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Volunteer Screening process



Scouts Canada has adopted an expanded, comprehensive Volunteer Screening strategy to ensure the safety of all its members and in particular the children and youth entrusted to its care. At the November 1996 National meetings, Scouts Canada passed the following policy statement endorsing Volunteer Screening

" All programs of Scouts Canada must be designed with due consideration for the protection and safety of all participants. To help ensure the safety and protection of all participants, Scouts Canada will screen all applicants for volunteer positions. Thereafter, Scouts Canada will review the suitability of all volunteers on an ongoing basis to ensure Scouts Canada's programs are delivered by appropriate personnel. "

This decision represents a positive step by Scouts Canada in formalizing its Volunteer Screening Process and provides better guidance and understanding for the protection of our youth, adults and the organization.

The implementation steps that accompany the policy were finalized and passed by National Council in May, 1997. Districts and Groups will need to ensure that these measures are clearly communicated and understood by potential leaders and followed carefully to maintain consistency and harmony with Scouts Canada in this important safety measure.

Volunteer Screening Process:

The process by which all volunteers become members of Scouts Canada:
  • prospective member fills out the application form
  • the applicant will provide three (3) character references which are checked by the Group
  • the applicant completes a Police Record Check form (PRC)
  • an interview is conducted by the Group
  • after checking all of the above the Group accepts or rejects the application
  • the Group submits all paperwork to the Registrar
  • the applicant submits the returned PRC results to the Council Office
  • a Scouts Canada membership card is issued
  • a new PRC is required every 3 years

Throughout a volunteers involvement with Scouts Canada they will be provided with service and support by designated volunteers who are responsible for evaluating, providing further development, on-the-job training, peer coaching and assistance to others.

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For Background and resource information on the Volunteer Screening procedure, visit the Scouts Canada Volunteer Screening Procedure

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