YQT Ontario

April 2013

[July '12]

Happy Springtime!

Welcome to my homepage! I just recently visited my page here and knew it just had to be updated. My life had indeed changed over the past few months. I had recently decided to return to College and pick up from where I had unceremonuisly quit about three years ago, due to a personal family issue. I had re-joined school in the second sememster, taking a English course for the College program I was still enrolled in, the Developmental Services Worker. I admit I took a very easy course, as my current mark in the course is about 98%. I admit I am a bit lazy when it comes to writing. It is just becuase I am so damn talented. Now I have 3,000 word report that is due in like one week and I am just now settling down to get it done. I just have to set about pacing myself, cos I have all of these certain fabulous ideas in my head. I return to the College in the morning to join my quickly dwindling group members and piece together and cobble the whole section for the formal report. It is almost too easy and there in lies the whole problem, I need to be motivated in this point in the game. I made an outline. Next week the formal paper is due along with my grandiaose idea of having a half -decent of a Justice presentation. Wish me luck, cos it is a long way to the ground from a 98 to 0.