"It is the goal of every Scout Leader to turn each Scout into a Chef...if for no other reason than to enjoy good food while camping."1

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Outdoor Kitchens and the Dutch Oven
This gem is well hidden on the Kalamazoo gourmet web site, but offers tips, information, receipes and links to more!
Well worth taking a closer look.

Campfire cooking

Meals for You - Campfire Cooking
Campfire cooks can choose from a wealth of outdoor recipes, including chicken skilled supper, easy beef stir-fry, and Southwestern rice skillet.

Larry's Campfire Cooking
Larry is widely acclaimed for is campfire cooking. Here are his recipes for Bannock, the basic food of the backwoodsman, Irish Soda Bread baked in a reflector oven and Larry's famous Beans-in-a-hole.

Campfire Dutch Oven Cooking

Barbecue Articles and Help by John Raven

Texas style barbecue,texmex,bbq,bar-bq cooking,free recipes

GORP - Food
Offers advice, recipes, and suggested reading relating to eating and good nutrition on the road.

Campfire cooking
Most of these recipies have been taken from various places around the internet. The original source is indicated where known. Meals Foil meals Sweets Banana split Peanut brittle

Take-Apart Camp Cooking Tripod.
How to build (or buy) a nice tripod that is easy to take down and store.

Cooking at Hiker Central
Outdoor cooking recipes, tips and links.

Mike's Camp Cooking & Recipes
Mike's Camp Cooking & Recipes page has links and information on Dutch oven cooking, camp fire cooking, recipes, camping recipes

Chuckwagon Diner
Your online guide for food and snack receipies for road travel & recreation

Open Directory - Recreation: Outdoors: Camping: Cooking: Dutch Oven
Cooking: Dutch Oven (79 links)

Outdoor cooking
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Outdoor and Wild Game Cuisine
A family oriented site featuring outdoor tips on camping, hiking, gardening, nature and other related information.

All Recipes | Camp Cooking
There's something special about camping food. Cooking turns into an adventure, and being in the outdoors seems to make everything taste better.

NetWoods Virtual Campsite
Resources for Scouts and Scout Leaders including youth leadership, training, Scouting values, program and outdoor activities.
Cooking & Recipes

Caske 2000 - Adventure and Epicure
Adventurer-journalists explore Central American traditional outdoor cooking and regional cuisines.

Cowboy Chuckwagon and Helpful Hints
Showcase for the cowboy way and the spirit of the west featuring sourdough and Dutch oven cooking, horses, and western lifestyle.

The MacScouter -- Scouting Resources Online
Download Recipe Books, Equipment and Cooking tips, and LOTS more!

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1 One accepted method of scheduling Camp Duty is that each Scout in a Patrol cook the meals, on a rotational basis, for that Partrol and at least one Leader. It is to that end that this page of links may offer inspiration and some recipes to change a Scout from a cook into a Chef! It only takes practice (and a food repair kit)
A Cub leader sends the Pack home with the words "Good Hunting". The Scout Leader goes one step further. He prays "Good Cooking" will follow the "Good Hunting"!

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