KubKar / 18 Wheeler Rally Procedures


Position 1.    Receives Registration Fee and processes Receipt. Gives each driver a designer award ballot.

Position 2.     Register vehicle and Driver. Print driver's name on Data Sheet next to car number.
Apply number to vehicle roof, write number on driver's hand.

Position 3.    Pre-registered vehicle processing. Check driver's name off on the Data Sheet, Record vehicle number next to name, apply number to vehicle roof, write number on driver's hand.

Position 4.    Inspect and Weigh Car. If car is legal and safe for racing (i.e.: no loose parts) and if not overweight, initial car number tag and have driver give to parking attendant.

        If car IS unsafe or overweight. Have driver take car to pit crew for repair and then return it for re-weighing.

It is important to keep in mind the rules are not there to exclude any vehicles, just to make competition fair. The job of the Pit Crew to make as many cars elegible to race as possible.

Position 5.     Parking Attendant. Places/shows driver where to park vehicle. During Rally loads "race Box" with "on deck" vehicles.

Position 6.     Pit technicians (mechanics). Removes any loose load/parts, and/or enough weight so vehicle is within regulations. Can perform necessary repairs to ensure vehicle is safe to race. Given enough time, can glue down any loose parts if driver wants.

During Rally

        Judges (Registration & Pit Crew) tally ballots on Designer Award(s). (Participants vote after first round)

Position 1.     Computer Operator...In charge of races.

Position 2.     Start Gate runner. Obtains the box with the vehicles for the race from the Parking Attendant, and assists the Starter placing the cars on the right lanes for the race.

    Alternately may line up the drivers with their vehicles in lane order and usher them to the starter. (Give each driver a lane number 1 - 3 )

Position 3.     Starter. Takes the vehicles from the "race box" and places them properly at the starting gate, or alternately assists the drivers in placing their vehicles at the starting gate. On the OK from the Computer operator, trips the Start Gate to start the race.

Position 4.     Finish Line Attendant. Records the finish place of each vehicle on the race form.

        Communicates with the Computer operator as necessary.

Position 5.     Assists Finish Line Attendant. Returns each vehicle to their driver, who will return it to the proper Parking spot., or to the Parking Attendant.

Position 6.     Race Announcer: Calls the numbers of each vehicle in the race, their finish place, and calls drivers to the "on deck" position.

        Assists the Computer operator is assuring a smoothly running race.

After the Race is over.

Computer operator prints out Final Race results and saves the file to disk

Announcer thanks race officials, calls out the Winners of the race and the designer awards.

Presentations and pictures.

List of winners names is given to Kim at Kim's Trophies for engraving, arrangement made for delivery of trophies to winners.

Pack up and leave.

Race assistants and computer operator dismantle track and put away, Registration personnel clean up their areas and pack equipment before leaving.

Race personnel meet at rendezvous for post mortem and coffee.

18 Wheeler Rally

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