If you have a marriage in Ontario to find the record for, it has to have occurred between 1869 and 1917 for the following information to be of any help at all. It this is the case proceed, else go check on the information on ordering from the Registrar Generals' Office for marriages after 1917. For marriages before 1869, church records will be your best bet, and this site can offer only a little help on them. There is a list of registers available from the Archives of Ontario site.

Finding a record for an 1869-1917 Ontario marrige is a 2 step process. First you must find the marrige recorded in the appropriate index below, and then you use the registration number you have located to choose the proper registration film. The previous page explained the use of the information that is on the index films.

Once you have found the registration number and year of registration, you can use the following links to either the Archives of Ontario Marriage Registration microfilm lists, or the Latter Day Saints Library list of films for Ontario Marriage Registrations. Both listings contain an explanation of how the registration numbers are used. You should read it if you are not sure of how delayed registrations are handled. I have included a copy of the information from the Archives of Ontario Catalog in the section below.

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Registration # How to use it. 1,000 to 199,000 --- Locate the volume ("Liber") in the listing for "MS 932" which follows. Look under the year in which the marriage OCCURRED, and within the year look for the registration number. 201,000 to 399,999 --- Locate the volume ("Liber") in the listing for "MS 932" which follows. The registration will be found under the year in which the marriage was REGISTERED, not the year it occurred. REMOVE THE FIRST DIGIT (the "2" or the "3") from the registration number, and look under that number within that year. 501,000 to 999,999 --- These registrations have not yet been received at the Archives of Ontario. Please contact the Registrar General of Ontario.