Palm Pilot

What is it?

Handheld computer which a touch screen - generally, the user "writes" and "taps" on the screen with a stylus, using a consistant and intuitive GUI.

What do you have in your collection?

Just the old Palm IIIe - 2MB of RAM and a black and ? screen.

What are you doing with it?

I carry it around with my daily - I use it to store phone numbers, make notes, and schedule my day. I also play a number of games on it. I've actually purchased two games for it - Void (a clone of the classic 8-bit space trading game Elite) and Strategic Commander (a space strategy game where you take over planets and build factories and ships to take over other planets.) I've also been highly addicted to the Klondike game that comes with the system, block puzzle game Vexed, and the car racing/card game Rally 1000.


Link to Void, SC, and other Palm sites.

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Last Update: 2001.03.11
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