______girl's name________________________ was having a fabulous dream.

She was queen of ____country___________________________.

She wore a _____jewel________________________    _______clothing_________________________.

Her servants, ____girl's name____________________, ______ girl's name ____________________, and ______ girl's name ___________________ waited on her hand and foot.

______boy's name_______________________ even gave her a back massage.

Movie stars, like ___ movie star_______________________ and ____ movie star ______________________ sent her flowers.

_____musician______________________ came and sang under her window at night.

For dinner, she ate ____expensive food_______________________  and  _____favorite food_______________________.

She drove a ______land vehicle______________________ around town and flew in a ____flying vehicle___________________ when she left the city.

She partied at _______popular place_________________________  where everyone bought her ________drink_________________________.

Every Saturday she went to a spa and had her nails ____ past tense verb _________________, her feet ______ past tense verb _______________, and her hair _____ past tense verb______________________.

She also liked to dye her lips ______color_______________________ and put _____noun______________s in her nose.