Atari 2600

What is it?

The classic video game console!

What do you have in your collection?

Around a dozen 2600's - 4 and 6 switch woodgrains, all black models (Darth Vader model), and juniors. I've also got the official wireless joysticks. Also related, the Coleco Gemini 2600 clone (several of these), and the ColecoVision module to play 2600 games.

I've got a pretty good cartridge collection - around 130 unique titles.

What are you doing with it?

Playing games, of course. Some favourite games are Pitfall! (finally completed it in 1995), Enduro! (ditto), Mega Mania, Phoenix and Armor Ambush (Shroom and I get pretty competitive over it).

I've also fiddled with programming it a bit - made the beginnings of a game for it, and a 6-digit score display. I also made a C64 program that allows you to transfer Atari binaries from the C-64's memory to the Atari through a Supercharger cartridge. You can check it out here. I do wish to program a complete game for it sometime.


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