This information was originally published by:
Papers and Records
Volume 6, Published in Toronto in 1905
Pages 136-167.

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NOTE: The accompanying is a copy of an old Record of the Lutheran Church in the County of Lennox, which is still in a good state of preservation. Many of the U E Loyalist Pioneers, of Dutch and German descent, were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church while yet residents of New Jersey and New York States. There appear to have been large settlements of them in Marysburgh, Prince Edward County; Fredericksburgh, Camden, and Richmond, Lennox and Addington County; and Williamsburgh, Dundas County. It is claimed that probably the first protestant church erected in eastern Upper Canada was a Lutheran church, in Williamsburgh, known as 'Zion Church'. 'Ebenezer Church' at Big Creek, Fredericksburgh, Lennox County, to which the old Record now under consideration belonged, is supposed to have been built about 1800, though the exact year is not now known. The deed was given by Philip Schmith, who was a member of the church, and bears date of July 14th, 1815. There was then a church and burial-ground in use, as there had been for years. The old church is still standing, but it has been remodelled and repaired several times, and it is now used by the Methodists, haviug been deeded to them in 1879 by the survivors of the old Lutheran Board of Trustees. The burial ground is yet in a good state of preservation. 'St. Peter's Church,' in Ernesttown, second concession, near where Ernesttown station now stands, was built a few years later, but its date also is lost. Its deed bears date of February, 9th, 1819, but it is known to have been built and the burying ground used years before that time. The deed was given by Jonas Amey and provided that when not needed by the Lutheran ministers it should be at the service of the Methodists and Presbyterians, subject to the direction of the trustees. It still stands and the burying ground is yet in use, but it, too, has been renovated and remodelled. It is now owned by the Methodists. "The Stone Church" in Camden East township, where the village of Napanee Mills now stands, was afterwards built, but the date is not known. Like the others, the members were gradually merged with the Methodists and it became a Methodist church. It was torn down in the early seventies [1870s-bmartin] to make place for a new Methodist church on the same site. These three appear to have been all the Lutheran churches built in this county. I. The Ministers. As far as the records go the Rev. John G. Wigant was the first minister. (The name is sometimes spelt Weant, but he did not spell it so himself.) His name first occurs in the old Register in 1797, but the records of the previous baptisms appear to have been in his handwriting. His name appears for years, and he is said to have received a call from the Lutherans of Matilda in 1808, and in 1811 he is reported to have secretly joined the Church of England and to have been re-ordained by Bishop Mountain, at Quebec. In 1816 the name of the Rev. William McCarty finds a place in the Register, and it occurs for a number of years. He married a Miss Clarissa Fralic, a daughter of a member of "Ebenezer" Church; and reared a family in Fredericksburgh. They were married in St. John's Episcopal Church, at Bath, by the Rev. G. O'Kill Stuart, of Kingston, January 29, 1816. Rev. Francis H. Guenther was the next minister, his name appearing in 1826, and for years after, in connection with a good many baptisms and marriages, up to June, 1831. Rev. Thomas Kilmer followed him, his name being first seen in 1831, but he did not remain long. Rev. S. P. La Dow was his successor, and about 1840 he joined the Wesleyan Methodist ministry and was a successful revivalist for years. Rev. S. W. Champlin's name appears as having first preached in "Ebenezer" the first Sabbath in October, 1843. He returned to the States two or three years later. Rev. Mr. Plato was the last. He joined the Episcopal Methodist Ministry and remained with that church till he died. NAPANEE, July 15th, 1899. Thomas W. Casey.
NOTE.-The arrangement, headings and columns, are copied exactly as they are found, and the original spelling is followed. The spelling of many of the family names has since been much changed. The headings and some words in the early entries are in the German language.
ANNO 1794
Infants Parents Testers Maria Barbara Jacob Fretz Jacob Fralick b. Jan. 1, 1794, C.Mg.18 et ux. Mar. Barb et ux. Anna Jaco - George Schmith William Parroy b. Feb.12, 1793 et ux. Gertrand Elizabeth Schmith. Susanna Marcus Schneider Parents. May 8, 1791 Elizabeth, ux. Jacob Andreas Kernsnerle Jacob Schmeith Ap. 9, 1793 Susanna, uxor Elizabeth, ux. David Andreas Kernsnerle Cornelius Aliver Ap. 9, 1793 Susanna, ux. Maria, ux. Margaretha Jacob Schmith Michael Schmith Sep. 19, 1793 Elizabeth, ux. Catarina, ux. Maria Wilhelm Kochner Philip Schmith Oct. 22, 1793 Susanna, uxor Marie Ferry. Elisab Philp Schmith Jacob Schmith Oct. 17, 1793 Anna, ux. Elisab., ux. Elesab Henry Sturms Parents June 15, 1794 Hannah, ux. Gertrard G Adam Bauer Philip Schmith Nov. 6, 1795 Elisabeth Anna, ux. Johan L. Johan Wilhelm Clement Johannes Frolick, Feby. 27, 1795 Johanna Lydia Gordinier.
John Peter Frolick John Clement, et. Feby.2, 1794 Ruth, ux. Anna --. Maria John Denion, et Peter Bower, et. Jan.29, 1794 Catarina -- ux. Maria Denion. INFANTS. PARENTS. TESTERS. John L. Christoph Frolick, et. Martin Frolick, Jan.23, 1794 Caatrina -, ux. Anna Maria --, ux. Catarina Jacob Frolick, et Martin Frolick, Mar.15, 1794 Catarina, ux. Anna Maria, ux. Jacob William Rambach Philip Schmith, Ap. 1, 1794 Margaretta -, ux. Anna, ux. Catarina William Perry William Perry, May 16, 1794 Elizabeth -, ux. Catarina, ux. Ruth John Clement, et Peter Frolick Ap. 22, 1798 ux. Anna et ux. Ruth. Rachael George Smith, et Philip Smith Ap. 6, 1798 ux. Susanna et ux. Anne. Jacob William Perry Michael Johnson, Dec. 29, 1795 Elizabeth -- Catarina Catarina Philip Schmith Georg Schmith Mar. 11, 1796 et ux. Anna et ux. Susanna. Jacob Christoph Frolick Philip Schmith Mar.28, 1796 et ux. Catarina et ux. Anna. Margaretha Jacob Korbman Anguesh Mack Donald Aug.11, 1796 et ux. Susanna et ux. Mary. Anna Jacob Frolick John W. Clement Sept.25, 1796 et ux. Anna et ux. Anna. Marjora Peter Mek Ferrson Parents. May 5, 1795 et ux.Elizabeth Catarina Andreas Cameron Heinrich Bohn Sept.21, 1796 et ux.Susanna et ux. Catarina. Joseph John Ellis Isaac Asselstine Oct.16, 1796 et ux. Hanna et foxor ej Juini. Peter George Schmith Peter Lott Jan.15, 1797 et Gertrand et Lena Schmith. Margaretha Jacob Fretz Philip Schmith Feb.27, 1797 et ux. Maria Barbara et ux. Anna Anna Adam Bower Anna Bell. Ap. 10, 1797 et ux. Eliseb Susanna Wiljam Rambach George Schmith Feb. 18, 1797 et ux. Margareth et ux. Susanna John M. Zacharias Frolick John Frolick Sep.20, 1797 et ux.Lena et ux. Lydia. George William Perry Parents. Sep. 2, 1797 et ux. Elizabeth James Jacob Storm Parents. Aug.24, 1797 et ux. Rebecka John Jacob Schmith Christopher Frolick Nov.29, 1797 et ux. Elizabeth et ux. Catarina. William James Hennesy Parents. Jan. 8. 1798 et ux. Christiana Stephan Abel Gilbert Parents. May 21, 1797 et ux. Blandine Infants Parents Testers John James Falkner Christopher Hagerman. Aug. 8,1797 et ux. Catarina et ux. Nabe. Margaretta John Wies Luis Rosebush, Dec. 8, 1797 et ux. Hancé [Nancé] Margreth Lott. Catarina and Rebecca William Smith John Lott, Aug.28, 1797 et ux. Mariam George Meiers. Maria Andrew Lott Peter Lott, Nov. 2, 1797 et ux. Margareth Elipath Lott. Aladah John Carr George W. Meyers Oct. 1,1797 et ux. Maria et ux. Aladah. Anne G Ebeneser Green Caleb Gilbert Dec. 21,1797 et ux. Fanny et ux. Nancé Daniel Robert Right Parents. Ap. 21, 1796 et ux. Maria Fanne Thomas Emathes Parents Aug. 15, 1797 et ux. Maria Nancé Hermanus Simmon Cabel Gilbert Jan. 17, 1797 et ux. Fanne et ux. Nancé Sally Henry Smith July 15, 1796 et ux. Maria et ux. Susanna John Andrew Wannenaker Parents. Sep. 24, 1796 et ux. Polly David Gabriel Spring Parents Dec. 23, 1797 et ux. Maria James P James Morden (No name.) Jan.22, 1798 et ux. Anne Richard Richard Morden (No name.) Aug. 27,1797 et ux. Anne Robe Melchior Feils Elija Williams Jan.15, 1798 ux. Rachael et ux. Robe. Lidia Joseph Chings (No name.) Apr. 7, 1780 and ux. Rachael Andreas Andreas Cammer Bill Sager, May 28, 1798 et ux. Susanne Hanne Sager Anne John Frolick Martin Frolick Oct.28, 1798 et ux. Lydia et ux. Anne Maria Fanny Heinirich Gordenier (No name.) Oct.28, 1792 ux. Elisabeth Peter John Lott Peter Lott and his Oct.26. 1798 et ux. Mar. Barb sister Margareth. Jacob Rev. J. G. Wigant No name Jany. 28,1798 No name Catarina Jacob Korbman and Hinrich Bohn and May 27, 1798 his wife Janny his wife Catarina. Reuben Ruben Ducker and The mother of Mar. 2,1799 Lena Sager Lena Sager. Jacob Peter Hofman and Jacob Fretz and Nov.29, 1798 ux. ej. Anna Margr. ux. ej Marg. Barb. Infants Parents Testers Nicholas A William Rambach Mich. Smith and his Ap. 7, 1799 and his wife Marg wife Catarina. Elisabeth William Parry Parents. Ap. 16, 1799 and his wife Elesab. Margereth Peter Pater and Adam Bauer and his May 1, 1799 his wife Hanna wife Elizabeth. Jacob Marten Tonjes and Jacob Johnson and his Mar. 27, 1799 his wife Ruth wife Elizabeth. Peter Daniel Simmons and his Parents. May 27, 1799 wife Barbara Sarah Jacob Storms and his Parents. May 10, 1799 wife Rebecka Peter George Pater (No name). Ap. 1, 1773 (Name not decipherable) Catarina Jacob Fretz John G. Wigant, et ux. Sept. 15, 1799 et ux. Barbara Elizabeth. John A Adam Bauer Frederick Walrath. Sep. 5, 1799 et ux. Elisabeth et ux. Catarina. Sats Adam Sager Stats Sager et ux. Sep.l8, 1799 et ux. Elizabeth Dina. Mathew Thomas Richardson Philip Smith. Sep. 6, 1799 et ux. Eva et ux. Anna. Elisabeth Jacob Smith Peter Frolick. Sep.25, 1799 et ux. Elizabeth et ux. Ruth. Jacob Jacob Froliek Martin Frolick. Sept. 19, 1799 et ux. Anna et ux. Anna Maria. Daniel Henirich Gordinier (No name). Oct. 6,1799 et ux. Luise Susanne George Smith and Christ. Frolick Mar. 2, 1800 his wife Susanne and his wife Catarina Joseph and Benjamin Melchior File and Michael Smith and wife Jos. Mar.23, 1800 his wife Rachael Jac. Smith and wife, for Benj. Jacob and Peter Zacharias Frolick and Zac. Frolick and wife Lena ux. ej. for Jacob. May 23, 1800 Peter Frolick and wife for Peter. Anne John W. Clement Jac. Frolick and his Jany 24, 1800 and his wife Anne. wife Anne. Elisabeth Hannes Simmon and Henirich Gordinier and July, 1800 his wife Jenny his wife Elisabeth. Clary John Fralig and Christ. Fralig and Aug.28, 1800 his wife Ledya his wife Cath. Catarina Peter Hofman and Jacb Smith and Sept 24 1800 his wife Anne his wife Elisabeth Georg George Staring and Philip Smith and his Sep. 1800. his wife Anna wife Anna Thomas William Bohn and Stats Sager and Aug. 22, 1800 his wife Maria his wife Maria Susanne Georg Shriber and Jacb. Smith and Dec. 9, 1800 his wife Maria his wife Elisabeth. Anne Victor Bohn and Jacb. Demorast and Sept. 17, 1800 his wife Maria his wife Anne. Rachael Rechard Scouton Parents. Oct. 16, 1786 Peggy, ux. Caleb William Perry and Charles McKarty and Mar. 30, 1801 his wife Elisabeth Catarina Smith. Mareana William Smith William Launsburgh, Mar. 4, 1801 ux. ej Marean et ux. ej Salle. Jacob John Lott Andrew Lott, et ux. May 19, 1801 et ux. ej Barbara Peggy. Hugh Hugh McMollen, et Leonard Waltermeir 8 Feb., 1800 ux. ej Rosannaux. ux. Peggy. Elijah William Smith, et ux. Aron Rose, et ux. ej May 4, 1801 Mareaun Margareth. Anne Andrew Lott. ux. John McMollen, et Dec.14, 1800 Peggy Nelly Simmons. Maré Leonard Waltemyer John Waltemeyer, et Oct. 17, 1800. et ux. Peggy ux. Maré. Maré Jacob Waltemyer John Waltemeyer, et Feby 25, 1801 et ux. ej Jane ux. Maré. Albert John Mich. Krouse (No name). July 12, 1785 et ux. Mary Loventein. Daniel Abel Gould Parents. July 19, 1801 et ux. Elisabeth Margereth Jacob Johnson Parents. July 7, 1801 et ux. Elisabeth Elisabeth William Rambach Jacob Smith, et ux. Sept.24, 1801 et ux. Margaret Elisabeth. Maré George Smith, Jr., et ux. Philip Smith, Oct.19, 1801 ej Susanne ux. Anne. John John Keller, et ux. Parents. 22 Feb. 1802 Lydia Catarine John W. Clement Christopher Fralig, July 16, 1802 ux. Anna ux. Catarina. George William Wees Parents. July 23, 1803 et ux. Mary Susannah Victor Bown Andrew Kimmerley, July 4, 1802 et ux. Polly ux. Susannah. Anna Maria John Keller Phillip Smith Aug. 9, 1802 ux. Ann Maria ux. Ann John Jacob Fretz William Rambach Sept. 1, 1802 ux. Barbara ux. Margareth Lanah Peter Hofman George Simmon, Sept. 1, 1802 ux. Margareth et ux. Magdalene Jacob John G. Wigant Jacob and Barbara Fretz. Jan.28, 1798 Luth. Minister Nicholas and M. Amey. et, ux. ej Elisabeth John, Jan., 1800 John G. Wigant Christ. and Cathn. Fralig. et, ux. ej Elisabeth Catarina, Feb. 7, 1802 John G. Wigant Jacob and Elizabeth Smith et, ux. ej Elisabeth Anne, Aug. 18, 1804 John G. Wigant Jacob aud Ann Fralig. et, ux. ej Elisabeth Samuel, Nov. 23, 1806 John G. Wigant Peter and Ruth Fralig et, ux. ej Elisabeth Julean Daniel Overocker (No name). Feb.24, 1808 Thomsin Haulenbeck. Herain George Smith Samuel Brownson, May 2, 1808 Susanah Lucas Fanney Brownson. Mary Mariah Jacob Bowen (No name). Oct.31, 1812 Mary Anderson Jacob George Shriber Jacob Fralic, Oct.10, 1802 ux. Catarina ux. Barbara. Wm. Smith John Fralig Henry Gordinier, Oct.24, 1802 ux. Lydia ux. Elisabeth. Andrew Henry Jury Henry Prisoy, Oct. 1, 1802 ux. Elise Barby Fralig. Barbara Wilhelm Von Kochner Jacob Fretz May 8, 1803 ux. Jannitje ux. Barbara. Maria Barbara Zacharias Fralig Christr. Fralig ??? 19th, 1803 et ux. Magdalene et ux. Catarine. John Culverson John Culverson et George Schriber Mar. 29, 1803 Peggy John et ux. Catarine. Catarina Calleham McCarty John Fralig June 23, 1803 ux. Elizabeth et ux. Lydia. David Daniel Overacker David McCarty Sept.29, 1803 ux. ej Thamsin et Elisab. Gordinier Rachael George Shriber Parents. Jan. 8, 1808 ux. Catarine Samuel R George Smith William Ramback Dec.29, 1803 ux. Susannah. ux. Margaret Nelly William Sager Parents. Feby. 3, 1804 ux. Margaret John Martin Salsbury Hannah Alkebredt Jan. 1, 1804 ux. ej Eva Peggy John Mits, ux. ej William Keller Ap. 14, 1804 Janake ux. ej Maria. Jacob Jacob Zicker Jacob Freta Mar.30, 1804 ux. ej Elisabeth ux. ej Mar. Barbara. David William Krankhit Parents. May 1 1804 ux.ej Jane Samuel Thomas Richardson George Smith June 2 1804 et ux.ej Eva ux. ej Susanne Jethro Jethro Jackson (No name) Aug. 11 1786 ux. Silice Jacob Isaak Asselstine Jacob Fralig Catarine George Charter Parents. May 30, 1805 ux. Margareth Frederick Frederick Keller Frederick Keller July 15, 1804 et ux. ej Lenah ux. ej Elisabeth. R. Nelson John Fralig, ux. ej Peter Fralig Oct. 28, 1804 Lydia ux. ej Ruth. Henry George Staring Fred Keller Dec. 17, 1804 ux. ej Anne et ux. Lené. Adam Andreas Kimmerley. Adam Sager Dec.20, 1820. et ux. ej Susannah et ux. ej Nancy. Hiram C Ludewick Fralig Martin Fralig Jan. 29, 1805 ux. ej Jemima ux. ej An. Mar. A. Barbara Jacob Smith Philip Smith Dec. 10, 1804 ux. ej Elisabeth ux. Anna Barbara. Peter Smith Jacob Fretz Peter Hofman Feb. 12, 1805 ux. ej Barbara et ux. ej Anne. Peter J. and Frederick Keller Wm. Kochner ux. Jane Mary et ux. ej Elesabeth Wm. Keller ux. Ann Margt. No date Isabella Justus Bartles Mater ipsa. Jan. 2, 1805 et ux. Hannah Melinda Calleham McCarty Charles McCarty Jan. 2, 1805 ux. ej Elisabeth ux. ej Catarina. Eberbard James Linsy Martin Toyer Ap. 30, 1805 ux. ej Anne et ux. Ruth. Wm. Nelson William Rambach Christr. Fralig May 1, 1805 ux. Margaret et ux. ej Catarina. Peter Young Billy Thompson Peter Young Sep. 1, 1805 ux. Lenah et ux. ej Mary Peter F Jacob Johnson Peter Fralig, Aug.30, 1805 ux. Elisabeth Ruth John E. William Kochnor John Keller Oct.12, 1805 ux. et Jannitje and ux. Lydia Laurena Charles McCarty Joseph Jackson and Nov 7, 1805 ux. Caty Polly Smith. Reuben George Shriber Christopher Fralig Jan. 10, 1806 ux. ej Catarina et ux. ej Catarina Stats William Sager Parents. Jan.22, 1806 ux. ej Mary Elisabeth John W. Clement Jacob Smith Nov. 16, 1805 ux. Anne ux. Elisabeth James Wells George Smith Parents Feby. 10, 1806 ux. Susannah Ruth Fred. Keller et (No Name) Feby 28, 1806 ux. ej Lenah Elisabeth Daniel Overacker John Fralig Aug.16, 1798 et ux. ej Thamsin et ux. Lydia; Daniel Daniel Overacker John Fralig Sept.16, 1800 et ux. ej Thamsin et ux. Lydia; Isaak Daniel Overacker John Fralig Ap. 27, 1806 et ux. ej Thamsin et ux. Lydia; William Richard Fitchett Mater. Aug. 6 et ux. ej Catarina Philip Smith Zacharias Fralig Philip Smith May 2, 1806 et ux. Lena et ux. Anne. Pennilea Luderwich Fralig John Fralig Mar.16, 1806 et ux. ej Jemima et ux. ej Lydia. John Jacob Jacob Fretz et ux. Parents. Dec. 6, 1806 ej Elisabeth Martin F William Cranek, ux. Peter Fralig Feby. 8, 1807 Jane et ux. Ruth. Jacob Peter Jacob Johnson et ux. Peter Hoffman Jan. 22, 1807 Elisabeth ux. ej Ann Barbara Wm. Anthony Jacob Zicker, ux. William Rambach Jan. 26, 1807 Elisabeth ux. Margaret. Samuel B Christopher Frolick John G. Wigant Mar 19, 1807 et ux. ej Catarine et ux. ej. Elisabeth. Lucinda Caleham McCarty Joseph Jackson Ap. 24, 1807 et ux. Elizabeth et ux. Elisabeth. Nicholas Isaak Isselstine Zacherias Fralick Aug. 6, 1807 et ux. Mary Barbara et ux. Lena. Lavering John Frolick (No name.) Mar.20, 1807 ux. Lydia
(Beginning here the record is in a different handwriting and the spelling is different. Evidently a change of ministers-. T. W. C.)
CHILDREN. PARENTS SURETIES. Simon Smith Callihan McCarty Jacob A. Smith, June 26, 1809 Elisabeth Simmon. Catharine Freleigh. Luty WilliaM Rombough Jacob Freleigh, Aug.24, 1809 Margaret Smith Hannah Freleigh. Katy Isaac Asseletine (No name.) Nov. 7, 1809 Barbara Freleigh George Henrey George Simmon George Simmons, Oct. 15, 1809 Mary Gordinier Lana Simmons. Catharine James Shaw (No name.) Sept. 26, 1809 Elisabeth Detlor James William Rodgers James Lindsay, Dec. 12, 1809 Margaret Lindsay Hannah Lindsay. Peter Smith Martin Freleigh (No name.) Jan.13, 1810 Hannah Hoffman Dr. Martin Luthur George Smith (No name.) Feby. 18, 1810 Susannah Lucas Levinia George Schryver Mathias Smith, Feb. 24, 1810 Catharine Pickle Rebecah Smith. Wm. Cartwright Daniel Gordinier Henry Gordisier, Ap. 7, 1810 Nelly Houghton Elizabeth Gordinier. Mary Daniel Collar William Collar. Ap. 4, 1810 Mary Crouse Mary Collar. Hannah John Linsey James Lindsey, Mar.11, 1810 Mary Brants Hannah Lindsey. Elizabeth John Ham John Peters, June 8, 1810 Esther Elisabeth Peters. Cornelius John Oliver Adam Harhart. May 8, 1810 Rachael Kelly Eunice Harehart. Adam Abel Gold (No name.) Mar. 6, 1810 Elizabeth Richardson. Turessa John Pickle (No name.) Ap. 17, 1810 Peggy Ewes George Rouse Conrad Hoffman George Rouse Aug.13, 1810 Jane Shibley Mary Rouse. David Joseph Jackson (No name.) July 6, 1810 Elizabeth Bradshaw Mary John Denyes (No name.) Dec. 6, 1810 Eve Haggard (Four names follow in pencil writing and not now decipherable.) Maria Barbara Jacob Zicker Jacob Fretz, May 4, 1811 Elisabetha Maria Barbara. Mariak John Frolick Martin and May 14, 1811 Lydia Gordinier Hannah Frolick. Archibald Archibald Parks (No name.) Cyrenus Nelly Brooks Ap. 17, 1811 Ezekiel Peter Kochnet and Parents. Nov. 8, 1810 Sara Matheus Adam Forbes and ux. Ludwig Frolick July 14, 1810 Anna and ux. Jemima. Reuben Lewis Daniel Overacker Luis Freich, Nov. 11, 1810 Hannah Holenbeck Jemima Frolick. Elizabeth John Finkle (No name.) Ap. 27, 1811 Mariah Sharp Guisbert Laurance Sharp (No name.) Ap. 17, 1811 Mary Rickley Elisabeth Daniel Cline Jacob Smith Jr, Jany 20, 1811 Margaret Carr Margaret Smith Elisabeth Philip Simmons George Simmons July 10, 1811 Hannah Alkenbrack Lana Simmons Peter Peter Bowen Peter Bowen, Aug. 4, 1811 Mary Dimond Katy Bowen. Nancy Ann Isaac Kellar William Kellar, Jan. 16, 1811 Sally Hagard Mary Ann. Charity Stants Sagar (No name.) May 5, 1811 Katy Dimond John V James Shaw John Detlor, Sept. 8, 1811 Elisabeth Detlor Mary Detlor. Ezekiel W Peter Koughneut (No name). Nov. 5, 1810 Sarah Hems Clarinda George Lucas Jacob Smith Aug. 5, 1810 Lydia Jenks Katharine Smith. Katharine Martin Fraleigh Lewis Fraleigh Oct 20, 1811 Hannah Hoffman Jemima Fralig. Magdalene John Black Elias Smith April 30, 1818 Nancy Pickle Magdelane Snider. Petrus Fralick Frederick Beth (name not Petrus Fralick decipherable) Dec. 17, 1811 Sara Ruth Grosethem (?) Christiana Wilhelm Rambach and ux Jacob Schmid, Jr. Sept.15, 1811 Margaretha and ux. Helena. Livina Mathias Smith (No name). Feb.17, 1812 Rebecca Rouse James Smith John Black Mathias Smith July 26, 1810 Nancy Pickle Rebecca Smith. Benjamin Isaac Asselstine Benjamin Salisbury Mar.23, 1812 Mary Barbara Fralick Elisabeth Salisbury Margaret George Schryver Elias Smith Mar. 26, 1812 Katharine Pickle Margaret Smith. Thomas Abel Gold Thomas Richardson Mar.28, 1812 Elisabeth Richardson Laurel Richardson Rachael Thomas Richardson (No name). Sep. 18, 1811 Laurel Dibble Thomas Joshua Anderson (No name). June 28th, 1812 Laura Debil George John Ham George Ham Ap. 19, 1812 Esther Bradshaw Mary Ham. Sophiah George Smith George Smith, Sr. June 4, 1812 Susanah Lucas Lydia Bradshaw Hannah E Barnard Atwater (No name). Mar. 3, 1812 Elisabeth VanValkenbugh Lana Abraham Wood Wm. Coughneut. Feby. 30, 1810 Mary Keller Jean Coughneut. Lydia Wood Abraham Wood John Keller Mar.12, 1812 Mary Keller Jean Keller. John Peter Eleazer Perry John Peters June 28, 1812 Christian McPherson Elisabeth Peters. John Shibley George Rowse (No Name). May 23, 1812 Mary Shibley Mary Ann John Keller William Kellar June 7, 1812 Lydia Larway Molly Kellar Yanetee Christian Coughneut William Caughnet July 4, 1812 Hannah Keller Yanetee Caughnet. Champion C Samuel Brownson (No name). June 30, 1812 Fanny Colton Mary an (No name) (No name). July 1, 1812 Martin Warner Adam Forbes (No name). May 19, 1812 Anna Dust Elias Smith Jacob Sickles Jacob Fretz Jan. 4, 1815 Elisabeth Fretz Betsy Fretz Jean Elisa Philip Simmon (No name). Nov.24, 1814 Hannah Alkenheack. Julian (?) Conrad Simmon (No name). Dec. 5, 1814 Betsy Vandewater James Henry Benjamin Salisbury (No name) Nov. 9, 1814 Elisabeth Fralick John Jacob William Alkenbrak (No name). Dec. 9, 1814 Kathrine Fralick Hanna Eliza Bastion Simmon (No name). Sept. 25, 1814 Mariah Valkenbight. Luis Keller Jemima Fralick John Keller. July 30, 1814 Luis Fralick Mary Keller Mary ann Samuel Lapp John Keller. Aug.21, 1814 Catharine Lapp Mary Keller. Daid Whitney John Frelick (No name). Ap. 28, 1813 Lydia Laurel Thomas Richardson (No name). (No date) Laurel Laurel Joshua Anderson (No name). May 1, 1815 Susan Wife Amaly Jacob Smith (No name). June 4, 1815 Lana Elisabeth Jacob Smith Jacob Johnson Jany. 10, 1813 Lany Smith Elisabeth Johnson. Elias Nicholas Smith (No name). Sept. 3, 1819 Margaret Johnson Jacob Wm Nicholas Smith Jacob Johnson, Aug, 26, 1821 Margret Johnson Elisabeth Johnson Jas. Lewis Casper Fretz Aug. 2, 1820 Magdalene Huffman (No name). Wm. Coleman Lewis Frets May 12, 1821 Esther Bristol (No name). William William Edgar No date Catharine Smith (No name).
INFANTS. PARENTS. SPONSORS. Peter Smith Wm. Cronkhite Baptised Nov. 5, 1815 June 28, 1815 ux. Rachael Sarah John Asselstine June 27, 1815; ux. Mary David Peter Wees John Keller, Jr., Feb. 29, 1815 ux. Lana Mary Clement. Thomas M Frederick Bell Martin Frolick, Sept 6, 1815 ux. Sarah ux. Hanah. Jane Elisabeth John Gordinier (No name.) July 21, 1815 ux. Sophiah Joshua Crysdall Daniel Overcker Bap. Oct. 15, 1815 ux. Jane Lydia Joseph Jackson Bap. Jan. 6, 1815 ux. Betsy. Lavina Joseph Jackson Bap. Jan. 6, 1816 ux. Betsy Andrew Cornelias Oliver Baptised Mar. 3, 1816 Jan. 31, 1816 ux. Mary Jacob John Cronkhite Baptised Mar. 3, 1816. Dec. 1, 1815 ux. Hannah Mary Andrew Kimmerly May 27, 1816. Ap. 18, 1816 Susanna, ux Aaron Aaron Oliver, ux May 27, 1816. Ap. 26, 1816 Welthianne David Garet Kimmerly May 27, 1816 Ap. 20, 1816 ux. Catharine Stants John Sager May 27, 1816. Mar.28, 1816 ux. Elisabeth John Tuttle Mattheas Smith June 9, 1816. Ap. 16, 1816 ux. Rebecka Margaret Jacob Romburgh July 7, 1816 Jan. 7, 18l6 ux. Catharine Norman John C. Frolick July 7, 1816. 1816 ux. Polly Elizabeth Jacob Sicker July 28, 1816. June 14, 1816 ux. Elizabeth Sophia George Simmons Aug. 4, 1816. June 27 1816 ux. Polly Andrew Abner Stouton Sept.29, 1816 Sept. 9, 1816 ux. Mary Mathew Henry Kimmerly Sept 29, 1816 Sept.17 1816 ux. Margaret Ebenezer Jacob Fretz Oct. 6, 1816. Sept.16 1816 ux. Elisabeth Wellington George Smith (No date.) Nov 10, 1816 ux Susanna Amelia Benjamin Salesbury Baptized Oct.13, 1816. Sep. 16, 1816 ux. Eliaabeth John McCoy George Smith, Jr Nov.10, 1816. Sep. 1, 1816 ux. Lydia William and Caleb Christopher Thompson Dec. 1st, 1816. Oct. 11, 1816 ux. Catharine Luis Daily Lewis Hartman Dec.21, 1816. Nov. 2, 1815 ux. Eve Sidney W David B. Sole Dec.25, 1818. Aug.31, 1816 Hannah, ux Elizabeth Lewis Frolick Feby. 3, 1816. Dec. 7, 1816 ux. Catharine Isaac Lambert Vanalstine Feby. 11, 1817. Sept.15, 1815 ux. Mary Catharine Zephenia Grooms Feby. 9, 1817 Nov.26, 1816 ux. Margaret Julian Joseph Provost Feb.16, 1817. July 14, 1816 ux. Elizabeth Charles Hy Samuel Lap Feb.18, 1817. Feb.14, 1816 ux. Catharine Emily Luis Fretz Jan. 6, 1817. Dec. 16, 1816 ux. Ester Elizabeth Mathew German Mar. 23, 1817. Feb. 16, 1817 ux. Margaret Clarissa Cornelius Alkenbrack April 27, 1817. Feb. 12, 1816 ux. Mary Ann Eliza Ann Philip Wolfrom May 18, 1817. Sept.22, 1816 ux. Catarme Wm. Martin Benoni Norman May 18, 1817. May 4, 1816 ux. Sophia Susanna William Sagar May 5, 1817. Feb. 8, 1817 ux. Mary Lana W John Wcodcock May 25, 1817. Ap. 24, 1817 ux. Polly Minerva Martin Frolick June 15, 1817. Ap. 3, 1817 ux. Hannah Fanny Jane George C. Herns June 18, 1817. Mar. 6, 1816 ux.Susanna Jane Thomas Herns June 15, 1817. Mar. 3rd, 18?? ux. Martha Lester H Peter Von Coghnet June 21, 1817. Dec. 19, 1816 ux. Sarah Catharine Adam Van Valkenburg June 21, 1817. Ap.5, 1816 ux. Anna Geo. Herain Peter Simmons Nov. 26, 1816 ux. Laney Jane Christian VanKoughneut July 6 1817. Ap 13 1817 ux Hannah CHILDREN. PARENTS DATE OF BAPTISM Lucretia John Benn June 12, 1817 ux. Cathanne Bapt July 27, 1817 Anne Martin Clement July 9, 1817 ux. Jane (No date) Elizabeth John Watson Sept.23, 1817 ux.Jane Luthur Franklin John Fralick Oct.11, 1817 ux. Lydia Sally Ann Peter Simmon Ap. 25, 1819 ux. Laney Wm. Henry John Gordinier Feb.28, 1819 ux. Sophia Harietta Harret Ruth Martin Fralick Sept. 21, 1819 ux. Hannah Angelina John C. Fralick No date ux. Polly Iray George and Lydia Smith, Dec. 10, by Robert Perry. June 4, 1821 Elder (Methodist). Anna C John Keller Dec.13, 1821 Mary Clement Margaret Martin Clement June 2, 1821 Jane Keller June 23, 1821. John Z George Charters (No date of Baptism). May 1st, 1815 Margaret Keller Sarah Eliza George Charters (No date of Baptism). Jan. 5, 1822 Margaret Keller Margaret Jacob Steel Aug. 16, 1820 Elizabeth Cole Margaret John Bradshaw Geo. Smith Sureties. June 13, 1822 Catharine Webster Lydia Smith James Lewis Lewis Fralick June 14, 1822 Catharine Johnson Joshua Joshua Anderson Feby. 27, 1822 Lucy Dible Norman N Casper Frets Oct. 7, 1822 Magdalene Huffman Bap. Nov.10, 1822. John Miller Frederick Keller Oct. 12, 1822 Nancy Miller Jan.19, 1823. James M John Fralick. May 28.1820 Lydia Gordinier Jan. 18, 1822. William S Anna Fralick Jan. 18, 1822. Mar. 24, 1822. Peter Jehocachim Vanderbergh Jan.20, 1822 Jane Shaw Feby. 9, 1823. Wm. Henry Aaron Dibble March 30, 1823. Jan. 21, 1823 Catharine Diamond Phebe Frederick Keller Jan. 1, 1823 Hannah Sixbury Mar.30, 1823. Betsy Casper Young Dec. 5, 1822 Nancy Patterson Mar.30, 1823. John J James Anderson Feb.15, 1823 Fanny Casedy (No date). Wm. Neilson Charles Doller Mar. 4, 1823 Sally Tindie Susannah Thomas Richardson Sept. 14, 1823 Laurel Dibble Daniel D Asa Richardson Sept.11, 1823 Hannah Bowen Eliza Ann Jacob Smith July 8, 1823 Lana Link Elizabeth Matilda John L. Fralick April 8, 1822 Catharine Johnson Samuel C. H Martin Fralick Aug.23, 1824 Hannah Huffman. Jacob Diamond Jacob Bowen Sept.28, 1827 Mary Anderson S. Maria Frederick Keller Nov.11, 1824 Nancy Miller Eve Eliza Conrad Johnson (No date given). Nov. 24, 1827 Elizabeth Smith Levina E William D. Derby Feb. 11, 1825 Anna Baptised May 22, 1825 John Bell John McGuinn Mar. 1, 1825 Elizabeth Bell (No date given). John William Edgar Sep.14, 1825 Catharine Smith Elias Jacob Smith Aug.23, 1825 Lana Link Thomas Valentine Joice May 15, 1825 Lucy Conner
BAPTISMS BY FRANCIS H. GUENTHER, Minister of Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Fredericksburgh.
CHILDREN BORN. BAPTISED PARENTS. SPONSORS Esther 1826 1826 Louis Fretz Parents. Katharine Jan 1 Apr.23 Esther Bristol Charles 1826 Casper Fretz Parents. Samuel Mar. 12 Apr. 23 Magdalene Hoffman Jane 1826 John Hoffman William S. Fralick. Maria Mar.10 June 4 Lavina Fralick Elisah Hoffman Elisabeth 1825 1826 Nicholas Smith Dec. 20 June 4 Rebecca Johnson Parents. Anna 1826 1826 Henry Sharp Maria Jan.26 June 25 Elizabeth Davon Parents. Andrew 1824 1826 Isaac Dennis Parents at Mar. 7 July 30. Mary Oliver Mohawk Bay. Lucinda May 27 July 30 " " " Elmiry 1824 1826 Henry Schamyhorn. Oct. 8 July 30 Rebecca Smith " Jane 1826 1826 John Chamberlain (No name). Jerusha Aug. 6 Oct. 4 Anna Maria John 1825 1826 Martin Clement (No name). Ellis July 30 Oct.11 Jane Keller Charlotte 1826 1826 Lewis Fralick Conrad Johnson. Jane Sep.22 Nov. 5 Katharine Johnson Elisabeth Smith. Louis 1826 1826 F. H. Guenther Francis Sep.24 Nov. 5 Katharine Knouts Rebecca 1826 1827 Daniel Wood May 11 Mar. 3 Mary his wife Hyram 1826 1827 Peter Snyder Oct.13 Mar. 3 Katherine Elisah 1824 1827 Peter D. Falkner Ann May 30 June 6 Parmilia Fralick Silas 1826 1827 Archibal Johnson. Dec. 29 June 10. Jane Fansbury Emeline 1827 1827 Conrad Johnson Feb 28 June 10 Elizabeth Smith Margareth 1826 1827 Jacob Bowen Jane. Aug.29 June 26 Mary Anderson. James 1826 1827 James Anderson Nelson Dec. 12 June 26 Fanny Cassedy. Elisah 1819 Charles Doller (No date of baptisms). Jane May 7 Sarah Tinth Lewis F. Dec. 28. " " 1820 Nelson Mar. 4 Sarah Tinth (No date of baptisms.) 1823 James Wm. Feb.27, " " 28 Charlotte Feb. 3 " " 1827 Hyram Aug. 8 July 7 Henry Schamyhorne REMARKS. 1826 1827 Rebecca Smith Richmond tp. John Feb.22. July 7 Benjamin Staffort. 1827 1827 Elisabeth Smith Richmond tp. Elisabeth Oct.30 Aug. 5 Zachariah Groom Charlotte 1826 1827 Margareth Sager Richmond tp. Edmund Oct.11. June 26 Casper P. Mathias. Caton 1823 1827 Christiana Anderson Lucy Jan.18 June 26 Casper P. Mathias. 1826 1827 Christiana Anderson Daniel Dec.20 Seidden Hait 1827 Lorina Ermina Oct.27 Feb. 7 Dexter Darby 1826 1828 Hannah Fralick David John Oct. 8 Feb.10 John S. Hoffman Smith 1827 1828 Lavinia Fralick. Derna Sep. 6. Feb. 12 Martin McMurray 1827 1828 Diana Smuphet. Elenora Feb. 12 Feb.18 Martin Fralick Ellen 1828 1828 Hana Hoffman. James June 22 Apr. 13 Martin Clement Wessels 1827 1828 Jane Keller Lidia Jan.28 Apr. 13 Wm. Kimnerly 1828 1828 Christiana Fretz Betse July 5 May 26 Thomas Palmer 1821 1828 Katarine (No names given). Ivey Apr. 3 June 8 John Kemnerly 1828 1828 Mary Fretz Elizabeth Dec.20 June 11 Major Macdonal 1827 1828 Mary Smith Rachael Feb. 19 June 11 George Smith Matilda 1828 1828 Lidia Michall Ap. 14 June 11 Peter Keller 1828 1828 Hanna Martha Mar. June 11. William Lee Jane 1814 1828 Delila Andrew T Mar.18. June 18 Christopher Leyman Johnson 1828 1828 Sarah Ann Johnson Jane Ap 28 June 22 William S Fralick Almidy 1828 1828 Eliza Ann Hoffman Emily Jan.16 June 29 Jacob P N Johnson Mahaley 1828 1828 Nancy Elisa Derby Byard Mar.22 July 13 Nicholas Smith Nelson 1828 1828 Margret Johnson Harriet Feb. 7 Mar.14 Jacob Smith, Jr. Jane 1828 1828 Helen Link Jacob Apr.25 May 14 Henry Anderson and 1828 1828 Mary Marshall Sep. Oct. 9 Richard Abbey Bidwell 1828 1828 and Jane Elisabeth May 24 Aug. 8 George I. Smith Ann 1828 1828 Mary Ann Huycke Zacheriah Mar.28 Sep.14 Peter Simmons Fellows 1828 1828 Helena Sills Elenor Jan.12 Nov.18 George Sills 1828 1828 Elisabeth Rombough Helen Sep. 4 Nov. 18 Wm. Schamahorn 1828 1828 and Margareth Elisabeth Dec.12 Dec.27 Angus McPherson. 1828 1828 Emily Darby Ellis Aug. 27 Jan. 10 Dexter Darby Luther 1828 1829 and Ann Jacob Sep. 21 Jan.15 William Detler Vanaletine 1828 1829 and Elizabeth John B Dec. 10 Jan.25 Lewis Benjamin 1828 1829 and Hanna Nancy Nov.20 May 1. F. H. Guenther Lucinda 1828 1829 and Katharine Rebecca Jan.20 Feb.18 Conrad Johnson Amanda 1829 1829 and Elizabeth Jane Ann Mar.16 June 17 Abraham Neilson. 1829 1829 and Delila William Jan.14 July 3 William Dieman Allen 1829 1829 and Sarah Louisa Jan.15 July 9 Archibald Johnson. Jane 1829 1829 and Jane Sarah July 16 Aug.17 Casper Fretz Ann 1829 1829 and Magdalena. James May 24 Oct. 5 Peter Kemerly 1829 1829 and Lavinia James D. May 19 Oct. 5 Daniel Bowen 1829 1829 and Sarah Jacob Nov.14 Dec.13 Jacob Fretz Jr. Sicker 1829 1829 Sarah Sager Mary Jane Sep.29 Nov.27 Isaac Denyes 1829 1829 and Mary Sindy Rilly Oct.18 Dec.13 Gilbert Sager 1829 1829 and Margareth John Sep. 20 Dec. 13 Major McDonald 1829 1829 Mary Smith William Nov. 22 Dec.15 Cornelius Sharp Clark 1829 1829 and Pheby. Archibald Oct. 1 Dec.20 Jacob Johnson, Jr. Willard 1829 1829 Nancy Darby Charlotte Dec.16 Feb.14 John Lewis Fralick. Katarine 1829 1830 and Katharine Jacob Mar. 1 Feb.23 Charles Doller Frederick 1829 1830 and Sarah William Feb.15 Mar.14 Z. Grooms 1830 1830 and Margareth Lidia Dec 28 May 23 Frederick Oliver 1829 1830 and Dearia Leshia Apr. 14 May 23 William Kemmerly. 1830 1830 and Christiana Sarah May 1 June 20 Nicholas Smith J. Lewis Fralick Margareth 1830 1830 Margareth and Katarina, ux. Amanda May 1 June 20 Lewis Frets 1810 1830 and Esther Elisabeth July 5 Oct.24 R. N. Fralick John Fralick, Sr., Melinda 1830 1830 Lucinda Knouts. and Lydia, his wife. Lidia Oct. 5 Dec.12 W. S. Fralick Minerva 1830 1830 and Eliza Ann Samuel Nov.18 Dec.26 Abraham Neilson Martin Fralick. Martin 1830 1830 Delila Fralick Elisa June 30 Jan.12 Mathias Smith Angeline 1830 1831 Rebecca John Aug.23 Jan.25 W. D. Derby Russell 1830 1831 Ann Fralick Elisabeth Oct.11 Jan.25 Peter F. Keller Amanda 1830 1831 Mary Ann Susan June 4 Jan.29 Cornelius Burly 1817 1831 and Katharine William Nov.28 Feb.15 James Smith 1827 1831 Katharine McMollen Elizabeth Feb. 4 Feb.15. William Hough. Caroline 1828 1831 Ann McMollen Isaac Jan. 3 Feb.27 Joshua Lockwood. Jacob 1831 1831 Mary Hartman Luther Nov. 5 Feb.28 Amos Lucas Smith. Melancthon 1830 1831 Magdalene Huffman Nicholas Dec. 25 Feb.28 Amos L. Smith Poliver 1825 1831 Magdalene Huffman Peter May 13 Feb.28 Amos L. Smith Huffman 1828 1831 Magdalene Huffman George Ap. 11 Feb.28 Amos L. Smith Reily 1821 1831 Magdalene Huffman. Margaret Oct. 27 Feb. 28 Amos L. Smith Ann 1823 1831 Magdalene Huffman Elvina Jan.31 Feb.28 Mathias Smith and 1818 1831 his wife Rebecca Nathias, Jr. Jan.24 Feb.28 Mathias Smith 1820 1831 Rebecca Mary July 10 Feb. 28 Mathias Smith 1822 1831 Rebecca Nelson Mar. 17 Feb.28 Mathias Smith Lewis 1824 1831 Rebecca, his wife Reuben Jan.30 Feb.28 Mathias Smith 1826 1831 Rebecca, his wife Susanna Dec. 16 Feb. 28 Philip Smith 1829 1831 Christiana" Hyram Sep. 8 Feb. 28 Hezekiah Deble Winslow 1826 1831 Rachael Smith Freeman Nov.26 Mar. 1 Hezekiah Deble James 1829 1831 Rachael Smith Emily July 30 Mar. 1 Ralph Abbot 1830 1831 Margaret Smith Mathilda Mar.31 Mar. 8 John Smith Ann 1830 1831 Sarah William Nov.25. Mar. 8 Lester M. Forward Allen 1830 1831 Elisabeth Moore Peter Nov.27 Mar. 8 Benjamin Stafford 1830 1831 Elisabeth Harvey Mar. 7 Mar. 8 Samuel James 1830 1831 Rachael Scriver Susan Aug.31 Mar. 13 John Dusenbarry Maria 1830 1831 Wilhelma Hess Elisa Jan.23 Mar.22 Gilbert Storms Jane 1831 1831 Mary Mary Sep. 19 Mar. 23 Gilbert Storms 1815 1831 Mary Julia Sep. 22 Ap. 12 George Bedding Ann 1830 1831 Amarilla Storms Heram Nov.25 May 29 John H. Castle Alenzo 1830 1831 Permilia Fralick Nelson May 4 May 29 F. H. Guenther Robinson Fralick James 1831 1831 E. V. L. Pastor Nancy, his wife Robinson Katharine Guenther Eliza July 19 May 29 Andrew Keller Ann 1830 1831 Magdalena, his wife Jacob Adam Ap. 29 June 12 Casper Fretz Huffman 1831 1831 Magdalene Huffman
Sarah Dec.26 Feb.19 William Kimnerly Ann 1831 1832 Christiana, his wife Hannah Mar. 11 Feb.19 John German Ellen 1831 1832 Elizabeth, his wife Aurelia Feb. 21 Mar.11 Thomas I. Fralick Emeline 1830 1832 Hannah, his wife. Sarah Feb. 4 Mar. 11 Thomas I. Fralick 1832 1832 Hannah, his wife. William Jan. 9 Mar. 11 Henry Kimnerly Henry 1832 1832 and his wife Margaret Rachael Dec. 22 Mar. 11 Frederick Oliver and 1831 1832 his wife Rebecca Elias Apr. 18 May 23 Elias Frets 1832 1832 and wife Nancy Margaret Ap. 19 May 23 Mathias Smith 1832 and wife Amelia Mariah May 26 June 19 William Deniel 1832 and wife Sarah William Jan.18 Ap. 21 Peter Amey 1832 1832 and wife Mary Eliza Ann Nov. 2 Ap. 21 Philip Smith 1831 1832 and Christiana Adaline June 3 July 30 Peter Huffman Elizabeth 1832 1832 and wife Mariah Francis June 25 July 29 Richard B. Fralick Godfrey 1832 1832 and wife Nancy Nancy Feb.12 April ? George Petters and Ellen 1832 1832 wife Mary William Feb.23 July 29 William Lansigng 1832 1832 Wife Catharine Semantha May 2 Nicholas Smith Ann 1832 and Mary Oct. 13 Aug. ? Richard York 1831 1832 and wife Mary Elhanan Jan.30 Aug. ? B. N. Fralick Alonzo. 1831 1832 Wife Lucinda Louisa Mar 18 Nov.10 Jacob Redden Elizabeth 1829 Wife Hannah Lana Jane July 30 " " 1830 Sabra Ann Jan 13 " " William Dec 1 Jacob Frets and 1832 wife Sarah Lester Harvey July 26 Jacob Smith and wife Lena Samantha Jan 5 Lewis Frets and 1832 wife Esther Margaret A. June 29 Oct 29 Frederick Keller and 33 34 Nancy Miller John R May 30 Nov 9 Charles and Sally 33 34 Doller Wm. Henry Sep. 22 Sep. 21 Conrad Johnson 1833 1834 Elizabeth Smith
Catharine ? May 25 George I. Smith Mary 1835 Mary Ann Smith Entered by Charles May 25 Joseph Baker Jacob Smith, Jr. Smith 1835 Anne Baker Robert Sep.22 May 25 Jacob Smith, Jr. McDowall 1834 1835 Lany Smith Charlotte Nov.14 Silas Johnson Jane 1834 George Nov. 2 Casper Frets Lester 1832 Magdalene Huffman
Catharine Dec.14 Jan. 29 Joseph and Ann 1836 1839 Baker Jacob Smith Mar. 18 Aug.18 Christopher and 1838 1839 Elizabeth Pope
CHILDREN. BAPTISED. PARENTS George Mar. 2 Benjamin Ham Albert 1844 Rhoda Sarah Oct 21 Abraham Neilson Mariah 1846 Delila
CHILDREN. BIRTH. BAPTISED. PARENTS. Norman July 14 Aug.21 Richard and Sarah Ham. Philip 1847 1848 Abraham and Mar. 13 Mar. 25 John and Lucretha Demorest. Charity 1849 1849 Elenor Maria Dec.30 Abraham and Catharine Hagerman. Samuel Miligan 1848 Mary Ann Oct.26, 49 John S. and Rebecca Brown. Anson Miles July 25,49 Widow Fralick. Catharne Apr. 4 Dec.13 George and Martha Schryber. Victoria 1847 1849 Geo. Brown Oct.4,48 Dec. 13,49 " " " George June 24 Jan. 5 William and Elizabeth McCarty. Wallace 1849 1850 Maria Aug.29 Feby. 7 Henry McGuinn Emily 1845 1850 Harriet Nevil. Elizabeth Feb.12 Feby. 7 " " Jane 1847 1850 Harriet Aug. 31 Feby. 7 " " Maticia 1848 1850 Charles Jan. 30, 50 Harvey and Elizabeth Storms. David Jan. 30 James Goodfellows. James 1850 Wife Elizabeth. 1850 James Feb. 27 William Kimmerly and wife Christiana Lucy Margt. Feb.27 Luke Bowen and wife Sarah. Penah, Adelia. June 20, 47 George Baker and wife Margaret. 1849 1850 Mary Jane Aug. 20 Mar. 18,1850 " " Margaret A Ap. 7, 1850 Jacob Warner and Susannah. Mariah Jane May 7, 50 Geo. Hawley and wife Jennet.
REGISTER OF MARRIAGES BY LUTHERAN MINISTERS Connected with Ebenezer Lutheran Church, in Fredericksburgh, Lennox County. BY REV. JOHN G. WIGANT
John Frolig and Lydia Gordenier, Nov. 1st 1796 (They both lived and died in Fredericksburgh and reared a large family, many of whom still live in the locality). Michael Fils and Rachel Chincks (no date). Peter Simmon and Jane Gordenier, Ap. 21, 1799. Peter Hoffman and Anne Maria Fretz, Sep. 3, 1797. NOTE. -No name of a minister appears in connection with the following, but the marriages appear to have occurred in the time of Rev. Wm. McCarty: Thomas Palmer and Catharine Bowen, married December 29, 1816. Levi Hane and Elizabeth Williby, married December 30, 1816. Levi Jones and Elizabeth Baker, married February 11, 1817. Jones Van Alstine and ?? ?? , married Feby. 11, 1817. Jacob Smith was married to Pennilea Colten, March 12, 1817. Conrad Johnson and Betsy Smith were united in matrimony March 23rd, 1817, in Fredericksburgh. (They lived and died in Ernesttown, nearby, and reared a large family.-T. W. C.). William Houghtalin and Mary Davy, married May 18, 1817. John Bristol and Catharine Fretz married July 6, 1817. (They lived in Erneettown and reared a large family, many of whom now reside in the County. Mr. Bristol died in Napanee aged near 90.-T. W. C.). George Walter Myres and Widow Davy, married August, 1817. Amos Smith and Magdalene Huffman, married September 30, 1817.
May 31,1827 Gorden York, of Richmond, and Deuchy McLeughlin June 6, 1827 John H. Castle and Pennilea Fralick. June 26, 1827 Henry Anderson and Mary Lee. Oct. 28, 1827 James Gosline and Elisabeth Ackermaz,. Nov.13, 1827 Daniel Bown And Sally Anderson. Nov.25, 1827 Thomas Johnson and Mary Ann Ackerman. Nov.25, 1827 Martin Aylsworth and Margaret Ackerman. Dec. 26, 1827 Joel Martin and Susan Vaness both of Ernesttown Jan. 1, 1828 John Smith and Sarah Huffman, both of Richmond. Jan. 2, 1828 Jacob Fretz and Sarah Sager, both of Richmond. Jan.21, 1828 Gilbert Sager and Margaret Bowen, both of Richmond. Jan. 21, 1828 Victor Bowen and Fanny Cooper, both of Richmond. Jan. 30, 1828 Absolom Day and Emily Shibley, Portland. Feby. 7, 1828 Peter Huffman and Maria Fralick, Fredericksburgh. Feby. 12, 1828 Robert Cooper and Ann Miles Fredericksburgh. Feby. 12, 1828 Angus McPherson and Emily Darby, Ernesttown. Jan. 25, 1828 John Thompson and Abigal Moore, Fredericksburgh. "N. B.-Their marriage has been advertised in several public places as witnessed by Christopher Thompson, Jacob Scriver and William Thompson." Feb. 21, 1828 John Fredenbrough and Nancy Hayes, Camden. May 14, 1828 Luke Sallisburry and Polly Sallisburry, Fredericksburgh. May 27, 1828 Solomon Stafford and Mary Ann Peck, Portland. June 18, 1828 George Washington Davis and Ayley Aylsworth, Bath. June 19, 1828 Andrew J. Johnson and Maria Lott, Ernesttown. June 22, 1828 John Wood, of Ernesttown, and Hanna Keller, of Fredericksburgh. AP. 23, 1828 Abraham Neilson and Delila Fralick, Ernesttown. Aug. ?? 1828 Reuben N. Fralick and Lucinda Knouts, Ernesttown. Feby. 14, 1829 Thomas Regan and Mary Houghtaling, Ernesttown. Mar. 9, 1829 Hyram Walker and Mary Zimmerman, Ernesttown. Ap. 2, 1829 Richard Whitelock and Mary McLaren, Camden. Ap. 8, 1829 John Peters and Sally Lewis, Ernesttown. Ap. 15, 1829 Jacob Scouton and Elizabeth A. Booth, Ernesttown. July 25, 1829 John T. Hutchenson and Katharine Dunn, Ernesttown. Aug. 26, 1829 Bowen A. Perry and Hannah Scott, Camden. Oct. 7, 1829 Ezekiel Burley and Elizabeth Snyder, Ernesttown. Nov. 3, 1829 Sylvanus Day and Emily Jackson, Portland. Nov. 25, 1829 Wm. Cadman and Harriet Mary Gordinier. Dec. 12, 1829 Matthias Smith and Emily Barton, Richmond. Dec. 13, 1829 John German and Elisabeth Smith, Richmond. Dec. 18, 1829 Abner Souls and Sally Ann Benn, Camden. Dec. 30 1829 George Redding and Amelia Storms, Ernesttown. Dec. 25 1829 Peter Hiller aud Katharine Chatterson, Ernesttown. Jan. 12, 1830 Samuel Peters and Mary Barly, Ernesttown. Jan. 25, 1830 Jacob More and Katharine McPherson, Fredericksburgh. Feb. 22, 1830 Andrew Kimmerly and Hannah Mason, Richmond. Feb. 24, 1830 Peter Keller and Katharine Keller, Fredericksburgh. Feb. 24, 1830 Peter F. Keller and Mary Fralick, Fredericksburgh. Mar. 2, 1830 Andrew Clancy and Susan Breah, Camden. Mar. 2, 1830 Joseph J. Johnson, of Hallowell, and Katharine Smith, of Fredericksburgh. Mar. 11, 1830 Peter Van Alstine and Amanda Forshee, Fredericksburgh. Mar. 20, 1830 Christopher Keller and Mary Ann McPherson " Mar. 24, 1830 Williams Gifford and Mary Detlor, Fredericksburgh. Ap. 2, 1830 Nicolas Dingman and Margaret Woodcock, Camden. Ap. 12, 1830 Charles Smith and Mahalable Robins, Ernesttown Ap. 25, 1830 Staats Sager and Jane Delyea, Richmond Ap. 20, 1830 Andrew Keller and Magdalena Black, Ernesttown. May 3, 1830 Alva Clark and Hanna Wood, Ernesttown. May 26, 1830 Sylvester Burly and Caroline Jinkings, Ernesttown. July 13,1830 Richard Frasher and Jane Hogle, Ernesttown. Aug.22 1830 Nicholas Dingman and Margt. Woodcock, Fredericksburgh. Aug.22, 1830 Lewis Chamberlain and Katharine Ehrhart, both of Camden. Aug.20, 1830 Nicholas Dingman and Peggy Woodcock, of Fredericksburgh. Sept. 5, 1830 Robert Phillips and Sarah Davidson, Fredericksburgh. Oct. 19, 1830 Thomas Smith and Helen Lapis, Kingston township. Nov. 9, 1830 John Vermit [Verniet] and Tyna Shibley, Ernesttown, married by license. Nov. 9, 1830 John Stover and Charity Clark, Ernesttown. Nov. 16, 1830 Cornelius Burly and Nancy Firse, Camden. Nov. 22,1830 Abraham Lot and Rachael File, Fredericksburgh. Nov.22, 1830 Stephan Young and Magdalene File, Fredericksburgh. Dec. 11, 1830 Matthias Claws and Margareth Segsworth, Portland. Dec. 7, 1830 William Lake and Lucinda Stafford, Portland. Dec. 11, 1830 Christopher Craven and Margaret Lake, Portland. Oct. 1, 1830 Robinson Richard Fralick, of Fredericksburgh, to Nancy Knouts, of Starktown, N. York State. Dec. 28, 1830 George Lewis Sicker and Ann Maria Alkenbrack, both of Fredericksburgh, by license. Dec. 2, 1830 Nicholas Asselstine and Mary Barbara Sicker, both of Fredericksburgh, by license. Jan. 3, 1831 John Miles and Rosanna Smith, of Ernesttown. Feby. 1, 1831 John Scott and Catharine Spike, both of Portland. Feby. 1, 1831 Henry Wood, of Loborough, and Rachael Spike, of Portland Feb. 2, 1831 Peter S. Keller and Clarinda Unger, Fredericksburgh. Feb. 15, 1831 Garret Bush and Mary Ann Hough, Ernesttown. Feb. 15, 1831 Jehiel Clark and Caroline Hill, Ernesttown. Feb. 15, 1831 Thomas Knox, Camden, and Hannah Burley, of Ernesttown. by license. Feb. 21, 1831 Abel Gould and Jane McCumber, Richmond. Feb. 23, 1831 James Garrison and Elisabeth Leech, Camden. Mar. 7, 1831 James Shaw, of Whitbey, and Lucinda Anderson, of Fredericksburgh, by license. Mar. 8, 1831 Joshua Cheesbrow and Hannah Moore, Richmond. Mar. 8, 1831 Simon Ashley and Lucinda Scriver Fredericksburgh. Mar 9, 1831 Wm. McLaughlin and Jane Brandt Ernesttown. Mar. 27, 1831 Elijah Williams, Ernesttown, Ann Sophia Dutter, of Fredericksburgh, by License. Witness: David Williams, Richard Williams. Mar. 27, 1831. Simeon Ham and Eliza Scott, Fredericksburgh. Witness: John Ham, Rebecca Scott, widow. Mar 1, 1831 William Vroman and Jane McGillvray, Ernesttown, by license. Witness: Wm. McGillvray, Saml. Bell. Ap. 12, 1831 Valentine Stover and Rebecca Snider, Ernesttown. Witness: Lorence Hartman and Ed. Hagerman. Ap. 3, 1831 William Storms and Clarissa Redding, Ernesttown. Witness: George Redding and John Vermitt [Verniett]. May 2, 1831 James Vanalstine nnd Sarah Clark, Richmond. Witness: Samuel Delyea and Mary Vanalstine. May 4, 1831 Andrew Fraser,. Ernesttown, and Katharine Forsbee, Fredericksburgh: Peter Forshee, Reuben Neely. May 10,1831 William Hawley and Pamelia Elethorpe, Ernesttown. Witnesses: Timothy Chapman, Z. Keller. May 29, 1831 Garret Rickman, Murray, Newcastle District, and Katrina Walker, of Kingston township, married by license. Witness: Daniel Graves and July Ann Walker.
June, 1833 Richard Richardson and Rachael Lee, both of Ernesttown. Married by publishment. Witnesses Joseph Lee and Louisa Davy.
NOTE-The list of members or communicants is given yearly, from 1796 to 1839, inclusive, but not after. In the forties the membertip had became gradually absorbed in the Methodist classes, and the last two or three ministers joined the Methodist ministry, there being tco few members to support a minister. The lists of members in Richmond, Ernesttown (at Surtgerville) and Camden townships is also given. There was a large membership at where is now Ernesttown Station, "St. Peter's" Church, but that list is not contained in the record now being copied. Whether the record of that membership anywhere exists I do not know. No one seems to be aware of its existence. The membership in all these townships mentioned was always under the pastoral care of the same minister. Napanee, July 21, 1899. THOHAS W. CASEY.
1 George Finkel. 11 Barbara Van De Berg. 2 Jacob Fretz. 12 Catarina Bovin. 3 Barbara ux. 13 Jacob Schmith. 4 Ann Margt. filia. 14 Elizabeth, ux. 5 Margret Rambough 15 John Wilh. Clement. 6 Michael Schmith. 16 Hannah, ux. 7 Catarina, ux. 17 Jacob Frolick. S John Henrich Peech. 18 Anna, ux. 9 Peter Frolick. 19 Anna Schmith. 10 Ruth, ux. 20 Andreas Camerle. 21 Martin Frolick.
Catarina Schmith. Lydia Frolich. Elizabeth Fretz. Catarina Shreiber. Elizabeth Simmeon. Susannah Schmith. Rachael Files. Maria Bohn.
1 John G. Wigant p. x. p. 25 Christpr. Fralig. 2 Elizabeth ux. 26 Catarina ux. 3 Gerhard Van De Berg. 27 Philip Schmith. 4 Barbara ux. 28 Anna ux. 5 John Keller. 29 Frederick Keller. 6 Maria ux. 30 Peter Hofman. 7 Margareth, filia. 31 Anna Barbara ux. 8 George Simmons. 32 Sally Hoffman. 9 Lenah ux. 33 William Kochnant. 10 Wm. Rambach. 34 Jantje ux. 11 Margereth, ux. 35 Adam Vant. 12 George Smith. 36 William Keller. 13 Martin Fralig. 37 Anna Maria ux. 14 Anna Maria ux. 38 Jacob Johnson. 15 Jacob Fralig. 39 Elizabeth ux. 16 Anna ux. 40 Nicholas Brunk. 17 Barbara, filia. 41 Anna ux. 18 Jacob Fratz. 42 Catarina Shriber. 19 Barbara ux. 43 Elizabeth McCarty. 20 Jacob Schmith. 44 Elizabeth Zicker. 21 Elizabeth ux. 45 Mary Pickle. 22 Peter Fralig. 46 Daniel Overacker. 23 Ruth ux. [The membership seemed now at 24 Sally, filia its height. T. W. C.].
COMMUNICANTS IN OCTOBER, 1816. When Rev. Wm. McCarty became the Pastor.
Lewis Fralick. William Keller. Daniel Overacher. Margaret ux. George Smith. Christopher Frelick. Susannah ux. Catharine ux. Jacob Johnson. Catharine Smith. Elisabeth ux. Andrew Kemmerly Jacob Frats. Hannah Fralick. Barbary ux. William Rhombaugh. Garat Vande Berg. Margaret ux. Barbary ux. Sally Huffman. Peter Fralick. Lana Simmons. Ruth ux. Barbara Iselstine. Jacob Smith. Henry Searmont. Ruth ux. Henry Kimmerly. John Fralick. Martin Clements. Lydia ux. Jane ux. Catharine Brown. Wm. McCarty. Clarissa ux.
Sept. 2, 1832 The Sacrament of the Lord's supper administered by the Rev. Thomas Kilmer to 51 communicants. (Names not given). On Saturday previous confirmed: Richard R. Fralick. Mary Keller. Wife Nancy. Jane Johnson, widow William D. Darby. of Archibald. Wife Ann. Nancy, wife of Jacob Johnson. Silas Johnson. Wife Lana. George Service. Lucinda, wife of Nelson Fralick, total 12. [??] Sept. 1, 1839 S. P. La Dow, Paster. Lewis Fralig, Elder. Susannah Smith. Lewis Fretz, Esther Fretz. Jacob Smith, Deacon. Elisabeth Johnson. Conrad Johnson, " Hannah Clement. Catharine Fralic. Lucinda Fralick. John Fralic. Elenor Johnson. Wm. D. Darby, Silas Johnson. Zacheriah Keller. Jacob Johnson, Sr. Martin Fralic. George Smith, Sr.
At Camden East.-(No date given, but probably about 1831, with Rev. F. H. Guenther, Pastor). John S. Clute, Deacon. Joseph Amey David Clark, " and wife. Mrs. Alex. Sallens. Jane Amey. Caroline Clark. Ann Clark. ?? Phillips and wife and two sons. ?? Hamilton, wife and daughter. Mrs. James Williams. Sally Williams. James Bennett, Joseph Dulmage. Robt. McCrary and wife. Douglas Hooper. Mrs. McLean. NOTE. -No church was built there. Members joined the Church of England, under Rev. T. Shirley. Stone Church at John Bowers (now Napanee Mills). Samuel F. Taylor, Elder. James Le Roy. John Bower, Deacon. Martha Briscoe. Jehiel Briscoe, " Andw. Johnson and wife. Charles K. Cook. Mrs. Rachael and Widow Lott. Joseph Lockwood. Mrs. Elias Huffman. Harriet Bower, Artemus and Fallura Granger. Jane Bower. Widow Granger.
NOTE.- No church was erected in the Township, though a number of the early settlers north of Napanee river were members. An unsuccessful attempt was made to erect one in 1828. No date Mindwell Sager. Elizabeth Sager. Sarah Sager. Adam S. Sager. Staats A. Sager. W. Maracle and wife. Hannah Maracle. Isaac Briscoe. Nathan Empey. Mary Oliver Lucy Ann Oliver. John Colt. Jacob Fretz and wife. Christiana Kimmerly. Elias Fretz and wife. Martha Kimmerly. Barbara Kimmerly. Mary Ann Gould. Mrs. Ed. Kimmerly. James Scott. July 30, 1826. Sacrament administered at Mohawk Bay (Front of Richmond) by Rev. F. H. Guenther: Garrat Vander-Berg. Christiana Bowen. Barbara his wife. Sarah Sager. Johannes Fretz. Maria Kimmerly. Maria his wife.
NOTE. -There was a regular preaching appointment by Rev. Mr. Guenther, in a school-house in sixth concession of Ernesttown, the next school-house west of Switzer's Church, in the same range, and a society existed for years. The following list of members is in Mr. Guenther's handwriting, but no date given. Probably about 183O. - T. W. C. John Asseletine, Deacon. Thomas Empey, Deacon. Francis Empey. Mrs. John Asselstine and Daughters. Fletcher Empey. Julia Lake. Mrs. ?? Thompson. Margaret Heston.