KubKar Rally


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1. KubKar/18 Wheeler Rally Rules:

2. Restrictions:

3. KubKar and Truck Construction Specifications:

KubKars, pickup trucks and 18 wheelers must conform to the following construction specifications:

KubKar/Pickup Truck

18 Wheeler Truck & Trailer

Maximum Weight

142 grams
5 ounces

700 grams
25½ ounces

Maximum Length

17.8 cm
7 inches

44.5 cm
17½ inches

Overall Height

7.5 cm
3 inches

11.5 cm
4½ inches

Maximum Outside Width

7.0 cm
2¾ inches

9.5 cm
3¾ inches

Minimum Width Between Inside of Wheels

4.5 cm
1¾ inches

4.5 cm
1¾ inches

Minimum Clearance Between the Chassis & the Track

0.95 cm
3/8 inches

0.95 cm
3/8 inches

Wheels and Axles

Scouts Canada
or BSA Pinewood Derby
Kit Issue

Scouts Canada
or BSA Pinewood Derby
Kit Issue

The official specifications are metric. Imperial measurement is for reference only.
Axles and wheels may only be lubricated with a dry lubricant such as dry graphite or Teflon. Silicone spray, WD-40 or oil not be used as it may soften the plastic wheels.

18 Wheeler Rally

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