Commodore Plus/4

What is it?

Shroom had won a Plus/4 two years in a row at the Chicago Commodore Expo. A friend of mine also found one at a thrift shop - so all 3 I have were "given" to me.

What do you have in your collection?

Both of Shroom's (American) Plus/4s live at my house now, as well as one Canadian Plus/4. I didn't really notice it until MagerValp mentioned it, but there is a Canadian "version" of the Plus/4 - apparently the only difference is the front and back labels, so here's a picture of them for the curious:

Also, one of mine has been modded to PAL with lots of help from MagerValp.

What are you doing with it?

Apart from viewing some PAL demos, nothing much. I hope to work on something with MagerValp for it someday.


Commodore Plus/4 World
NTSC Plus/4 page - looks like an interesting site.

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