Lips cover

original Anvil cover

newer Unidisc cover

HARD 'N' HEAVY (Attic Records - 1981)

Produced by Allison, Reiner, Lips
School Love
At The Apartment
I Want You Both (With Me)
Bedroom Game
Ooh Baby
Paint It Black
Oh Jane
Hot Child

This album was originally released in 1981 as an independent album. At the time the band was called Lips. In that same year they were signed by Attic, changed their name to Anvil and rereleased HARD 'N' HEAVY as their debut.

Dave Allison performs lead vocals on "I Want You Both (With Me)" and "Oh Jane".

Dave Allison does not perform at all on "Bedroom Game" and "Bondage".

"Paint It Black" was originally recorded by The Rolling Stones.

Notice the newer Unidisc rerelease has a slightly different cover. It has a yellow outline around the logo.

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