What is it?

Yet another nifty gadget - like my TI-86 calculator, my Palm Pilot and my Gameboy, it's very portable, and easily programmable!

What do you have in your collection?

I've now got two Cybiko (Cybikos? What is the plural of Cybiko?) thanks to a great promotion that was going on at Both are the newer models that use the ESC key to power on and off but the (slightly) newer one has "On/Off" written above the ESC key - I guess kids who didn't read the instructions couldn't figure that out.

What are you doing with it?

So far, just playing games - I find the games Branch and Branch 2 to be extremely addictive - they're puzzle games slightly similar to "Pipe Dream" and it's spinoffs.

I haven't tried programming it yet, but have been looking at the official Software Developers Kit (available for free download from and also Cybasic 1 & 2 that run right on the machine.


Official Cybiko Site - Loads of free games to transfer to your Cybiko, plus the official SDK (a C compiler), and occasional great offers on the Cybiko itself and accessories. If you're going to buy something there, try using my "secret code" - you'll get a discount: BE6709

Jeff Frohwein's Cybiko Tech Page

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