Hand Held Electronic Games

What is it?

Typically, LED/LCD based games that are designed to be held as you play.

What do you have in your collection?

Entex Arcade Defender, Mattel Football (an original one, not the reissue), Parker Merlin, "23 in 1", and Pro-Tech's "Pro 200 Gaming System" (model GI-706).

What are you doing with them?

Playing, occasionally. Defender is one of the first electronic games I owned - I spent hours and hours on it - great gameplay, great sound, and plenty of difficulty settings. The "23 in 1" and "Pro 200" were purchases from the mid to late 90's - mainly cheap Tetris clones, but other games utilizing the basic display were also included. They seemed to be in the same spirit of stuff I had played long ago - just had to buy a couple!

I received a request for the "Pro 200" instructions - I've scanned them, and made them available here: Side 1 and Side 2.


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Last Update: 2004.04.04
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