original cover

The End Records cover

ANTHOLOGY OF ANVIL (Hypnotic Records - 2000)

Produced by Anvil, Paul Lachapelle and Chris Tsangarides - see original albums for details
Metal On Metal
Smokin' Green
Winged Assassins
Free As The Wind
Old School
Blood On The Ice
March Of The Crabs
Speed Of Sound
Paper General
Forged In Fire [live]
School Love
Doctor Kevorkian

"School Love" is from the album HARD 'N' HEAVY.

"Metal On Metal", "March Of The Crabs", "Jackhammer", "Mothra" and "666" are from the album METAL ON METAL.

"Winged Assassins", "Free As The Wind" and "Motormount" are from the album FORGED IN FIRE.

"Paper General" is from the album STRENGTH OF STEEL.

"Blood On The Ice" is from the album POUND FOR POUND.

The live version of "Forged In Fire" is from the album PAST AND PRESENT - LIVE IN CONCERT. It was originally recorded on FORGED IN FIRE.

"Bushpig" is from the album WORTH THE WEIGHT.

"Smokin' Green" and "Doctor Kevorkian" are from the album PLUGGED IN PERMANENT.

"Stolen" is a bonus track from the Japanese CD of the album PLUGGED IN PERMANENT.

"Old School" is from the album ABSOLUTELY NO ALTERNATIVE.

"Speed Of Sound" is from the album SPEED OF SOUND.

"March of the Crabs" is an instrumental.

Notice The The End Records has a slightly different cover. It is zoomed in and slightly squashed.

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