2009 recordings

Produced by Chris Tsangarides
Metal On Metal
March Of The Crabs
Forged In Fire
Winged Assassins
School Love
Thumb Hang

Unidisc Music Inc. owns ANVIL's first 4 albums, HARD 'N HEAVY, METAL ON METAL, FORGED IN FIRE and BACKWAXED. Due to the amount of money they wanted for use of these tracks, ANVIL decided to rerecord 6 tracks from the first 3 albums. They also recorded "Thumb Hang" during these sessions.

"Metal On Metal", "666", "March Of The Crabs", "Forged In Fire", "Winged Assassins" and "School Love" are rerecordings of older ANVIL songs.

"Metal On Metal", "666" and "Thumb Hang" appear as bonus tracks on some pressings of THIS IS THIRTEEN.

"Metal On Metal", "666", "Winged Assassins", "School Love" and "Thumb Hang" appear on the anthology, MONUMENT OF METAL.

"March Of The Crabs" and "Forged In Fire" are not available on any album.

All the tracks also appear in the PSP version of the videogame Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Anvil radio station.

"School Love" was originally recorded on HARD 'N' HEAVY.

"Metal On Metal", "666" and "March Of The Crabs" were originally recorded on METAL ON METAL.

"March Of The Crabs" was also rerecorded on Japanese CD of ABSOLUTELY NO ALTERNATIVE as "March Of The Crabs '97".

"Forged In Fire" and "Winged Assassins" was originally recorded on FORGED IN FIRE.

"March of the Crabs" is an instrumental.

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