hh.gif (6207 bytes)  dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)                Hoofers Haven is a sanctuary for pigs, primarily potbellied pigs. We also help exotic and small wildlife that are injured or homeless.  Its is currently the only sanctuary of its kind in Canada.

  Hoofer's Haven will take in animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected as well as animals whose owners cannot, for various reasons keep them any longer.

  The sanctuary spays and neuters all pigs and seeks appropriate adoptive homes for many of the residents. Hoofer's Haven is a "no kill" sanctuary. Policy mandates that only terminally ill or fatally injured animals will undergo euthanasia. All others have permanent refuge at Hoofer's Haven until suitable placement is found. If placement is the goal.

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This currently is our new building that we will be converting into a new home for the piggers. Updated pictures will follow. We would like to thank everyone that helped us out with donations.

dan construction 2.jpg (6156 bytes)Here is Dan Cunningham and son Daniel working on the inside and making two stalls for the piggers. Now they will be able to eat inside instead of outside

aviary.jpg (131957 bytes)This   is Ellis on the scaffolding. He is busy putting the bird aviary together. This will be home to the wild birds that have need to recuperate or just learn how to fly.

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dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)dancingpig.gif (12917 bytes)