Commodore PET/CBM

What is it?

Commodore's first home computer was released around 1977.

I remember encountering this computer around 1980 both at school and at a friend's house. Playing Space Invaders, Acid Rain, and Dungeon hooked me.

What do you have in your collection?

I've currently got 5 machines - an 8032, 8016, two 4032's and one 4016. I've also got several disk drives for them - the 8050 and the 4040, and the SFD 1001 and the 2031LP. Any maybe an 8250?

What are you doing with it?

I've been showing my daughter how to code little BASIC programs on it (hoping she'll get the bug too) and occasionally transferring software from cassette onto disk for it. And using one as a footstool when I'm coding on my 128D.


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