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Guess Which Lake?

The main point of this is to give me a home page that does not take half an hour to load (at 28 k). Also I may put the odd link here. If anyone alse finds this usefull so be it. I may put a few programmes here also ( java and python). These will be under the GNU copyleft. If anyone is astounded and amazed by my technical expertise and wants to hire a consultant, so be it. If not I'm going fishing.

The main topic will be Linux and perhaps some mention of an anonymous lake.

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Yes even up here in the Great White North we have poison fish. Could it be the mines, the pulp mills, the coal burning hydro plants, or just the terrain? In any case I doubt that the proposed petroleum coke burning hydro plant will help the situation. Check out your favourite lake.
Get pdf from Ontario Govt re poison
The contaminent is mercury, clear fish are OK, numbers indicate meals per month, black fish mean do not eat, and also "The Ontario Ministry of the Environment advises women of childbearing age and children under 15 to eat only those fish that have been given the clear fish symbol".


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