In Loving Memory Of...

Sarica's Summer Edition

by Scarlet's Sarica O'Shawnny Boy ex Ch. Sarica's Luvable Sassafrass



Jenna's one and only time in the ring, was the first Argus Show, February 1988. She did not enjoy it at all, and although I thought that her conformation was quite good, I chose not to put her in any more shows.

Jenna became our little sweetheart here at home. She loved everybody and at times could be quite a nuisance as she just would not leave company alone. Jenna could have been sold a million times, her temperament was so outstanding. The one thing she did NOT like was having her toenails clipped - I will never forget the struggles that we had; but I usually did win out! In her younger years, she too did enjoy playing ball.

From the night that her Grandma ("Kelly" - Ch. Sarica Moonlight Sail) died, "Jenna" slept with me. I remember the first night she was so happy to be with me, she was bouncing all around - it helped to ease the loss of "Kelly" who died at such at early age due to cancer.

"Jenna" was bred twice. The first time to "Simon" - Am. Can. Ch. Sarica's Autumn TrailBlazer produced three puppies and of course, these three are still here with us - "Josephine", "Buster" and "Chuckie". The second time she was sent away to Am. Can. Ch. Artru Captain Jack - this was a larger litter of puppies. Although I should have, I did not keep any of these offspring - three of them were to have been shown, little girl, did very well in a large match entry the day she went to her new home.... "Jenna" was an absolutely fantastic mother to her puppies and was always so proud when company came to admire them.

As she aged, we had our upsets; in April of 1997, she had her left eye removed due to glaucoma; last May when she went in to the vet to have a lump removed, we discovered it could be dangerous if she underwent the anesthetic because of a poor heart. She underwent a local, had the lump removed and came home a new woman for a while..... In August, coughing spells began due to her heart and fluid around the lungs, so onto heart medication.

Well, we managed to enjoy six extra months together. Although she had become frail, she was still eating twice a day and even had two half cookies that morning - she began to have seizures around noon time. Mom kept her resting comfortably in a crate until I got home from school. When I got her to the vet, he said that her heart sounded normal, and her temperature was also normal; she was not in heart failure; but she had been through enough, I could not see prolonging her distress with seizures any further for tests.

I held her in my arms and she slowly relaxed... "Jenna" had passed over Rainbow Bridge and was at ease.

Jenna's legacy will live on through her kids and grandkids - Kaptain, Lucille, Elvis and Kurtis here at Sarica.

"Jenna" will be forever missed and fondly remembered...