Commodore 64

What is it?

I continue to find the Commodore 64 a fascinating and enjoyable computer to use and program.

What do you have in your collection?

My main Commodore is a 128D with a SCPU v1 (with 16MB of RAM), a FD-2000 disk drive (uses HD 3.5" disks), a CMD 512K REU, a SuperSnapshot v5.22, and a 1902A monitor. Here's a picture of it.

I also have a PAL C64 + 1541 disk drive set up, which I use for testing new programs I make (and sometimes viewing other PAL-only releases.)

I also have a sizeable collection of machines which I lend out when people are interested, and keep as backups - 4 C-128s, 3 more 128Ds, around 10 64Cs, and 10 C-64s (two of them are the original 64 models, with the 64 cycle VIC-II). I also have several stacks of 1541s of various varieties, a few 1571s, and 4 1541-IIs. I also have approximately 50 disk boxes filled with 5.25" floppies - probably around 2500 floppies in total.

What are you doing with it?

Scene World - This is a new disk magazine for both the NTSC and PAL scenes. I was involved with the coding and some of the editing of this new magazine. Please check it out!

Loadstar - Loadstar is the longest running disk magazine ever, and it is still running today! I've been published on their monthly disk, and used to write for their newsletter - Loadstar Letter. Sadly, this newsletter finished it's 76 issue run in December of 1999, but back issues can be ordered.

Commodore Hacking - this free ASCII magazine has been around for nearly 10 years now. It's the closest thing remaining to the classic Transactor magazine. I help out with C=Hacking when I can, assisting in articles.

PSW - I enjoy programming demos for the C64. This is the demo group I started.


Driven - This was my all-time favourite C64 scene magazine - new issues haven't come out for some time, but you can still check out the latest NTSC demo releases. Also check out the Wall where folks can post messages.

Scene World Guestbook - Guestbook for Scene World disk magazine.

FFD2.COM - Steve Judd's site is likely the best collection of source code around for any 65xx machine - and it's all centered around the C64. Also check out Steve's many excellent programs, including JPX - a .jpg viewer for the C64, and Sirius - a serious assembler for the SuperCPU!

Maurice Randall at Click Here Software has been very busy over the last few years. After creating geoFax and some other nifty programs for the GEOS operating system, he made a GEOS upgrade called Wheels and a web browser (called the Wave) for his new OS. Now he's taken over Creative Micro Designs' Commodore business, and will be offering their excellent products, as well as developing some new ones.!

The Unofficial CMD Page - A very thorough site about the best C= upgrades ever made!

The SuperCPU Page - plenty of downloads and information about the most exciting C64/128 expansion ever. The SuperCPU is a 20Mhz 65816 cartridge - mine has the full 16MB of RAM in it as well :)

SLAY Radio - Home of C64 remixes. Streaming audio of C64 tunes, redone in a variety of ways.

Commodore Homestead - Commodore News & Support

Lemon64 - Great gaming site with screenshots and reviews, and the best C64 forums around!

C-64 Portal - Cool C64 release and party news!

C-64 Scene Database - Very cool - check out the entries for PSW, Macbeth, Shroom, and Fuzz!

Commodore 8-bit Newsgroup - I sometimes read and post in this newsgroup.

Oldschool Gaming - Reviews and forums with a focus on new 8-bit games.

2003 Minigame Compo - Hey, I won.

Wanderer's C64 Area - Wanderer's NTSC demos (fbr, nec, public enemy, the survivors and more).

SWRAP Chicago EXPO - An annual Commodore Expo hosted by SWRAP. I've travelled to it every fall since 1998.

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