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IAMAW Statistics

Founded 1888, in Atlanta, Georgia, by 19 railroad machinists. First Canadian local chartered in Stratford, Ontario in 1890

Membership now nearly 1 000 000 organized in some 2000 local unions and Districts in Canada, the United States, Panama

Canal Zone and Puerto Rico.

Agreements with over 8000 employers set wage rates and working conditions in over 11 000 places of employment across the

Members work in all basic industries suck as light and heavy machinery, general metal working and fabricating, general
manufacturing and processing, including aerospace, electronics, ordnance and munitions (Federal and Private), Chemicals and
plastics, auto and truck repair, air transport, railroads, atomic energy, machine tools, business machines, farm machinery,
marine engines, vending machines, air conditioners, food, tabacco, textile, lumber, paper, printing, rubber, leather, surgical
instruments, hand tools, locomotives, materials handling equipment, cranes, hoists and derricks, road machinery, laboratory
and hospital equipment, jewelry, mechanical toys, sporting goods, and many more.

IAM members are amongst the best paid workers on the continent. They perform virtually every type of job imaginable from
office and technical work to production, and from skilled mechanical work to computer research.

Industry Conferences bring together and coordinate negotiations for locals operating in the same industries in aerospace, air
air transport, non-ferrous metals, atomic energy, automotive, brewery, construction and erection, electronics, shipbuilding,
machinery and manufacturing, pulp and paper, tool & die

Co-ordinated Bargaining-- Locals negotiating with multi-paint corporations many co-ordinate bargaining with other IAM locals or
with locals of other international unions