Walking home from babysitting, you decide to take a shortcut through ____place___________________.

The _____color____________________moon is ______verb with ing_____________________ overhead.  

Wind ____verb______________s__ your face. 

The smell of _____adjective___________________  ____noun_________________  ____verb ending with s ________________ your nose. 

Overhead a ______animal___________________ cries. 

Behind you comes the sound of footsteps. 

You begin to ____verb___________________ in fear. 

Your armpits become ____adjective_____________________. 

Your mouth becomes _____adjective___________________. 

The hair on the back of your ____body part_________________________     ___verb_________________s__. 

The footsteps sound ________adverb______________________.  Why is it so strange? 

Clutching your ______noun_____________________  as a weapon, you turn and _____verb_____________________  your stalker. 

Then you _______verb______________________ with relief. 

It is ______name________________________  with a _____adjective________________________  _____animal_____________________ on a leash. 

You feed it a _____object_____________________ and go home to watch _____TV show______________________  with your ____adjective_______________   ____family member______________________. 

During the first commercial, your ____same family member____________________ turns into a _____adjective_______________  ____reptile_________________ and eats you.