First Kiss

Mad Lib

__girl's name_____________ was so___adjective______________.

It was her first date with __boy's name_____________.

She wore her best ______adjective______________  skirt and ______color_______________   ____noun______________.

Oddly, he came dressed in a ___noun__________________ and a ____adjective__________________    ___noun______________.

He took her to a ___event_________________ titled ____title of book or movie_________________ which __same girl's name_____________ thought a strange choice.

But she had tried her best to enjoy it and not _____verb______________________ whenever the main character ____verb _______________ed____.

After, they went out to eat. She had _____food___________________ and _____food_____________________ but he ate _____noun___________________ and _____noun_____________________.

When he drove her home in his ____land vehicle______________they sat in the ______place___________________ for a while.

When curfew came, she said, "_______catch_phrase__________________________________________________." __boy's name_____________leaned forward.

__same girl's name_____________   _______verb___________ her eyes waiting for a kiss.

Suddenly she felt _______adjective__________________  ______noun__________________on her lips.

She ______adverb________________   _verb__________________ed_ into the house.