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This is only our Index page.   There is a great deal more to our site than just this page.   Each of us has our own homepage linked from this page.   Helps us to have two homepages and only one monthly bill.

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Our Internet Service Provider:

The Nitesky homepage is hosted by Thunder Bay Internet.  We believe them to be the very best that the Thunder Bay area has to offer and have found it easy to set up a connection.  Even way out here in Nolalu they have provided us with a DSL connection.

Local Things of Interest: - The Northwestern Ontario community of Atikokan.  The Canoeing Capital of Canada.
Belluz Farm - Growing since 1946.
Cedar Falls Conservation Area - Steelhead fishing to die for!  Just a short drive from our house in Nolalu.  Nice hiking trails too.  Bring your heart pills as it is MOSTLY uphill from where you can park your vehicle.   It's also mostly uphill on the way back (situated close to the school your parents attended LOL )
Chronicle Journal - The Thunder Bay and surrounding area daily newspaper.
Conmee Township - Come to Conmee Country.
Fort William Historical Park - With over 40 buildings on 225 acres, Fort William offers a vivid and rich tapestry of fur trade life, running the gamut from culture to crafts, medicine to business, domestic life to heritage farming.
Founders' Museum & Pioneer Village - Take a Walk Through the Past in this unique Northwestern Ontario Pioneer Village.
Gammondale Farm - Gammondale Farm is located in the centre of the Slate River Valley, a highly fertile stretch of land located immediately south of Thunder Bay.  Have fun at Gammondale.  Keep active in the outdoors, hiking, and even ride a huge black work horse!  Theres so much to do year round at Gammondale.
Homemade Incubators - These poultry incubators are unlike any you have ever been able to find on the NET before.
Hymers Agricultural Society - Proud to bring you the annual Hymers Fall Fair (fun for the entire family) every year on the Sunday and Monday of the Labour Day long weekend.
Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park - Camping and scenery just twenty five minutes west of Thunder Bay and about twenty minutes North of our house.  One of the few Provincial Parks that is situated close to a major urban center.  Rough it with the kitchen sink right next door. It really is the best of both worlds.
Kakabeka Falls Flying Club - Small planes and gliders flying free as a bird.
Lakehead Region Conservation Authority - Watershed management programs of  Lakehead Conservation include fill regulations, flood & erosion control, resource studies and more.  They operate 2500 hectares of conservation land, including nine Conservation Areas.
O'Conner Township - Country living at its best since 1907.
NaturalResources of Ontario - Follow this link to get your own personal copy of Ontario's hunting and fishing regulations (before the 'Antis' finally succeed in spoiling the rest of our hunting and fishing opportunities, as indeed they must).  You will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the hunting and fishing regs as they are in '.pdf' format.
Ontario Provincial Police - OPP members are responsible for traffic safety on Ontario's roadways, waterways and trails, policing more than 922,752 square kilometers of land and 110,398 square kilometers of waterways.
Shuniah Township - The Corporation of the Township of Shuniah.
Superior North EMS - First Response in the area surrounding Thunder Bay.
The Port Arthur Duluth & Western Railway - Also called Poverty, Agony, Destruction and Want by the old-timers.
Thunder Bay - The Official Website of the City of Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
Thunder Bay Airport - This is the site to keep an eye on if you want to fly in or out of the Thunder Bay area.
TBay's Coffee Paper - The Funny Paper.
Thunder Bay Co-operative Farm Supplies - Owned and operated by local farmers since 1952.
Thunder Bay Museum - Preserving Local history since 1908.
Thunder Bay Police - Perhaps you are interested in a career in Law Enforcement or you are just curious about what the Police Department has to offer.  Have a peek at this site and see for yourself.
Thunder Bay Source - Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario's source of news, weather, sports, entertainment, tourism information.
Thunder Oak Cheese Farm - Thunder Oak Cheese Farm is the only farm in Ontario that produces Gouda cheese.
Vanderwees Greenhouses - Vanderwees Home & Garden is Northwestern Ontario's most complete Garden Center, located in Thunder Bay, Ontario you'll find plants, tropicals, trees & shrubs, water gardening supplies and more.

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