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Our Goals

The IAM is seeking these goals through collective bargaining and through legislation:


Through Collective Bargaining:

Decent and fair wages which not only rise with living costs but allow for increased purchasing power to provide a higher standard of living.
Equal pay for work of equal value regardless of sex, race, or national origin.
Paid sick leave and life insurance for workers, employer-paid hospital, medical and dental benifits for workers and thier families.
Union Shop so that everyone who benefits for workers and their families.
A healthy and safe workplace
Shorter work week
with voluntary overtime. Shift differentials and bonuses for hazardous work.
Job protection through restrictions on subcontracting and protection in the event of technological change.
Joint apprentice training and retraining on the job
Vested pensions
with optional retirement.
Serverance pay and supplemental unemployment benifits to protect against plant closings.

Through Legislation:

Price Stablization through full production and honest price competition.
Full Employment by expanding the economy, lowering interest rates.
Tax reform so that every sector of society pays it's fair share. And end to write offs, deferrals and loopholes for corporations and the wealthy.
Equal opportunities
for all.
Universal union security
No-fault auto insurance
Effective enforcement of Occupational Safety and Health Laws
and uniform standards for workmen's compensation.
Strict Regulations for Cleaner Environment
and development of new energy sources.
A foreign trade program to discourage Candian manufurers from moving plants overseas and establishment of international labour standards.