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elcome to Idea Central where we at Murillo Bakery offer some helpful hints and tips on how to have fun with bread.

Today's Tip:

Give bread a festive boost by combining a little creativity with some basic items from your refrigerator like cheese, veggies and fruit.

Inge Stangier can show you just how easy it is to be sandwich savvy with Murillo Bread.

Murillo Bakery
...Gotta Like that Bread!!

Canada's food guide recommends 5-12 servings of grain products per day. Get the nutrients and fibre your body needs from delicious Murillo Bread.

Murillo Bakery makes bread, with no added fat, sugar or preservatives...all you get is pure, natural, freshly baked goodness.

Perfect for any meal...serve it anytime, anywhere, anyway you like. Portable, affordable and - oh -- so tasty!

Murillo Bread...ask for it where ever you shop.

  About Us ::

Murillo Bakery was founded in 1983 by Herbert and Inge Stangier.

Murillo Bread is made with wholesome ingredients like unbleached flour and stone ground whole rye flour.

Natural sourdough and the baking on stone give Murillo Bread that special taste.

Bread Belongs to Every Good Meal