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"Star Wrek" is a cartoon series I drew each week during school months September '79 until April '82 for the Lakehead University student paper, "The Argus". I drew four episodes in all, each made of up of several weekly installments (in this case, ten). This episode, "The Problem with Pribbles" was published between Sept. '81 and Feb. '82. Each installment comprised about a dozen panels, the first usually being some narration. For easier viewing and quicker loading I have, in most cases, turned each panel into its own small .gif file. Thus, there are 104 quickly-loading pages in this episode.

To begin, click on the logo above or follow the instructions below. After that just click on each picture for the next one. Because the panels are not of a uniform size and my HTML skills are basic at this point, the "previous" button will change its location from page to page, but then you've already seen the previous pic anyway.

On a regular monitor it probably doesn't matter, but on my small laptop screen this is best viewed with the toolbar and status bar turned off. Otherwise, I have to do some scrolling around for some of the panels.

Thank you to Darren "Shroom" Foulds for the Star Wrek logo.

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