Dorion Bible Camp History
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My Happy Memories Pages (70's through 2002)

More Nearly Complete Photo Collections from 2001 and 2002.

Contact me if you want any of the other content which I haven't posted here.

Dorion Bible Camp Skits

PDF of Variety Night Skit Ideas
(including "The Man Without" etc.)

Some Dorion Bible Camp & Conference Centre History Pix

Aerial Pix of Camp

Dedication of Eagles Nest

Basic (Incomplete) History
(1946 - 2004)

50th Anniversary Tribute Booklet (1996)

News From 2000

News From 2001

DBC "Folklore" Books (up until 2002)

Rental Info (including Eagles Nest) from Nov. 2002

Camp Songs in 1993 (PDF)

Here I've posted a few other songs.

Playlist of my solo renditions of camp songs.

Mp3s of my songs such as "Ed Gooch", "Mayfly Mush", "Pillowfighting Champ of DBC" etc. are available at this page.

Or here is an easier way to stream many of them:

Tribute to Monty Parks

Playlist of All My DBC Videos

However, if that's too difficult to navigate, click here for a list of all my playlists, and find what you want by year.

Dorion Digest 2005

I still love Dorion Bible Camp and still consider it "my camp" (their new slogan), but other options to consider are Camp Gitchigomee and Manitoba Pioneer Camp (my other camps).

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