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What to bring Canoeing
in Northern Ontario

Scouts Canada - Thunder Bay Area requires a Float Plan. It is a good idea even if you are not going on a Scouting Canoe Trip. List your route, when and where you plan to camp, your entry and exit points. List the vehicle Licence Numbers, the names of the people going, and where you will be leaving the vehicles. Make a copy of the Float Plan, and leave it with a relative or neighbour. Leave another copy with your outfitter, Park Staff or Police at point of departure. If someone needs to find you, they will at least know where to start looking!

Packing Hints

Pack light! This is not a 50 Km backpacking adventure, but the portages get longer the third time over!
A complete change of clothes, along with a sweat suit and wind pants should be enough for a week. Everything in your pack should do 2 or more functions.
One single burner Stove will prepare meals for 4 to 6 people. Figure two stoves, and you will have lots of hot coffee too!
There should be nothing loose in the canoe, everything should be "waterproofed" and stored in a pack. The tent should be packed with something that will float.
Have fun!

For Starters:

English River


Linning up the rapids (As few and as small as possible)

Note: To "water proof" your gear, put your stuff sack inside a plastic garbage bag, and that inside a second stuff sack. This will help prevent the garbage bag tearing and leaking. Don't forget to keep your sleeping pad dry too, or your sleeping bag will mop it dry for you!


Fresh fish for Supper



Wilderness Falls to portage around

Optional Extras

pinEnd of a perfect day

The Last Portage

In a small pack, left in the car:

After the Last Portage, when the canoes are loaded on their carrier, and all the gear is stowed away for travel, have a swim, put on the clean dry clothes that you left in that pack in the car. Clean dry everything, from the skin out including dry shoes to travel in!

Note: This is a suggested list, and is only a start for your personal packing list. Add or subtract as your needs and experience change.
Ontario Provincial Parks have a ban on bottles and cans. Everything you take with you must come back, even the garbage. There are directions for the disposal of human waste. Ask for them when you make your Reservations. Find out the rules first! Remember this: Leave only footprints--Take only memories (and lots of pictures!).

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