased version)
Never Going To Stop
New Orleans Voo Doo
No Evil
No One To Follow
No Time
Not Afraid
Oh Jane
Old School
On Fire
On the Way To Hell
One And Only
Ooh Baby
Paint It Black
Paper General
Park That Truck
Pay The Toll
Piss Test
Plenty Of Power
Pounding The Pavement
Pow Wow
Power Ride (unreleased)
Pro Wrestling
Purple Herman (unreleased)
Pussy Poison
Race Against Time
Racial Hostility
Racial Hostility (early, unreleased version)
Ready To Fight
Real Metal
Red Light
Ricochet (unreleased)
Rock That Shit
Rockin' (unreleased)
Rockin' (earlier version, unreleased)
Rocking The World
Room #9
Run Away
Run Like Hell
Runaway Train
Sadness/Love Me When I'm Dead
Safe Sex
School Love
School Love (2009 version)
Secret Agent
See Through My Eyes (unreleased)
Senile King
Senile King (early, unreleased version)
SFA (unreleased)
Shadow Zone
Shock Wave
Should' A Could' A Would' A
Show Me Your Tits
Shut The Fuck Up
Sins Of The Flesh
Siren Of The Sea
Skull Mania Cranium (unreleased)
Slip Kid
Smash Your Face
Smokin' Green
Someone To Hate
Song Of Pain
Speed Of Sound
Still Going Strong
Stolen (early, unreleased version)
Stop Me
Straight Between The Eyes
Straight Between The Eyes (early, unreleased version)
Street Soldiers March (unreleased)
Strength Of Steel
Sweaty Betty (unreleased)
Swing Thing
Tag Team
Take A Lesson
Taking Control (unreleased)
Talking To The Wall
Tall And Teasin' (unreleased)
Tease Me, Please Me
The Chainsaw
The Creep
The Fight Is Never Won
The Owl (unreleased)
The Paste (unreleased)
The Rabbit Hole
The Shark (unreleased)
The Station
This Is Thirteen
This Ride
Through With You
Thumb Hang
Time Shows No Mercy
Toe Jam
Tonight Is Coming
Truth Is Dying
Truth Or Consequence
Truth Or Consequence (early, unreleased version)
Turn It Up
Turn It Up (early, unreleased version)
Up Down Sideways
Vengeance To Kill
Warming Up
We Wanna Rock With You Tonight (unreleased)
What I'm About
What I Want To Be
When All's Been Said And Done
When Hell Breaks Loose
When You Really Want It
Where Does All The Money Go?
White Rhino
Wild Eyes
Win Or Lose
Winged Assassins
Winged Assassins (2009 version)
Wizard's Wand
World Of Fools
World Of Tomorrow
Worlds Apart (unreleased)
You Don't Know What It's Like
You Don't Want To Be Like Me (unreleased)
You Get What You Pay For
You'll Never Put That Collar On Me (unreleased)
You're A Liar
Zombie Apocalypse

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