Hypnotic / Teichiku / Icarus cover

Massacre / The End / Night Of The Vinyl Dead cover

ABSOLUTELY NO ALTERNATIVE (Massacre Records / Hypnotic Records - 1997)

Produced by Anvil
Old School
Green Jesus
Show Me Your Tits
No One To Follow
Hair Pie
Rubber Neck
Piss Test
Red Light
Black Or White
Hero By Death
March Of The Crabs '97 (Japanese CD only)
Free As The Wind [live] (Japanese CD only)

This album is their first album with Glenn Five.

"March Of The Crabs '97" is a rercorded version of "March Of The Crabs".

The live version of "Free As The Wind" is from the Reading Festival in the UK on August 27, 1983.

"March Of The Crabs" was originally recorded on METAL ON METAL.

"Free As The Wind" was originally recorded on FORGED IN FIRE.

Notice the Massacre/The End releases have a slightly different cover. The Hypnotic / Teichiku / Icarus releases have "ABSOLUTELY NO ALTERNATIVE" printed in black and red lettering while the Massacre release has it printed in white and red lettering.

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