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I think we all get caught up in the excitement of the Kub Kar Rally competition, or Pinewood Derby as it is called in the States.

Even though KubKars are to be built by the Cub, Fathers sometimes get involved more than they really should. I know there is a wide gap in the involvement of Parents. On one extreem Akela helps the Cub make his KubKar at the Pack Meetings, while the other end of the spectrum has the Cub either watching Dad, or watching TV while Dad does it all. One entry even went with Dad to the Professional Auto Paint Shop where he was having his car repaired. Yes they painted it. 4 coats of Candy Apple Red, and then an overcoat for shine...and did a nice job too!

Having said that, take a look at these pictures just e-mailed to the webmaster!

KubKar TurbulanceKubKar aerodynamics
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Posted on:
April 1, 2002

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