Educational Games/Systems

What is it?

Anything that has a slant towards education.

What do you have in your collection?

Coleco Talking Teacher, VTech Talking Whiz-Kid Notebook, Texas Instruments "Little Professor", VTech VideoPainter, VTech Master VideoPainter, Vtech Socrates Educational Video System.

What are you doing with them?

Overall, this sort of stuff is pretty useless. It's either too frustrating for kids, mostly due to the user interface, or it's too easy and basic. Very little actual learning goes on, though sometimes they are useful for drills.

I have very fond memories of "Little Professor" though - it was very likely the very first electronic anything I ever owned, and likely had a big impact on drawing me towards other things, such as video games and computers. I likely received it for my 7th birthday.


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Last Update: 2003.12.13
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