Early London District Marriages
30 August 1784. Capt'n William Hutchinson and Catharine Lewis, according to the Order of the Established Church of England. By John Beardsley, Chaplain to the Late L A Regt. 20 Aug 1795. Thomas Mathews and Marilla Burch of Townsend Gore by Jabez Collver Sr. 14 Dec 1795. Benjamin Green and Sarah Bunch of Townsend, by Jabez Collver Sr. 23 May 1797. Gabriel Collver and Martha Collver, both of Townsend, by Jabez Collver Sr. Witnesses- Michael Shoaff, Nisbet Collver, and John Collver. 22 Sept 1797. Thomas Sayles and Bethiah Lane of Townsend Gore by Jabez Collver. 28 Oct 1797. John Mors and Anna Rice of Charlotteville, by Jabez Collver Sr. 5 Apr 1798. William Walker and Margaret McCool, both of Windham, by Rev. Jabez Collver Sr. 23 July 1798. Nisbet Collver and Sarah Backen, both of Townsend by Jabez Collver Sr. Witnesses- Gabriel Collver, Martha Collver. 17 Nov 1799. Jonathan Wade and Elizabeth Soveren, both of Charlotteville, by Jabez Collver Sr. 22 Mar 1801. Thomas Horner Esq. of Blenheim and Olive Baker of Burford, by Thomas Ingersol, JP. Witnesses- Samuel Balmer, Henry Bostwick, David Parmer, Thomas Watson, Eunice Martin, Vashly Parmer, Mary Graham, James Smiley, Hulday Balmer, Wm. McCartney. 14 Dec 1801. Swain P. Corlies and Jane Mount, both of Burford by Thomas Horner, JP. Witnesses- Charles Burtch, Mordica Mackoley. 27 Dec 1801. James Smiley and Eunice Martin, by Thomas Horner JP. Witnesses- Samuel Martin and Silas Martin. 1 Aug 1802. John Fowler Jr. and Esther Sayler, both of Burford by Thomas Horner, JP. Witnesses- Selene Fowler, Thomas Watson, Wm. Sumner. 2 Nov 1802. Henry Bemer and Catherine Sovereign, both of Townsend, by John Bemer, JP. Witnesses- Joseph Bemer, Julia Bemer. 15 Nov 1802. Wheeler Barnum and Martha Scatergood, by Peter Sloot, JP. at Ringwood. Witnesses- Oliver Gridley, Hannah Gridley. 6 June 1803. Phillip Fonger and Sarah Brown both of Charlotteville by John Bemer, JP. Witnesses- Nathan Wade, Jacob Sovereen, Elizabeth Sovereen. 22 July 1803. William Dease and Sarah McDonnell of the Grand River by A. Nellis, JP. 11 Feb 1804. Henry Bostwick and Ann Williams, both of Woodhouse by John Berner, JP. Witnesses- John Bostwick, Hannah Van Allen, Mary Williams, Henry Van Allen, Abby Park. 24 Feb 1805. Caleb Burdick of Oxford and Levinah Teeple of Charlotteville, by John Beamer, J.P. Witnesses- Simon Mabee, Abigail Mabee and Silas Montross. 17 Apr 1805. Henry Alwood of Bertie, Niagara District, and Ann Gillmer of Walpole, by Samuel Ryerse, JP. Witnesses- Henry Van Allen and Wynant Williams. 19 May 1805. William Backhouse and Hannah McMichael, both of Walsingham, by Wm. Hutchison, J.P. Witnesses- A. Hutchison, William McMichael, John Backhouse, George McMichael. 31 Dec 1805. Thomas Finch and Hannah Collver, both of Townsend by Jabez Collver Sr. 24 Jan 1807. Peter Secord and Rebekah Brown, both of Charlotteville, by John Coltman, JP. Witnesses- James Russell, David Secord. 7 Jan 1808. Matthias Steel of Woodhouse and Maria Becker of Walsingham, by Samuel Ryerse, JP. Witnesses- Peter Walker, M. Alexander and Nathan Man. 31 Jan 1808. Aaron Spurgin and Ann Moor of Charlotteville, by Nathan B. Barnum, JP. Witnesses- J. Kern, John Sprague, Catherine Kern and William Rice. 14 Feb 1808. Silas Martin and Sally Porter of Blenheim, by Thomas Horner, JP. Witnesses- Samuel Martin, Artemas Rogers, James Smiley. 3 Dec 1809. Jacob Potts Jr. and Rebecca Ann Lockwood both of Charlotteville by John Beemer, JP. in Townsend. Witnesses- Duncan McCall and Daniel McCall. 17 May 1810. Frederick Sovereen Jr. of Charlotteville, yeoman and Mary Jane Hutchison of Walsingham, spinster, by Thomas Welch JP. Witnesses- John Backhouse, Cornelius Dedrick, James Hutchison, John Backhouse and Ephraim C. Mitchell. 17 Oct 1810. Ephraim C. Mitchell, yeoman and Mary McCall, spinster, both of Charlotteville, by Jacob Sovereen, JP. Witnesses- Hugh McCall, Francis Legh Walsh, Isaac Grant, Noah Fairchild. 21 Oct 1810. Paul Dustin and Charlotte Monro by Elias Foster JP. Witnesses- Cornelius Dedrick, William Backhouse. 23 Oct 1810. James Hutchison and Esther Backhouse at Walsingham, by Elias Foster J.P. Witnesses- J. Backhouse, A. Hutchison. 19 Nov 1811. Jeremiah Green of Townsend and Mary Monro of Walsingham, by Wm. Hutchison J.P. at Walsingham. Witnesses- William H. Green, Philip Wilson and William Sells. 1 Jan 1812. Aquila Mitchell Walsh and Margaret McCall, both of Charlotteville, by Jacob Sovereene, JP. Witnesses- Duncan McCall, Thomas Welch, Francis Legh Walsh and Jacob Potts Jr. 19 Jan 1812. Calvin Martin and Sarah Dean, both of Blenheim, by Thomas Horner, JP. Witnesses- Samuel Martin, Josiah Dean and Delia Sherwood. 6 June 1812. Jeremiah Wolfen Jr. and Catharine Wolfen, both of Walsingham, by Elias Foster, JP. Witnesses- Samuel Cooper, William McMichael, Peter Br. Dewitte 12 Sept 1813. James Wells and Peggy Fray both of Charlotteville by James Mitchell, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Jacob Cope and Mary Backer. 18 Oct 1813. Christopher Hamilton and Frances Rolph of Charlotteville, by Thomas Talbot, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- George C. Salmon, John Martin, John Rolph, Thomas Feras, Wm. Robertson. 21 Nov 1813. Aaron Culver and Miss Jane Friar by John Hanning minister, Townsend 14 Mar 1814. John Backhouse and Hannah Dedrick, both of Walsingham, by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Walsingham. Witnesses- Samuel Cooper and Abr'm Backhouse. 20 July 1814. John Gustin and Elizabeth Rogers by Thomas Horner JP. Witnesses- Mary Gilbert, Catharine Gustin, James W. A. Hurst. 17 Oct 1814. John B. Askin and Elisa Van Allen of Haldimand Co. by Thomas Horner JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- Amelia Ryerse, Betsy Wier, Winifred Van Allen, H. Van Allen. 24 Oct 1814. Jacob Morrison, yeoman and Sophia Baker, spinster both of Charlotteville, by Thomas Welch, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Cornelius Morrison and A. Walsh. 6 Nov 1814. Peter McDonald and Amanda Smith of Wainfleet in the Niagara District, by Amos Chapman, JP. at Pelham. Witnesses- Wm. Chapman, Catherine Farr, Lavinia Chapman and Nancy Chapman. 4 Jan 1815. B. Henry Sovereene and Margaret Brown both of Charlotteville by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Jacob Sovereene and Frederick Sovereen. 14 Feb 1815. James Russell and Elizabeth Hines, at Charlotteville by Titus Finch, Elder of the Baptist Church. Witnesses- J. Backhouse and Mima M. Backhouse. 17 Mar 1815. Archibald Taylor and Mary Anne Rolph of Charlotteville, by Thomas Talbot, J.P. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Wm. Bruce, George C. Salmon and John Rolph. 28 June 1815. John Harris of His Majesty's Ship Prince Regent on the Lakes and Amelia Ryerse of Woodhouse, by Joseph Ryerson, JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- Thomas Cummings, George I. Ryerse and Jno. Ahdersley. 13 July 1815. Zebulon Landen of Woodhouse Gore, yeoman, and Lucinda Monro of Charlotteville, spinster, by Thomas Welch, JP. Witnesses- Robert Monro, John Kern, Philip Wilson, Matthias Boughner. 24 July 1815. Patrick Ryen and Maria Howell both of Charlotteville Witnesses- Frances Rolph, J. Backhouse and John Rolph. 29 Nov 1815. Daniel McKinny of Malahide and Catharine Hutchison of Walsingham, by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Walsingham. Witnesses- John Franklin, Lydia Franklin and Mary J. Sovereen. 9 Jan 1816. Ephraim T. Perley and Philena Tisdale both of Charlotteville, by Joseph Ryerson, JP. Witnesses- John Bostwick, G. Ryerson, Jacob Powell and Samuel Ryerson. 22 Jan 1816. John Eakins of Burford and Nancy Nellis of Mount Pleasant, by William Daniel Bowen, JP. at Burford. 2 Dec 1816. John Baker and Margaret Layman of Walsingham by John Backhouse, JP. at Walsingham. Witnesses- Peter Shoemaker and Michael Troyer. 25 Dec 1816. George Joseph Ryerse and Elizabeth Vail both of Woodhouse, by Robert Nichol, J.P. at Woodhouse. 10 March 1817. Hozea Baker and Rachel Still both of Charlotteville by James Mitchell JP. Witnesses- Richard Lanning, William Moor. 15 June 1817. George Franklin and Rachel Hazen by Wm Hutchison, J.P. Witnesses- William Hazen, Mary Ann Hazen, Edward Foster. 5 July 1817. William Wilson and Charity Soper, both of Bayham by Wm. Hutchison, JP. Witnesses- John Soper, Stephen Bartow. 28 April 1818. Andrew Bezo and Sophia Beaupre both of Charlotteville, by George C. Salmon, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- M. Steel, Nathan Mann, Donal Fisher and John Conrad. 2 June 1818. William Kimber and Lois Green Barnum both of Charlotteville by George C. Salmon, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Wm. Kimber, Silas Secord Jr., Daniel Dickson, William Moore and Joseph Anderson. 5 July 1818. Samuel Osborn and Margaret Bowle of Howard in the Western District, by Thomas Horner, JP. Witnesses- Hezekiah Willcox and Christ'r Arnold. 24 Dec 1818. William Havens and Huldah Gilbert of Charlotteville by Thomas Bowlby, JP. Witnesses- Ebenezer Gilbert, Platt Wood. 29 Dec 1818. Henry Moore Backhouse and Hannah Smith both of Walsingham by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Walsingham. Witnesses- Philip Rose, Adam Bowlby and Daniel Ross. 28 Apr 1819. Robert Monro and Phebe Wood of Charlotteville by Thomas Bowlby, JP. Witnesses- Rowland Gilbert, Israel Wood. 23 Dec 1819. John B. Bezo (Jean Baptiste Bezo) and Julia Beaupre of Woodhouse, by George C. Salmon, JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- Luke Teeple, Andrew Bezo, Thos. Cross and Samuel Williams. 10 Jan 1820. Charles T. Perley and Elsey McCall both of Charlotteville by James Mitchell JP. Witnesses- Duncan McCall and Matthew H. Tisdale. 4 Feb 1820. Jabish Dingman and Julia Shoeburge by William Shaw, JP. at Camden, Kent County, Western District. Witnesses- Francis Shoeburge, John Everit. Registered 10 Jan 1823 at Woodhouse. 19 March 1820. Silas Montross and Elizabeth Tozer, by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Thomas Finch, Luke Teeple. 15 June 1820. David Hutchison of Walsingham and Rebecca Fairchild of Charlotteville by Thomas Bowlby, JP. Witnesses- Aquila M. Walsh and George Hutchison. 23 July 1820. Henry Webster and Agnes Young of Walsingham by John Backhouse, JP. Witnesses- Hannah Backhouse, Amelia Young. 30 Aug 1820. William Van Allen and Rebecca Bowen both of Burford by Thomas Horner JP. at Burford. Witnesses- Levi Van Horn, Elias Tupper, P. W. Rapalje, Sarah Bowen, S. Spurr, Denton Burns, Thomas Whitehead, W. D. Bowen, Jonathan Stevens, Maria Ann Spur, Cynthia B. Van Allen, Cynthia B. Rapalje, Jane Eakins, Wm. Fowler, Ann Tupper, J.B. Askin, Clarissa Bowen, John L. Van Horn. 5 Jan 1821. Joseph Harvey and Margaret Robinson of Malahide by John Backhouse, JP. at Malahide. Witnesses- Silas Westover, Lucinda Westover, John Bennett and M. Bennett. 10 Jan 1821. David Adams and Elizabeth Hoffman by John Backhouse, JP. at Vittoria. Witnesses- Daniel Ross, H. Sheehan, Michael Beach, Jesse Smith and John Blayney. 4 Feb 1821. Jonathan Stevens and Isabella Daniels both of Burford by William Daniel Bowen JP. at Burford. Witnesses- Robert Deer, John L. Van Horn, John McLeod, Aaron Allen, Norman McLeod, Wm. Van Allen, William Fowler and Marvel White. 8 Nov 1821. William Wilson of Woodhouse and Maria Lodor of Townsend by George C. Salmon, JP. at Waterford in Townsend. Witnesses- Rob't Grant, Jane Wilson, R. L. Cocroft, Joseph Wilson, Wm. Thos. Salmon and J. B. Askin. 9 Apr 1822. Henry Slaught and Harriet Hazleton both of Townsend by George C. Salmon, J.P. at Townsend. Witnesses- Aaron Barber, Abraham Colis and Philip Austin. 21 Apr 1822. George Ryerson of Charlotteville, Esq., and Sarah Rolph of same place, spinster, by James Mitchell, JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- John Harris and Jon Ryerson. 8 Apr 1823. Alpheus McKnight of Woodhouse and Margaret Standen of Middleton by Daniel Ross, JP. Witnesses- Lewis Winans, H. Sheehan. 14 July 1823. Robert Monro Senr. and Pamela Blanchard both of Charlotteville by Daniel Ross, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Mathew H. Tisdale, Richard Edwards and Rowland Gilbert. 21 Oct 1824. Edward Powers Ryerse and Pattie Underhill of Woodhouse by Joseph Ryerson, JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- George Ryerse, John Harris and Samuel Ryerse. 15 Dec 1824. David D. Willson and Ethelinda Lossing both of Norwich by Thomas Horner, JP. at Burford. Witnesses- Elizabeth Ann De Long, George Higson, Henry Lawson, Hannah L. Howard. 10 Apr 1825. James Perry of Townsend and Polly Lake of Norwich by George C. Salmon, JP. at Norwich. Witnesses- C. D. Putnam, Austin Shearer, Mary H. Gifford and Muro M. McCauley. 3 Nov 1825. Russell S. Stevens and Margaret Lodemi Allen of Burford by Thomas Horner, JP. at Burford. Witnesses- George Higson, Susan Allen, Julia Ann Higson, Emelia M. Allen, Josiah T. Allen, Hope Ann Haight, Angelina Allen, Hiram Haight, Sarah Maria Higson. 21 Dec 1825. Joseph Culver of Woodhouse and Mima Mania Backhouse of Walsingham by George C. Salmon, JP. at Walsingham. Witnesses- John B. Askin, John M. Pack, Enock Moore, D. Fisher and M. Hutchinson. 15 March 1826. Ebenezer Gilbert and Nancy Lemon both of Woodhouse by George C. Salmon, JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- John Hazer, Jacob Wood and Edmund Conklin. 2 Oct 1826. Simon Peter Teeple of Oxford and Mary Ann Tisdale of Charlotteville by George Ryerson. J.P. Witnesses- Elisa Montross, Luke Teeple and Nancy Teeple. 17 Jan 1827. Artemas R. Graham and Maria Whitman both of Charlotteville by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Woodhouse. Witnesses- Michael Doland and John Kern. 10 July 1827. Isaac Sours of Waterloo and Sarah Macguire of Burford by Thomas Horner, JP. at Burford. Witnesses- Samuel Ansley, Geo W. Whitehead, Geo Siple, A. M. Ulme, Lewis Charles, Mary Ann Maguire, Mary Horner, Susan Allen, Jane Galbraith, Calista Baker, Eve Whitehead, John Galbraith, Murray Lester, Margaret L. Stevens, Mary Galbraith, Russell S. Stevens and George Stover. 17 Oct 1827. John Smith and Mima Maria Hutchison both of Walsingham by Francis L. Walsh, JP. at Walsingham. Witnesses- George Hutchison, John B. Hutchison, Amelia Freeman. 17 Jan 1828. William Silverthorn and Anna White both of Bayham by Joseph Defields at Bayham. Witnesses- George Silverthorn, James Caswell, Mary Knapp and Joseph P. White. 16 Apr 1828. John Hutchison of Walsingham and Esther Neill of Charlotteville by Daniel Ross, JP. at Charlotteville. Witnesses- Agnes Webster, M. M. Smith, Wm. Backhouse, Enoch Moore, and George Hutchison. 31 July 1831. Thomas Roisland and Elizabeth Willson, spinster, both of Zorra by Darius Cross of the Free Communion Baptist Church in Oxford. Witnesses- Thomas Tollman of Zorra, Archibald Burch and George Blake.
Marriages by John Bryning Presbyterian Minister
26 Jan 1831. Ab'm Pettit, bachelor and Abzina Steinhoff, spinster both of Woodhouse. Witnesses- Patrick McMaster and Alasira Dell. 23 Feb 1831. Duncan McCall of Charlotteville and Fanny Harvey of Woodhouse, spinster, by license. Witnesses- Harriet Harvey, Duncan McCall Senr., Jonas Chamberlin, Philip Bemer, Duncan McPherson. 22 March 1831. Henry Vervelen Barnum, bachelor and Adaliza Trueman, spinster, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Rhoda Trueman, David Wheeler Barnum, J. F. Trueman and Mica Spenser. 24 March 1831. Hiram Westbrook, bachelor, and Polly Gates, spinster, of Oakland. Witnesses- John Moor, Charlotte Van Buskirk, Henry Gates. 20 Apr 1831. Daniel Eady of Brantford, bachelor and Mary Ann Mathews of Burford, spinster, by license. Witnesses- Cleander Mighells, Abner Mathews and H. G. Mathews. 10 May 1831. George Robinson, bachelor and Mary Ann Holmes, spinster, both of Townsend. Witnesses- Henry Bemer Jr., Lovina Slaught, and Isaac Holmes. 17 May 1831. Philip Pettit of Woodhouse, bachelor and Christeen Griffin of Middleton, spr. Witnesses- Daniel McIntosh, Emily Bemer and Nathaniel Griffin. 26 May 1831. Henry Kitchen, bachelor and Elizabeth Slack, spinster, both of Townsend. Witnesses- George Hendershot, Abzina Kitchen and Samuel Watts. 27 May 1831. Cleander Mighells, bachelor, and Con. Kath'n Mathews, spinster, both of Burford. Witnesses- F. F. Mighells, Elmira Mathews, Abner Mathews and Thomas Whitehead. 31 May 1831. Henry Bennet, bachelor and Elizabeth Boomer, spinster, both of Oakland. Witnesses- Silas Burch, Marg't Slack, William Boomer. 28 July 1831. James A. Oakly, bachelor and J. D. Clarke, spinster, both of Burford. Witnesses- Joshua Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet, John Hamer. 25 Sept 1831. Thomas Jones, bachelor, and S. Jane Kirkpatrick, spinster, both of Windham. Witnesses- Justes Smith, Matilda Malcomb. 1 Nov 1831. Joseph Slack, bachelor, and Almira Murray, spinster, both of Townsend. Witnesses- William C. Smith, Mary Robinson, Philip Bemer. 7 Dec 1831. Solomon Burch of Mount Pleasant in the Gore District, bachelor, and Polly Slack of Oakland, London District, spinster. Witnesses- Earl D. Martin, Silie Nellis.
Marriages by Solomon Lossing, Esq.
9 Sept 1829. Peter Gilbert and Suelina Earl, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Wm. Carver, Adam Stover, John Earle. 22 Oct 1829. Asahel Oatman Jr. and Sarah Fox, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Levi Fox, Asahel Oatman Sr. 10 Nov 1829. Adam S. McLeese and Orenda Emigh, both of Norwich. Witnesses- George Emigh, Elias Snyder. 24 Dec 1829. Daniel D. Bedford and Lydia Weston, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Seth Weston, Stephen Bedford. 28 Jan 1830. Richard I. Kipp of Blandford and Elizabeth Losee of Norwich. Witnesses- John G. Losee Esq., Mary Losee, Lee Losee. 25 Feb 1830. Owen Wright of Dereham and Clarissa Meagher of Norwich. Witnesses- William Galtius, John Meagher. 9 March 1830. David West and Rhoda Post, both of Norwich. Witnesses- William Post, Morgan West. 23 May 1830. William Smith and Mary Austin, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Peter G. Lossing, Isaac Smith. 29 June 1830. Ira Butler and Sarah Brown, both of Windham. Witnesses- Charles Malcom, John Johnston. 21 Oct 1830. Augustus Soper and Charlotte Veeder, both of Norwich. Witnesses- David D. Wilson, Nathan Town. 12 Feb 1831. Henry Sherwood and Deborah McAuley both of Norwich. Witnesses- Stephen Sherwood, Albert Delong. 24 Feb 1831. Allen Haight and Sarah Malinda Stamp, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Michael Stover Jr., Jo. T. Allen. 10 March 1831. Josiah T. Allen of Burford and Armina Cornwell of Norwich. Witnesses- Peter Sacrider, Martin Cornwell, George Allen, Martin Cornwell. 24 March 1831. Benjamin Holmes and Mary Tomkins both of Norwich. Witnesses- John Holmes, Caleb Tompkins. 28 Apr 1831. Allen Wilkinson and Marg't Stringham, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Alden Sherman, Jno. S. Stringham, Jesse Stover, Allen Wright. 10 May 1831. Garry V. Delong and Mary Esmond both of Norwich. Witnesses- Peter Delong and Jacob Esmond, Peter Delong, Christian Sackrider. 17 July 1831. Israel D.Titus and Margaret Delong both of Norwich. Witnesses- Freeman Dunkin, Albert Delong, Buckman Delong, Henry A. Delong, Freeman Durkin. 21 Sept 1831. Ira Coles and Sally Ann Oatman, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Philip S. Ward, Levi Fox and Asahel Oatman. 2 Nov 1831. George W. Saunders and Hannah Scott, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Amos Scott, Gilbert Wright. 3 Nov 1831. George Tennant and Mary Collard, both of Dereham. Witnesses- James Berry, Sylvanus Symund, John Somers. 24 Nov 1831. Peter Gilbert and Hannah Collard, both of Norwich. Witnesses- Amos Reavely, Xenophon Earle, David Collard. 12 Dec 1831. John Carter of Blanford and Susan Allen of Burford. Witnesses- George Allen, Aldridge Wells, Josiah T. Allen and Abel Schooley.
Marriages by John G. Losse, Esq.
1 March 1831. James Beach and Cath'e Webster. Witnesses- Michael Stover, Mary Stover. 10 March 1831. Reuben Mott and Phebe A. Swartout. Witnesses- William Waggoner, Almira Woodward. 18 April 1831. Joseph Ross and Hannah Lancaster. Witnesses- Sarah Corbin, Hannah Corbin. 22 May 1831. Thomas Placeand Elizabeth Place. Witnesses- Freman Dunkin, Elizabeth Van De Burgh. 4 Dec 1831. Jacob Esmond and Hannah Nichols. Witnesses- Harmon Nichols, Susanah Sutton. 11 Jan 1832. John V. Burnham and Amy C. Cornwell. Witnesses- John McKee, Phebe U. Carmen.
Marriages by John Gable Minister of The Free Communion Baptist Church of Blenheim
1 May 1831. Jacob Hess of Burford and Rhoda Petton of Blenheim. Witnesses- Thomas Homer, Esq., Peter Bastedo, Sarah Martin. 19 Oct 1831. George Simmons and Isabel Bowen, both of Burford. Witnesses- George W. Whitehead, Allen Comerson, Sharmon Wright and Sarah Wright. 26 Dec 1831. Allen Comeron and Paulina Yeigh, both of Burford. Witnesses- Geo. W. Whitehead, Emmeline Whitehead, Nathaniel Ives. 18 Jan 1832. Peter Latchow and Mary Barmore, both of Dumfries. Witnesses- Henry Latchow, George Gable.
Marriages by A. Dobbie, Esquire
4 Apr 1831. Frederick Best and Elizabeth Strawbridge. Witnesses- Henry Clark, Casper Best. 9 June 1831. Joel N. Norton and Caroline Beney. Witnesses- Henry Medcalf, Hugh McCann. 23 June 1831. Solomon Simmons and Eliza McKea. Witnesses- David Simmons, Clement Clime. 7 Aug 1831. William Storey and Matilda Wadge. Witnesses- Roswell Mount, Dugal McKinney. 31 Aug 1831. James Irvan and Peggy J. Walker. Witnesses- Ebenezer Ostrander, David Simmons. 8 Oct 1831. Thomas Westren and Helena Charman. Witnesses- Joseph Boon, Alexander Summers. 2 Nov 1831. Abr'm Nellis and Elizabeth Hood. Witnesses- Henry Medcalf, Peter Cams. 20 Nov 1831. George Hill and Minah Wright. Witnesses- Aaron Wright, Jas. G. Bentley. 16 Jan 1832. Casper Best and Mary Cran. Witnesses- James Manhull, Henry Clark.
Marriages by Alex'r Ross Minister of the Church of Scotland
18 Apr 1831. Duncan Ferguson of Mosa and Mary McLachlin of Ekfrid. Witnesses- Donald Ferguson, John Ferguson. 25 Apr 1831. Donald McIntyre and Marg't Carswell both of Oxford. Witnesses- John Sinclair, John Thompson. 3 May 1831. Nicholas McPharland and Mary Haggart, both of Oxord. Witnesses- Donald Campbell, Arch'd Campbell. 27 Oct 1831. Benj'n Johnston and Elenor Ross, widow, both of Southwold, by license. Witnesses- John Barber, ---- King. 30 Nov 1831. John McKellar of Mosa and Catherine Mitchel of Ekfrid. Witnesses- Alex'r McIntyre, George Brosri. 16 Feb 1832. Donald Leitch of Mosa and Ann Stewart of Aldborough. Witnesses- Malcom Downie, Duncan Stewart. 7 March 1832. Zoroaster F. Moss of Bayham and Martha Bass of Malahide, by Caleb Burdick, M.M. Witnesses- James S. Burdick, Matthias Steel, David Hunt.
Marriages by Ephraim Smith minister
24 Apr 1831. Lorenzo D. Bates and Mary Earl. Witnesses- Stephen Yarenton, Ibram Rentley. 8 May 1831. John Sharp and Martha Smith. Witnesses- Orin Wright, Hosea Heath. 30 Oct 1831. Samuel Healy and Christiana Howel. Witnesses- Stephen Yarenton, Asa Hicks. 19 Jan 1832. Eli Cross and Anna Smith. Witnesses- William Howley, John Maher. 16 Feb 1832. John Maher and Lodice Smith. Witnesses- Hiram Rentley, David T. Dunkin. 11 March 1832. David T. Dunkin and Mary Gillet. Witnesses- Isaac Waggoner, William Cowe. 4 Jan 1832. Moses McConald and Tamer Northrup, both of Malahide, by Joseph Merrill, minister, Baptist Church, Bayham, in Malahide. Witnesses- Elijah Saxon, John Marr. 14 March 1832. Levi Ramond of Bayham and Charity McConald of Malahide by Joseph Merrill in Malahide. Witnesses- George Northrup, James Ramond.
Marriages by J. Draper, Esq., JP.
4 Apr 1831. Joseph Pritchard and Sally Cartwright both of Bayham. Witnesses- Hezekiah and Mary Cartwright. 20 Apr 1831. Thomas Edison and Mary Jane Harris, both of Bayham. Witnesses- Samuel Guernsey, Sarah Harris. 28 June 1831. Jonathan Nutt and Catherine White, both of Bayham. Witnesses- Henry White, Arch'd Hamilton. 7 Aug 1831. George Berry and Minah Coil, both of Bayham. Witnesses- William Chineston, Daniel Berry. 4 Sept 1831. Isaac Murdough and Sophia Schenburgh, both of Bayham. Witnesses- Edward and Catherine Norton. 26 Sept 1831. Zenos Spore and Mary Dunham, both of Bayham. Witnesses- John and Betsey Elliott. 2 Jan 1832. Moses Fletcher and Rosanna Dowling, both of Bayham. Witnesses- William Holliwood, Elizabeth Dowling. 22 March 1832. David C. Collins and Catherine Dowling, both of Bayham. Witnesses- William Holliwood, Elizabeth Dowling.
Marriages by George Joseph Ryerse, Pastor Regular Baptist Church, Charlotteville
16 Apr 1831. Charles Hough and Rachel Smith, both of Charlotteville, by license. Witnesses- Levi Churchill Jr., Abraham Havens. 1 May 1831. Abraham Smith and Sarah Ogden. Witnesses- Obed M. Smith and Robert Young. 16 May 1831. Ebenezer Merwin and Maria Dean. Witnesses- Elijah Leonard, John Slaught. 2 June 1831. James Newill Smith and Naomi Morris. Witnesses- Jacob Cram, Edward P. Ryerse. 7 June 1831. Alexander Cowan and Rachel Mabee, by license. Witnesses- David Beaumart, Duncan McCall Jr. 8 Sept 1831. Joseph Backenstoe and Lucinda Bigelow. Witnesses- Samuel Hughes, Finanda Bigelow. 20 Sept 1831. John Walker and Lucy Yale. Witnesses- Timothy Walker, Jno. B. Wheeler. 22 Sept 1831. John Kniffin and Amia Walker. Witnesses- Joseph Walker, George Kniffen. 3 Oct 1831. Robert Stillwell and Catherine Troyer. Witnesses- Michael Troyer, Michael Horton. 9 Oct 1831. Orrin Rogers and Rachel Curles, by license. Witnesses- Edward P. Ryerse, Jos'h Johnston. 28 Oct 1831. Finander Parish and Anna McTavish. Witnesses- Joseph Backenstoe, Lucin Backenstoe. 6 Nov 1831. Donald Fisher and Matilda Montross, by license. Witnesses- Nelson Montross, William Montross. 11 Dec 1831. James W. Perkins and Agnes Curry. Witnesses- Joseph W. Clarke, Nelson Vail. 3 Jan 1832. William Birdsall and Mary Groff, by licence. Witnesses- Edward P. Ryerse, Axford Bowlby. 16 Jan 1832. John Barber and Rebecca Robinson, by licence. Witnesses- Aaron Barber, J. C. Austin. 17 Jan 1832. William Smith and Mary Robinson. Witnesses- Aaron Barber, J. C. Austin. 20 March 1832. Isaac Depew and Hannah Wilcox, by licence. Witnesses- Wadley Faorr, Mica Spencer. 1 Apr 1832. Jacob Cram and Nancy Hibler. Witnesses- Peter Anderson, James Cram. 11 July 1831. Zeno Adj't Cromar and Alta Fitch, both of Zorra by Simeon Mabee, Pastor, Baptist Church, Oxford. Witnesses- Akansa Harris, Benjamin Vaudan.
Marriages by Wm. McDermand Minister, Baptist Church
17 June 1831. Ira Atwood and Sally Brooks, by licence. Witnesses- Abr'm Philpot, Dan. McIntyre. 13 July 1831. Abraham Phillips and Nancy Barnes, both of Southwold. Witnesses- Abraham Sells, Stephen Griffin. 3 Sept 1831. Ira DeLoop and Lucy York, both of Yarmouth, by license. Witnesses- James York, Wm. York. 12 Oct 1831. James Griffin of Southwold and Sally Lumley of Dunwich. Witnesses- James Phillpot, Ab'm Griffin. 12 Feb 1832. George Hutcheson and Nancy Rockerfeler, both of Walsingham. Witnesses- Jerry Johnston, Nelson Franklin.
Marriages by Robert Bamford Minister Wesleyan Methodist Church
9 Apr 1832. George Kniffer and Eleanor Ryerse, both of Woodhouse. Witnesses- T. Gilbert, George Kniffer Sr. 10 Apr 1832. James Wilson and Jane Dill of Windham. Witnesses- Richard Dill, John Cline. 25 Apr 1832. John Cline of Windham and Mary Sadler of Townsend. Witnesses- Elisha Barber, Moses Barber.
Marriages by John Harris Regular Baptist Church
25 May 1831. John Fairman and Hariet Rice, both of Townsend. Witnesses- Jacob Sailor, Robert Laning. 13 July 1831. Daniel Schramling and Agnes McIntosh, both of Burford, by licence. Witnesses- George Hess, Samuel McIntosh. 17 July 1831. Solomon Howles and Agnes Cowen, both of Townsend. Witnesses- George Hall, John Pettit. 11 Sept 1831. George E. Hall and Mary A. Barton, both of Townsend. Witnesses- William Kitcheon, John Stage. 25 Sept 1831. George Byerly of Middleton and Sarah Mathews of Windham. Witnesses- Justus Monro, Thomas Wooden. 18 Oct 1831. Laurence Sovereign and Nancy Lefler, both of Townsend. Witnesses- Henry Beemer Jr., Wm. Robertson. 25 Nov 1831. Williard W. Grout and Nancy C. Leonard Grout of Zorra the other of Townsend. Witnesses- Bazilla Beal, Jacob Cole. 6 Dec 1831. Elihue Nickerson and Mary Winegarden, both of Windham. Witnesses- Charles Malcolm, Conerod Winegarden.
Marriages by C. Ingersoll, J. P., Oxford
2 June 1831. George Ross of Zorra to Elssie Ross. Witnesses- Levi Warner, R. M. Still, Esther Still. 26 June 1831. William Maynard and Maria Brady, both of Oxford. Witnesses- Wm. Maynard Sr., Joel Underwood. 7 Aug 1831. William Harris and Persuilla Harris, both of Dereham. Witnesses- William Marigold, Caloria Hill. 2 Aug 1831. John Hutcheson and Elizabeth Sutherland, both of Oxford. Witnesses- Donald Ross, George Hutcheson, Charity Cunningham. 22 Sept 1831. Peter Van Atter and Hester A. Goodfellow, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Ambrose Van Atter, Henry Campbell, Jacob A. Doty. 2 Oct 1831. Charles Tucker and Dorcas Sweet, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Philip Shadareck, Alanson Harris. 7 Nov 1831. William Gray and Susan Westbrook, both of Oxford East. Witnesses- John Phelan, Sarah Phelan, Th's Scott. 27 May 1832. Crowin Sweenie and Eliza Harris, both of Oxford. Witnesses- James Harris, Peter Hayle, Wm. Hill. 31 May 1832. James Galloway and Louisa Carroll, both of Oxford. Witnesses- Henry Carroll Esq., Peter Carroll, Jno. Galloway.
Marriages by Abnel Mathews minister
2 Oct 1831. John Horton of Walsingham and Phebe Montross of Charlotteville, by licence. Witnesses- Daniel Seerman, Andrew Smith. 13 Nov 1831. William Davis and Hannah Spence, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Jacob Barney, John Cummings. 13 Feb 1832. Benjamin Steveson and Catharine Graham, both of Dumfries. Witnesses- Earl Martin, H'y Daniels, Elam Eaton. 15 Feb 1832. George W. Lewis and Sally Daniels, both of Blenheim. Witnesses- Benj'n Steveson, James McCloud. 29 Feb 1832. Washington McKnight of Brantford and Agnes Showers of Burford, by licence. Witnesses- Ab'm H. Corles, Michael Showers, John Shows. 9 Apr 1832. William Daton and Elizabeth Hess, both of Burford. Witnesses- Michael Shower, George Hess. 19 Apr 1832. Joseph Nelson and Mariam York, both of Blenheim. Witnesses- David Nevills, James Nelson. 17 May 1832. Alexandria Steward Elder and Sarah Rouse, both of Burford. Witnesses- John Long, Joseph Gostin. 29 May 1832. Elisha Chase and Mary Harp, both of Blenheim. Witnesses- Joseph Paul, John Thompson. 12 June 1832. James Hanes and Catherine Smith, both of Burford. Witnesses- Stehen London, John Hanes. 25 June 1832. Joseph Paul and Huldy Harp, both of Blenheim. Witnesses- John R. Mathews, Wm. Laman.
Marriages by Dugald Campbell, Minister Baptist Church, Aldborough
5 Jan 1832. Sylvester Campbell and Isabella Lamont, both of Lobo. Witnesses- Duncan McCallum, Arch'd Campbell. 21 Feb 1832. Jno. Galbraith of Ekfrid and Christian McCallum of Dunwich. Witnesses- Thomas McCall, John McCallum. 22 Feb 1832. Stephen Bishop and Eleanor Mains, both of Aldborough. Witnesses- Arch'd Campbell, Alex'r Campbell. 6 March 1832. Thomas Carswell of Orford, Western District, and Martha Smith of Lobo. Witnesses- Hugh Carmichael, Arch'd McArthur. 13 March 1832. Hugh Johnston of Lobo and July Leitch of Aldborough. Witnesses- Duncan Leitch, Ro? Johnston. 20 March 1832. James Campbell of Aldborough and Mary McCollum of Southwold. Witnesses- Alexander Campbell, Dugald McIntyre. 29 March 1832. Neil Blan of Dunwich and Jean Campbell of Ekfrid. Witnesses- James McIntyre, Lacklin McLacklin. 3 Apr 1832. John Black of Dunwich and Flory Browne of Aldborough. Witnesses- Donald McAlpin, Malcolm McAlpin. Apr 5, 1832. Colin Leitch of Aldborough and Nancy McLarty of Southwold. Witnesses- Duncan Leitch, Hugh Johnston. 27 Apr 1832. Duncan McKellar of Mosa and Margaret Brodie of Aldborough, by licence. Witnesses- John McKellar, John Campbell. 1 May 1832. Donald McIntyre of Dunwich and Catherine McColl of Southwold. Witnesses- Duncan Black, John McIntyre. 23 Aug 1831. Levi Berry and Calista Fowler, both of Burford by licence, by James Jackson of the W.M. Church. Witnesses- John Berry, Wm. Fowler. 19 July 1832. Thomas Kessackand Jane McQueen, both of London Township, by licence, by James Jackson of the W. M. Church. Witnesses- John Robertson, D. McKenzie.
Marriages by Samuel Baker, Minister Regular Baptist Church Malahide
13 Oct 1831. Septimus Davis of Malahide and Mary Vannemburgh of Bayham. Witnesses- William and Mary Davis, Alex'r Watts Sr. 1 Nov 1831. Alexander Watts of Malahide and Rachel Arnold of Bayham. Witnesses- James Arnold, Hosea Baker. 10 Nov 1831. Daniel York and Elmira A. Norton, both of Yarmouth by licence. Witnesses- Rachel Baker, David Hutcheson. 1 Jan 1832. Rufus Horton of Brantford and Lucy Abell of Malahide. Witnesses- Hosea Baker, Henry Willis. 9 Jan 1832. Samuel Prichard of Bayham and Elizabeth Dove of Malahide. Witnesses- Lydia Baker, Philip Kilmer. 4 March 1832. Jacob Kilmer and Angeline Chrystler, both of Malahide. Witnesses- Isaac Hunt, Ch'y Lewis. 30 Apr 1832. Calvin Ward and Marg't Morgan, both of Lobo. Witnesses- Ch'y Lewis, Richard Edwards. 24 Apr 1832. Duncan McCall of Charlotteville and Rhoda Man of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Edwin L. Potts, Jehiel Mann. 15 May 1832. George Arnold of Bayham and Moriah Bain of Malahide. Witnesses- John Vanvelzer, Samuel Prichard. 17 May 1832. Joel Davis and Amy Lewis, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Chancy Lewis, Amica Lewis.
Marriages by John Bryning, Minister
18 Jan 1831. Joseph W. Pomeroy, bachelor and Elgin Dewer, spinster, both of Oakland. Witnesses- Daniel Elliot, Louisa Malcomb, Thomas Dewer. 19 Feb 1831. Chancey Smith and Louisa Tupper, both of Burford. Witnesses- Daniel Elliot, Ann Smith, Cha's Eddy. 12 March 1831. Joseph Dillem, bachelor and Sarah Sovereen, spinster, both of Oakland. Witnesses- Silas Burch, Marg't Slaght, F. C. Beaupree. 20 March 1831. Benjamin Dell of Windham and Tammy Smith of Townsend, by licence. Witnesses- Pat'k McMaster, Jane Dell and Peter Steinhoff. 29 March 1831. Silas Burch and Margaret Slaght, both of Oakland. Witnesses- Solomon Burch, Polly Burch. 10 Apr 1831. George Macoo and Maria Curtis, both of Townsend. Witnesses- Squire Curtis, Uria Curtis. 1 May 1831. David Hutcheons of Charlotteville and Hariet Hervey of Woodhouse, spinster. Witnesses- Alonzo Hatch, Mary E. Whiting. 6 May 1831. John Farnworth and Margaret McKenzie, both of Burford. Witnesses- Filander Barns, Mary Morrow. 23 May 1831. Hiram Boughner and Hariet Wood, both of Windham. Witnesses- Philip Force, Drousilla Boughner. 29 May 1831. Philander Barnes of Norwich and Hannah Evans of Burford. Witnesses- Alfred Vanduzea, Eliza Hess. 28 June 1831. Isaac White and Anna Smith, both of Oakland. Witnesses- Joseph Smith, Louisa Malcomb, Justus Smith. 10 Sept 1831. Julius Rouse and Sarah Fisher, both of Townsend. Witnesses- Peter Fairchild, Mary Robinson. 16 Oct 1831. Henry Jones and Henrietta Mires, both of Oakland. Witnesses- Benj'n Mires, Louisa Malcom, Samuel Jay. 30 Oct 1831. Cyrus Barber and Louvena Adams, both of Townsend. Witnesses- Benj'n Beal, Agelina Hasleton, Ab'm Nellis. 5 Dec 1831. Isaac Powell and Cyrene Bughner, both of Windham. Witnesses- William Force, Hilda Boughner. 25 Dec 1831. Joshua Finch and Ann Bowen, spinster, both of Burford, by licence. Witnesses- John Tufferd, Eve Yeigh. 31 Dec 1831. Jacob Schremling, widower and Anney Dickey, both of Burford. Witnesses- Isaac Smith, Ruth Pickle. 31 Dec 1831. Stephen Millar of Mount Pleasant, Gore District, bachelor, and Unica Boomer of Oakland, spinster. Witnesses- Joseph Miller, Olive Miller.
Marriages by Timothy Martin M. E. Church, Bayham
2 Nov 1831. Henry Helmk and Sarah Ann Denton, both of Bayham. Witnesses- James Spore, Jos'h Denton, Ch's B. Hewit. 18 March 1832. Charles B. Hewit and Jane Foster, both of Bayham, by licence. Witnesses- Erastus Gilbert, Wm. Stone, Anselm Foster. 30 May 1832. Hiram White and Amy Buchner, both of Bayham by licence. Witnesses- Lewis Winins, David Hatch, David Martin. 31 May 1832. Michael Stover and Pheby Carmen. Witnesses- Michael Stover Sr., E. T. Perley. 26 Aug 1832. Jeremiah Gillett of Middleton and Emeline Trusk of Westminster. Witnesses- E. T. Perley, John P. Skinner.
Marriages by Hamilton Biggar Minister, Vienna
19 Dec 1831. John C. Morrill and Elinor Clark, both of London Township. Witnesses- James Lamoure, Bemus Pixley. 21 Dec 1831. Thomas Bryce and Mary Ann Hodgman, both of London Township. Witnesses- James Mitchel, Wm. Hodgman. 21 Dec 1831. John Bryce and Hannah Hodgman of London. Witnesses- James Mitchel, Wm. Hodgman. 5 Jan 1832. James Farley and Mary Jones, both of London Township, by licence. Witnesses- John Scatchard, John Bailey. 16 March 1832. John Lambon and Elenor Lanb, both of London Township. Witnesses- Barnard McIlroy, Aaron Harthorn. 18 March 1832. William Nixon and Sally A. Hampton, both of London Township. Witnesses- James Nixon, John Nixon. 13 June 1832. Simon P. Swarts and Sarah Boughart, both of Westminster, by licence. Witnesses- Michael Boughart, James Mitchell. 5 Sept 1832. William McConnell and Mary Jane Willis, both of London Township, by licence. Witnesses- David McConnell, Castor Willis. 18 Dec 1832. Archibald McGlachlan of Dorchester and Catherine McCollum of Yarmouth by Caleb Burdick, Minister, Malahide. Witnesses- John Clunis, James McGlachlan.
Marriages by Abraham Sloot Minister of Westminster
17 Aug 1831. Thos. H. Ward of Lobo and Eliza Montross of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Luke Teeple, Calvin Ward. 30 Oct 1831. Rob't Green and Sophia Jervis, both of Westminster. Witnesses- Thomas Jervis, Peter McNames. 9 Nov 1831. William Simons and Lucinda Patrick, both of Westminster. Witnesses- Mary Sloot, Susannah Patrick. 1 Jan 1832. John Wells and Eve Stewart, both of Westminster. Witnesses- Joseph Swart, Joseph Manning. 5 Jan 1832. Andrew Martin of Delaware and Amy Strawn of Caradoc, by licence. Witnesses- Ransom Thorp, B. Brusher Brigham. 10 Jan 1832. Edward Defields of Mosa and Mabel Coolista Monrow of Caradoc. Witnesses- John Robinson, Benjamin Bartlett. 24 Jan 1832. John Cambell and Cath'ne McCollum, both of Lobo. Witnesses- Hugh Carmichael, Collin McArthur. 7 March 1832. Thomas Baty of Westminster and Jane White of London. Witnesses- John Grieves, Ellot Grieves. 14 March 1832. Haris Perkins and Elizabeth Dale, both of Westminster. Witnesses- Canda Perkins, John Dale. 11 Apr 1832. John Sinclair and Catherine Campbell, both of Lobo by licence. Witnesses- Charles Carmichael, Dug'd Sinclair. 29 Apr 1832. Elisha Money and Mary Ann Sutherland, both of Westminster by licence. Witnesses- Ethen Burtch, Wm. Sutherland. 13 May 1832. Sidney S. Dickenson and Sarah L. Jackson both of London by licence. Witnesses- Joshua Mynick, Rassdon Diekenson. 23 June 1832. Henry Widifield and Jane Smith, both of Yarmouth by licence. Witnesses- Duscum Simons, Arletta Ayres. 10 July 1832. William Dingman and Nancy Campbell of Lobo. Witnesses- Daniel Mcpherson, Wm. McGeson.
Marriages by Nicholas French Minister 2nd Baptist Church, Oxford
23 Jan 1832. James Miller and Susan Bush, both of Oxford. Witnesses- Edmund French, Clarissa French. 5 Nov 1832. Joseph Barker and Mary Browet, both of Dereham. Witnesses- Wm. Barker, Thomas Barker. 6 Jan 1833. Honas Jerman of Nissouri and Betsey Lewis of Zorra. Witnesses- Levi Lewis, John German. 14 Jan 1833. Silas Richmond of Oxford and Mary Herrin of Dorchester. Witnesses- Patrick Herrin, Samuel Herrin.
Marriages by James Parkinson, Minister, 9 Sept 1832 to 24 Jan 1833
John Froman and Dolly Freligh, both of London. Witnesses- William Geary, David Brown. Thomas Anderson and Eliza Walpole. Witnesses- James Goulding and Anthony Hughes. James Ferguson and Mariah Sifton. Witnesses- John Sifton, Richard Ferguson.
Marriages by John G. Losee, J. P.
7 March 1832. John Stringham and Margaret Waggoner. Witnesses- Wm. Waggoner, Sarah Barnes. 14 March 1832. William Jacobs and Matilda Stover. Witnesses- Ab'm Swartout, Perline Stover. 8 Apr 1832. Jacob Spencer and Mary Sergen. Witnesses- Ira Wooden, Deala Wooden. 15 Apr 1832. James McClees and Rachel Denis. Witnesses- John Davis, Letitia McClees. 22 Apr 1832. George Syple and Rebecca Malcolm. Witnesses- Henry Banker, Esther Cohoe. 22 May 1832. Joseph K. Dickson and Jane Thompson. Witnesses- Jon'n Emigh, Sibble Emigh. 15 Sept 1832. Jacob U. Haight and Sarah Barns. Witnesses- Daniel Bedford, Eve Losee. 27 Sept 1832. Michael Cane and Sarah Gilbert. Witnesses- Benjamin Gilbert, Marg't Collins. 6 Oct 1832. David Holliwood and Maria Richmond. Witnesses- William Grinton, Sarah Thomas. 18 Oct 1832. Benjamin Bates and Sarah Chapin. Witnesses- Richard Gillard, Philida Earls. 21 Nov 1832. Henry Banker and Eunice Peasley. Witnesses- William Banker, Martha Peasley. 2 Dec 1832. James C. Allen and Angeline Allen. Witnesses- Smith Varney, Mary Varney. 4 Dec 1832. Jonathan Sprague and Phebe Cohoe. Witnesses- Francis Cohoe, Semantha Snyder. 17 Dec 1832. William Stevenson and Louisa Campbell. Witnesses- David McColly, Emeline Campbell. 23 Dec 1832. Geo. S. Allen and Elizabeth Clements. Witnesses- William Clements, Emeline M. Allen. 1 Jan 1833. Isaac Bourman and Mary West. Witnesses- Briggs West, Maria West. 3 Feb 1833. Samuel Emigh and Hannah Briggs. Witnesses- John Emigh, Sarah Ann Emigh. 17 Feb 1833. Jno. C. Hallock and Lydia Sprague. Witnesses- Harvey Sprague, Mary Smith. 11 Feb 1833. John Updike and Mary Swawn. Witnesses- Francis Cohoe, Lydia Sprague.
Marriages by Solomon Lossing, J. P.
29 Apr 1832. Jacob Crozier and Lavina Chapman. Witnesses- Joseph Woodrow, Jno. G. Losee, Esq. 20 May 1832. Caleb Piper and Diana Sherwood. Witnesses- William Sherwood, Benson Lossing. 9 July 1832. Harrison Averill and Mahala Fox. Witnesses- James Haight, James Berry. 4 Nov 1832. D'l Ward Kelly and Maria Small. Witnesses- Henry Sitser, Jonathan Nunn.
Marriages by James Jackson, Elder, W. M. Church
13 Sept 1832. Edward Collin and Elizabeth Stay, both of London Township, by licence. Witnesses- Jacob Scondrick, John English. 9 Oct 1832. Joseph Shell and Anna Hall, both of London, by licence. Witnesses- Louis Hartman, Thos. B. Hall. 22 Oct 1832. Thomas Ferguson and Mary Browne, both of London by licence. Witnesses- Ira Schofield, Thomas Walden. 14 Feb 1833. William N. Ormsby and Phila Willson, both of London by licence. Witnesses- J. D. West, Philo Bennet. 20 Feb 1833. James Waterman and Elizabeth Talbot both of London. Witnesses- Henry Ferguson, Charles Sefton. 22 Feb 1833. William McMillan and Anne McKenzie, both of London. Witnesses- Duncan McKenzie, James Comfield. 14 March 1833. Chancey Howard and Ann Trenor, both of Warwick. Witnesses- Henry Cable, John Trenor.
Marriages by Joseph Merrill, Minister, Baptist Church, Bayham
8 July 1832. William Francisco and Jane Dowland, both of Bayham, by licence. Witnesses- Enos Edison, Susanah Edison. 18 Nov 1832. John Hodgkinson of Malahide and Nancy McIntire of Bayham, by licence. Witnesses- Thomas Keath, David Nickerson. 19 Dec 1832. Richard McCurdy and Sarah Harris, both of Bayham. Witnesses- Thomas Edison, John Anderson. 9 Jan 1833. David McConnell and Rachel Mar, both of Malahide. Witnesses- John Marr, George Northrup.
Marriages by Alexander Ross, Minister, Scots Church, Aldborough
16 July 1832. Arch'd McAllum and Christy McKellar both of Aldborough. Witnesses- Don'd Campbell Jr., Arch'd McKellar. 21 Feb 1833. Duncan McPhail of Oxford and Helen Scott of Aldborough. Witnesses- Ewen McPhail, James Scott. 28 Feb 1833. James Brown of Howard and Janet McLean of Aldborough. Witnesses- Alex'r Haggert, Alex'r Brodie. 11 March 1833. John Campbell of Zorra and Cath'ne Patterson of Oxford. Witnesses- Arch'd Campbell, Jno. McLaren. 14 March 1833. John McArthur of Aldborough and Cathie Brown of Lobo. Witnesses- Don'd Campbell Jr., Jno. Patterson.
Marriages by William McDermand, Minister, Regular Baptist Church, Walsingham
28 Apr 1832. David Burger and Martha Louks, both of Walsingham. Witnesses- John Troyer, David Loucks. 5 Sept 1832. William Harris of Southwold and Mary Siddall of Dunwich, by licence. Witnesses- Jos'h Siddall, Philip Brooks. 6 Sept 1832. Jos'h Outhouse and Ehiz'th MeDermand, both of Dunwich. Witnesses- Wm. Lumley, Wilson McDermand. 15 Nov 1832. Edw'd Adams and Abig'l Paddleford, both of Malahide. Witnesses- P. Rockerfeler, Mary Teeple. 23 Dec 1832. Ab'm Countryman and Clarissa Woodruff, both of Walsingham. Witnesses- Corn's Dedriek, Wm. Franklin. 8 Jan 1833. Leander Griffin and Zorinda Hudson, both of Charlotteville, by licence. Witnesses- Jos'h Anderson, Levi Hudson. 13 March 1833. Levi Warner of Caradoc and Susanah Brooks of Dunwich, by licence. Witnesses- Henry Barett, Daniel McIntyre.
Marriages by John Hatch Esq., J. P.
24 March 1831. Hanson V. Bar and Grace McLoud, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Ire C. Bar, George Materson. 12 Apr 1831. Benj'n Lamport of Oxford and Mary Force of Burford. Witnesses- William Force, Edw'd Lamport. 12 June 1831. Philip Wright of Dorchester and Matilda Parks of Oxford. Witnesses- Reuben Thorton, Elisha Taylor. 26 Sept 1831. Rob't Lesley and Jennet McKay both of Zorra. Witnesses- Alex'r McKay, Silvester Sage. 2 Nov 1831. Jacob Ennest of Zorra and Rebecca Burns of Oxford. Witnesses- Thomas Ennest, David Burns. 15 Dec 1831. Harris Cunningham of Oxford and Caroline Tree of Zorra. Witnesses- John B. Tree, Daniel Burtch. 1 Jan 1832. Daniel Materson and Jennet Douglass, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Angus McKay, John McDonnel. 10 Jan 1832. Alex'r McKay and Lilley McKay, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Angus McKay, Jno Banaelough. 30 Jan 1832. John Toutheland and Elizabeth Morrow, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Alex'r McKay, James Taylor. 16 Feb 1832. Elija Williams and Anne Ennest both of Zorra. Witnesses- Thos Aimes, John Phelan. 21 Feb 1832. Peter McKay and Lilly Morrow both of Zorra. Witnesses- Chas McKay, Henry Wilsey. 21 July 1832. Isaac Edwards and Hannah Wilsey, both of Zorra. Witnesses- John Mathers, Henry Wilsey. 7 Oct 1832. William Bush and Ehiz'th Smith, both of Oxford. Witnesses- Michael Overholt, Harris Carr. 18 Oct 1832. Abr'm Carroll and Abigail Canfield, both of Oxford. Witnesses- Abr'm Canfield, William Burtch. 29 Nov 1832. Angus McKay and Hariet Ross, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Chas McKay, John McKay. 28 Dec 1832. John McKay and Mary Ann Sutherland, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Jas McLoud, Alex'r Graham. 4 Feb 1833. Geo Matison and Esabela McKay, both of Zorra. Witnesses- John McKay, Angus McKay. 7 Feb 1833. Wintrup Turner of Zorra and Lucy Warren of Oxford. Witnesses- Robt Alway, Levi Warren. 3 March 1833. Ab'm Overholt of Blandford and Vorlety Kipp of Oxford. Witnesses- Michael Overholt, Isaac Kipp. 4 Apr 1833. Gilbert Ankins and Roden Kipp, both of Oxford. Witnesses- David Carr, Harris Carr.
Marriages by Darius Cross, Minister Free Communion Baptist Church, Oxford
29 Dec 1831/32. George Hutcheson and Elenor Sutherland both of Zorra. Witnesses- William Clark, Henry Allen. 25 Aug 1832. James McKay and Betsey McKay, both of Zorra. Witnesses- George Ross, William McKay. 28 Oct 1832. Nelson Brown and Susannah MacKabee, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Jer'h Letts, George Blake. 1 Jan 1833. Darwin Cross and Jane Osborn, both of Zorra. Witnesses- Isaac Osborn, Philip Shadwick. 4 Feb 1833. Angus McKay and Marg't Campbell, both of Zorra. Witnesses- John Ross, Alex'r McKay. 8 Feb 1833. Chas McKay and Jane Graham, both of Zorra. Witnesses- John Gordon, David Ross. 9 Apr 1833. Alex'r McKay and Mary Ann McKay, both of Zorra. Witnesses- George Ross, Darwin Cross.
Marriages by George Jos. Ryerse, Minister, Regular Baptist Church, Charlotteville
8 Apr 1832. Robert Young and Ruth Smith, both of Charlotteville by licence. Witnesses- David Shram, Henry Webster. 17 Apr 1832. Peter Anderson and Hulda M. Hibler, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Jacob Cram, Simeon Hibler. 20 June 1832. Jas Russell Barnum and Ann M. Trueman, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Luther Brown, D. W. Barnum. 18 July 1832. David D. Struter and Charlotte Miller, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Stephen B. Miller, John Brining. 25 July 1832. John Vaughan and Caroline Waggoner both of Walpole. Witnesses- Isaac Vail Sr., Edward P. Ryerse. 1 Oct 1832. Moses Secord and Lydia Fouger both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Peter Secord, Stephen B. Miller. 17 Oct 1832. Peter Browne and Rebecca Smith, both of Walsingham. Witnesses- Samuel Harper, Isaac Browne. 13 Sept 1832. Curtis Griffin and Esther Mabee, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Victor Brown, Wm. H. Ryerse. 31 Dec 1832. Francis Hog and Marg't Lerose, both of Charlottville. Witnesses- Philip Helmes, Peter Lerose. 27 Jan 1833. Wm. S. Urquhart and Livinia McSwain, both of Charlotteville, by licence. Witnesses- Ab'm Van Norman, Wadley Favor. 4 Feb 1833. Nelson Vail of Woodhouse and Mary Vrooman of Niagara. Witnesses- Robert Hemp, Thos Vrooman. 5 March 1833. Neil McCougen of Dunwich and Jennet Campbell of Aldborough, by licence. Witnesses- Alex'r McAlpin, John McIntyre.
Marriages by John Harris, Minister, Regular Baptist Church
29 May 1832. Harvey Olmstead of Townsend and Mary Secord of Oakland. Witnesses- Daniel Secord, Wm. Blakely. 26 June 1832. John Price and Susanah Vanloon, both of Walpole. Witnesses- Jacob Cole, Barz'a Beal. 16 Oct 1832. Jesse Rice and Eleanor Holmes, both of Townsend. Witnesses- David Fogerson, Sophia Fogerson. 8 Nov 1832. Mon Dingman and Eleanor Fogerson, both of Townsend. Witnesses- David Fogerson, S. Fogerson. 1 Jan 1833. Geo W. Edmon and Abigail Button, both of Windham. Witnesses- Oliver Edmon, Andrew Heron. 1 Jan 1833. Barz'a Beal and Angeline Hazleton, both of Townsend by licence. Witnesses- Russel Leonard, Peter Beal. 1 Jan 1833. Abiger M. Bacon and Christine Ramond both of Townsend. Witnesses- Wm. Kitchen, Gad Bacon. 4 Feb 1833. Rich'd Cornwell and Ann Hebson, both of Trafalgar, Gore District. Witnesses- Peter P. Kinney, John Kinney. 14 May 1833. Squire Corlas and Nancy Parney, both of Townsend by licence. Witnesses- David Duncomb, Ezekiel Adams.
Marriages by Isaac N. D. West, Deacon, W. M. Church
14 Mar 1833. Henry Dale and Martha Jackson, both of Westminster. Witnesses- Walter Walters, David Montross. 26 Mar 1833. William Dennis and Rebecca Brewer, both of Malahide. Witnesses- Jas Desines, Israel Done. 16 May 1833. Ab'm B. Boogner and Cath. Sheley both of Woodhouse. Witnesses- Isaac Gilbert, Jno H. Hosan.
Marriages by Jacob Goble, Minister Free Baptist Church
27 Nov 1832. Jas S. Barnsone and Cath'e McPherson both of Dumfries, Gore District. Witnesses- Jon'n Manwaring, Sarah Pembleton. 6 Dec 1832. Michael Collver and Leavina Slaght, both of Townsend by licence. Witnesses- William Goble, Thomas Clerk. 8 Jan 1833. Francis Emeric of Townsend and Cath'e Procrinier of Walsingham, by licence. Witnesses- Hugh Steinhoff, Alvira Fero. 22 May 1833. Thos W. Clark of Townsend and Nancy B. Collver of Windham, by licence. Witnesses- Peter Goble, Calista Collver.
Marriages by William Smith, Minister W.M. Church
17 Sept 1832. Thomas Mathews and Marg't Benner, both of Malahide, by licence. Witnesses- John Benner, Wm. Cascaden. 17 Nov 1832. Henry Burdoyn of Southwold and Juliana Forsyth of Woodhouse. Witnesses- Solomon Walker, Jon'n Burdoyn. 19 Nov 1832. Peter Secord and Charlotta Bowman, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Wm. Henderson, Rich'd Made. 3 Dec 1832. Sol'm N. Thompson and Angelina Moza, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Barzilla Sampson, James Daying. 7 Dec 1832. Daniel Burdoyn and Moriah Burdoyn both of Southwold. Witnesses- Henry Burdoyn, Jacob Burdon. 12 Dec 1832. Ab'm Nickell and Mary Merritt, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Joseph Denton, Samuel Cunningham. 18 Dec 1832. Hiram Walker of Woodhouse and Mary Walker of Townsend. Witnesses- Eli Walker, Timothy Walker. 19 Dec 1832. John Axford and Eliz Buchner, both of Windham. Witnesses- Peter Buckner, Samuel Axford. 1 Jan 1833. William Hunt of Westminster and Ruth Pettit of Yarmouth. Witnesses- John Pettit, Garret Smith. 2 Jan 1833. Hugh Howell and Lucretia Morton, both of Southwold. Witnesses- Rich'd Mulligan, Levi L. Howell. 15 Jan 1833. Daniel Butler and Julia Ann Burch both of Woodhouse. Witnesses- John Butler, Peter Ryerse. 16 Jan 1833. Jacob Wood and Mary A. Anderson, both of Charlotteville. Witnesses- Walter Anderson, James Moore. 14 Feb 1833. Samuel Ross and Malinda Ross, both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Joseph Boss, Jacob Patrick. 1 May 1833. John McIntosh and Elizabeth Culver, both of Windham. Witnesses- Gabriel Culver, Thos W. Clarke.
Marriages by Titus Finch
25 Dec 1832. Abraham Davies and Hannah Morgan, both of London. Witnesses- Thomas Morgan, David Rosser, Dridamia Paul. 25 Dec 1832. Thomas Eynon and Margaret Rosser, both of London. Witnesses- Thomas Morgan, David Rosser, Dridamia Paul. 26 Jan 1833. David Rosser and Rachel Mathews, both of London. Witnesses- John Mathews, Thomas Walton, Juliana Walton.
Marriages by Samuel Baker, Minister Regular Baptist Church, Malahide
25 Oct 1832. Wm. Raymond of Bayham and Mary Hawley of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Geo Caugher, Mary Smith. 6 Dec 1832. Caleb E. McMaster and Lydia Wilison both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Manfred Gillet, Thomas Sprague. 3 Jan 1833. Rubin Covil and Matilda Willson, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Elias Moore, Thomas Sprague. 16 Jan 1833. William Bulook and Nancy Heaton, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Levi Heaton, Abr'm Huff. 31 Jan 1833. Calvin Adams and Nancy J. Widner, both of Malahide. Witnesses- Joseph Graham, Thomas Mathews. 31 Jan 1833. Anson D. Simon and Mary Ann Witt, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Henry Black, Jacob Scout. 7 Feb 1833. James Heneker of Malahide and Susan Vanemburgh of Bayham. Witnesses- Peter Gall, David Willcox. 18 Feb 1833. Russell Spencer and Letty Dawling, both of Walsingham. Witnesses- Eli Browne, Benagy Browne. 28 Feb 1833. George Upper and Mary Stokes, both of Yarmouth, by licence. Witnesses- Samuel H. Kiney, Matthew H. Tisdale. 19 March 1833. Hugh Douglass and Mary McLachlan both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- John McLachlan, Arch'd Taylor. 7 Apr 1833. Joel Lewis and Hannah Davis, both of Malahide. Witnesses- Chancy Lewis, Amaca Lewis. 16 Apr 1833. John Valvelzer of Malahide and Ann Coyle of Bayham. Witnesses- Elijah Phelps, William Wever. 22 Apr 1833. Adam B. Scott of Southwold and Tamson D. Armstrong of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Jacob Scott, Anson D. Simons. 25 Apr 1833. Donald Sinclair and Jane McClain, both of Yarmouth by licence. Witnesses- Donald Leach, Covil Leach. 1 May 1833. Thomas Vary and Eliz Adair both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Philip Done, Sylvester White. 7 May 1833. Coll Sinclair and Jane McLarty, both of Yarmouth by licence. Witnesses- Don'd McIntosh, John McLarty. 11 June 1833. Edward Teple and Agnes Huse, both of Yarmouth. Witnesses- Abr'm Huse, John Little. 24 June 1833. Elias Martin of Southwold and Unice Lathrop of Yarmouth, by licence. Witnesses- Chancy Lewis, Amica Lewis. 27 June 1833. Sylvester W. Mathews and Elizabeth Ferguson, both of Malahide. Witnesses- James W. Butler, Joseph King. "I hereby certify that the late Ebenezer Allen was lawfully married to Miss Mille Gregory at his own house in Delaware in the presence of John Grigory and Jas Gregory and other witnesses in the year 1799. Given under my hand this 28th day of September 1815. Thos Smith"
Marriages by Abner Mathews M. E. Church
22 Aug 1832. Richard C. Mudge and Hannah Richards, both of Blenheim, by licence. Witnesses- Wm. Richards, Justus S. Mathews. 7 Oct 1832. Joseph S. Boss and Matilda Browne, both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Horatio Fowler, Wm. Fowler. 29 Nov 1832. Joseph Sprague and Anna Sayles, both of Blenheim. Witnesses- Benj'n Browne, Obidiah Lane. 27 Dec 1832. Hamilton Wood and Cordelia Lester both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Geo W. Whitehead, Wm. H. Boss. 7 Jan 1833. John C. Harp and Cath'e Chattison, both of Blenheim. Witnesses- Abel Mudge, John Harp Sr. 15 Jan 1833. Stephen Sherwood and Mary Crawford both of Norwich. Witnesses- David Hagerman, Fanny Hagerman. 29 Jan 1833. W. M. Whitehead and Laura Smiley, both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Geo W. Whitehead, Chancy Martin. 31 Jan 1833. Charles Wright and Cynthia Martin both of Blenheim by licence. Witnesses- Shermon Wright, Hamilton Martin. 31 Jan 1833. Samuel Wilison and Eliza Martin, both of Blenheim by licence. Witnesses- Shermon Wright, Rosana Eakins. 1 Feb 1833. William Rathbun and Cynthia Lester, both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Geo W. Whitehead, Eve Yeigh. 13 Feb 1833. William H. Boss and Abigail Miller both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Mw Dickenson, Jacob Patrick. 13 Feb 1833. Jacob Sovereen and Susanah Miller both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Mw Dickenson, Jacob Patrick. 24 Feb 1833. William Serrells and Content Hilliker both of Norwich. Witnesses- Ester Sorrells, Edmund Wright. 7 March 1833. Daniel Lewis and Mary Ann Bemer both of Windham, by licence. Witnesses- Wesley Freeman, Peter Dickinson. 12 Mar 1833. John H. Burgess and Jane Burgess, both of Burford. Witnesses- Claren'n Mills, Justus S. Mathews. 31 March 1833. John Long and Elizabeth Hubbard, both of Burford. Witnesses- Thomas Scott, Abigail Scott. 17 Apr 1833. Robert Lamand and Sarah H. Arnold both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Jacob Patrick, Otis Ingalls. 25 Apr 1833. William Martin and Alonziada Boss both of Burford by licence. Witnesses- Charles Wright, Francis Smiley. 27 May 1833. Anthony Malack and Marg't Woodley both of Burford. Witnesses- William Steward, F. Peaster. 28 May 1833. Francis Hammel and Mary Ann Lampman, both of Burford. Witnesses- Nelson Dutcher, Josiah Smith. 30 May 1833. Earl Martin and Eve Cam, both of Oxford. Witnesses- David Smiley, Silas Martin.
Marriages by Dugald Campbell, Minister Baptist Church, Aldborough
30 --- 1832. Duncan McKeith of Lobo and Nancy McLachlan of Ekfrid. Witnesses- Thomas McCall, John Campbell. 30 Oct 1832. George Lee and Mary Edward, both of Ekfrid. Witnesses- John Elliott, James McIntyre. 21 Feb 1833. Malcolm McTavish of Orford and Cath'ne Campbell of Aldborough. Witnesses- John McTavish, John Blue. 23 Apr 1833. Alex'r Campbell and Cath'ne Campbell, both of Aldborough. Witnesses- John McIntyre, Duncan McCallum. 9 May 1833. Samuel S. Bergin and Juli A. Baker, both of Dunwich. Witnesses- Duncan Patterson, Sarum Ladd.
Marriages by William Proudfoot Presbyterian Minister Associate Secession Church
Aug. 6, 1833- Neil Ross to Margaret Ross, of London. Oct. 1, William Bell to Matilda Smith, of Stanley. Nov. 12, Charles Grant to Eliza McDonald, of London. Nov. 14, Hugh Fraser to Margaret McGregor, of London. Nov. 27, Charles W. White to Sarah A. Munro, of London. Dec. 11, Alex. Moince (or Mounts) to Christian Clubb, of Westminster. Feb. 15, 1834- Edward Dunn to Elizabeth Grieve, of Lobo. Jan. 29, E. A. Thompson to Salina Chisholm, of London. Mar. 17, John Sinclair to Eliza Donaldson, of London. May 13, Archibald Graham to Flora Graham, of Lobo. May 27, Andrew Beattie to Isabella Boston, of Lobo. July 7, Andrew Kernahan to Eleanor Wilson, of London. July 11, George Laidlaw to Christian Grieve, of Westminster. Aug. 1, James Jackson to Isabella Nichol, of Westminster. Sept. 30, Donald Fraser to Isabella Ross, of Williams. Oct. 29, William Quinn to Jane Weir, of Dorchester. Nov. 20, James McDonald to Janet Anderson, of Williams. Nov. 27, Edward McDonald to Betsy McDonald, of London. Mar. 17, 1835- John Quite to Anne Needham, of Nissouri. Mar. 27, John Hope to Nancy Lynn, of Southwold. April 2, Hugh Barclay to Janet McDonald, of London. April 3, Jennetis Nichol to Nancy Laidlaw, of Westminster. April 23, John McDonald to Hannah McMillan, of London. April 29, John Wilson to Eliza A. Clark, of London. May 7, David Jackson to Ann Grieve, of Westminster. Aug. 10, Robert Smith to Margaret Lomie, of London. Sept. 1, John Norval to Eliza A. Proudfoot, of London. Oct. 12, Israel Malton to Elizabeth Thompson, of London. Oct. 19, Adam Murray to Jane Beattie, of London. Nov. 20, Robert Smith to Ann Graham, of Tilbury East, Nov. 20, Robert Smith to Elsphet Graham, of Tibury East, Dec. 15, Donald Cameron to Janet Ramsay, of London. Jan. 7, 1836- David Hughes to Charlotte Mathews, of London. Jan. 17, Hugh McIntyre to Sarah McNeill, of Williams. Jan. 18, Alexander Campbell to Janet Moore, of Williams. Jan. 23, George Smith to Christina Brown, of London. Feb. 9, Roderick McKay to Margaret Cameron, of Williams. April 12, Samuel Lynn to Nancy Clark, of London. May 25, Robert Freeman to Mary A. McKenzie, of Zorra. June 14, Willim Nagle to Rebecca Hart, of Delaware. July 1, Lewis Holman to Jane Bailey, of Stephens. Aug. 9, John McDonald to Christie Bain, of London. Aug. 10, Henry Davis to Annie J. McSpadden, London. Sept. 8, William Grieve to Margaret Beattie, of Westminster. Sept. 8, Thomas Caverhill to Cecilia Herdman, of Westminster. Nov. 11, Robert Jardine to Mary Beaden, of Westminster. Nov. 20, Levi S. Blackman to Susan P. Parker, of London. Feb. 17, 1837- Charles Lackey to Elizabeth Middleton, of Westminster. Mar. 21, John Stillson to Elizabeth Scott, of London. April 18, John Diamond to Janet Bremner, of London. May 25, Abner Wilson to Margaret Drummond, of Westminster. June 17, Robert Craig to Melissa Hall, of Nissouri. June 29, Joseph Goodhand to Sarah Craig, of London. Aug. 9, Andrew Allen to Isabella Fraser, of London. Nov. 16, John Barclay to Mary McBain, of London. Dec. 8, John Oliver to Isabella Beattie, of Westminster.
Marriages by Rev. James Skinner United Secession Church of Scotland
Jan. 22, 1835- John Meek to Catherine Campbell, of Southwold. Feb. 4, Lot Wyllie to Catherine McPherson, of Westminster. Mar. 26, Henry Berry to Susan Burwell, of Southwold. April 9, Robert G. Eunson to Hannah Cress, of St. Thomas. May 7, Wm. Buchanan to Mary Sinclair, of Westminster. May 18, Kenneth Juner to Ann Frazer, of St. Thomas. Dec. 24, James Ferguson to Janet Jardine, of St. Thomas. Feb. 2, 1836- John Campbell to Catherine Stewart, of Ekfrid. Aug. 18, Robert McClatchey, of Caradoc, to Mary Storie. Aug. 18, John Law, of Adelaide, to Bridget Holleseme. Feb. 15, 1837- John B. Olds, of Brock, to Elizabeth Preston, of Adelaide.
Marriages by Rev. Wm. Fraser United Associate Secession Presbyterian Church
June 22, 1835- Julia N. Raman to Sarah Manning, of Dorchester. July 9, Rupert McDonald to Isabella McDonald, of Stanley.
Marriages by Rev. D. McKenzie Scotch Presbyterian Church
Sept. 3, 1834- Joseph Pool to Bethia Witt, of Westminster. Feb. Donald Fraser to Janet Ross, of Williams. Feb. 4, John McIntosh to Isabella Munro, both of Williams. Dec. 28, 1837- Robert McDonald, of Oxford, to Kate McKay, of Nissouri.
Marriages by Rev. Abraham Sloot Calvinist Baptist Church
WITNESSED BY Sep. 12, 1832- Joseph Elliott to Sarah Glynn T. Glynn and P. Campbell of Caradoc Sept. 16, Victor Dutton to Mary Norton G. Norton and G. Sloot of Westminster Sept. 24, Justus M. Videto to Amanda Hart John Hart and B. Curtis of London Oct. 10, Daniel Corson to Zelinda Wells J. Wells and T. Olds of Malahide Oct. 16, Wm. Whitehead to Emiline Curtis J. M. Videto and S. L. Sumner of London Oct. 22, Wm. Leeper, to Cynthia Osborne D. Stockton and T. Huff of Yarmouth Oct. 25, John Grieve to Jane Murray E. Grieve and N. Elliott of Westminster Oct. 29, Edmund Burtch to Sarah Smith H. T. Shaver and John Cort of Lobo Nov. 27, Andrew Elson to Charlotte Dyer W. Blinn and Joseph Elson of London Dec. 9, Isaac Vansickle to Mary A. McClain A. Montross and J. McClain of Yarmouth Jan. 24, 1833- Philo Jackson to Sarah Hill Tilly Hubbard and N. Griffith of Westminster Feb. 15, Wm. Wells to Elizabeth Johnson Geo. Sloot and Wm. Libby of London Feb. 28, Cornelius Willson to Suffrona Cutler H. Jones and D. Browne of London Mar. 9, Oliver Strowback to Mary Jackson Eli Griffith and Philo Jackson of Westminster Mar. 23, Peter Sinclair to Nancy Sinclair W. Elliott and L. Gambo of Caradoc April 2, Philip Brooks to Prudence Warner Zachariah and L. Warner of Dunwich April 29, Joseph Lown to Sarah Griffith F. and Sam. Lown of Westminster April 30, John Wells to Mary Brown Alexander, Mary and A. Weir of London July 28, 1833- Ensign Hill to Diana Carney, of Westminster. Aug. 19, John Kitchen to Nancy King, of Southwold. Aug. 19, James King to Marietta Bartlett, of Caradoc. Aug. 24, James Siddal to Violet Young, of Dunwich. Aug. 26, John Whiting to Wealthy Degraw, of Caradoc. Aug. 31, Timothy Simonds to Ruth Webster, of Westminster. Sept. 3, James Montague to Lora Hungerford, of Westminster. Sept. 19, Joseph Siddal to Eliza Brooks, of Dunwich. Oct. 15, Swain Corliss to Eliza Williams, of Lobo. Oct. 15, Joseph Lyon to Juliana Moore, of Southwold. Oct. 17, Wm. Routledge to Jennet Bailee, of Westminster. Oct. 27, Zeras Myric to Juliana Odle, of London. Oct. 28, Zerah Gilbert to Mary A. Baker, of Southwold. Oct. 28, Jonah Clarke to Mary Lumley, of Dunwich. Oct. 29, Hiram Perkins to Harriet McNames, of Westminster. Dec. 24, Duncan McDugald to Mary McKiller, of Lobo. Jan. 13, 1834- Jacob Cooley to Dorka Reynolds, of Dorchester. Feb. 10, Malcolm Smith to Mary McFarlin, of Lobo. Feb. 14, Angus Graham to Cristy Smith, of Lobo. Feb. 23, Henry Stringer to Derinaan Elliott, of Westminster. June 9, Richard Patrick to Hannah Simmons, of Westminster. June 19, Andrew Carl to Lucretia Clarke, of Westminster. Aug. 7, John Patrick to Roxena Thorp, of Westminster. Sept. 30, Patrick Walker to Mary Beach, of London. Nov. 9, John H. Campbell to Annie Quick, of Caradoc. Nov. 12, John McKey to Isabella McCormick, of Williams. Jan. 8, 1835- Andrew McClure to Samantha A. Crandle, of Southwold. Jan. 15, James McIntire to Jane McIntosh, of Ekfrid. Feb. 18, Armon Barrett to Susan Little, of Southwold. Feb. 23, Charles Moice to Elissa Burger, of Southwold. Mar. 2, John Kizier to Elmira Dell, of Westminster. Mar. 17, Henry Cook to Nancy Harrison, of London. Mar. 25, Jacob Dale to Eliza Hansel, of Westminster. April 11, George Shaver to Rebecca Hart, of Westminster. July 8, Hiram B. Mann to Margaret Stringer, of Westminster. Aug. 9, Francis Jarvis to Ounda Perkins, of Westminster. Nov. 10, Daniel Squers to Lois Burnam, of Westminster. Dec. 9, Daniel Whitehead to Lovina Wilkins, of Westminster. Dec. 13, George Hollis to Harriett Leahy, of Southwold. Dec. 25, Kenedy Creighton to Laura S. Hart, of London. Dec. 30, Wm. Foster to Sarah Woodhull, of Lobo. Oct. 31, 1836- Robert Kilbourne to Susannah Roberts, of Westminster. Nov. 24, Robert Patton to Emelia Davis, of Westminster. May 14, 1837- Armon Barrett to Nancy McFall, of Ekfrid. June 24, Alexander Thomas to Juliana Clark, of London. July 1 Henry Wilson to Eliza A. O'Neil, of Dorchester. Aug. 5, John Ellis to Rosilla Fletcher, of London. Sept. 12, Henry Weller to Esther A. Jackson, of Southwold. Sept. 20, Benj. Doyle to Derindia C. Adair, of Westminster. Oct. 19, Jacob H. Kyser to Margaret McStay, of Delaware. Nov. 4, Henry Plank to Mary A. Salinton, of Westminster. Nov. 9, Mahon Boding to Roxeana Wade, of Southwold. Dec. 14, John Elson to Mary Bioito, of London. Dec. 18, Samuel L. Sumner to Caziah Sohns, of London. Dec. 18, Benj. Sumner to Mary Piatt, of London. Jan. 18, 1838- Wm. McKay to Sally A. Cutler, of Westminster. May 15, Peter Beach to Nancy Seaton, of Delaware. June 5, Benjamin Schram to Jane Tigner, of Delaware. July 3, John E. Sloot to Esther Hart, of London.
Marriages by Rev. Dugald Campbell Baptist Church, Aldborough
Nov. 26, 1833- John McCallum to Mary McKellar, of Ekfrid. Dec. 24, Angus McLean to Sarah McPhail, of Dunwich. Jan. 21, 1834- Lachlin McLachlin to Mary McCallum, of Ekfrid. Jan. 21, Hugh Leitch to Catherine McLachlin, of Ekfrid. Feb. 11, John McTavish to Flory Stewart, of Oxford. Feb. 13, John Munro to Mary Murray, of Ekfrid. April 1, John McCallum to Nancy McKellar, of Mosa. July 22, Arch. Campbell to Margaret Johnston, of Lobo. Feb. 3, 1835- Arch. McLachlin to Catharine McLellan, of Ekfrid. Feb. 3, Arch. McLellan to Elizabeth Walker, of Mosa. Feb. 19, Duncan Campbell to Mary McAlpin, of Aldborough. Mar. 5, Lachlin Haggard to Catherine Gidham, of Mosa. Mar. 17, Duncan Black to Sarah McCallum, of Dunwich. Feb. 9, 1837- Alexander McAlpine to Christy Brown, of Aldborough. Mar. 14, Edward McCallum to Nancy Mitchell, of Ekfrid. Mar. 30, Wm. Room to Catherine McLean, of Dunwich. June 1, Henry Eirot to Letitia Elliott, of Ekfrid. June 29, Malcolm McAlpine to Nancy McAlpine, of Ekfrid.
Marriages by Solomon Vining Regular Baptist Church, Nissouri
Oct. 20, 1833- Francis German to Eliza Gleason, of Nissouri. Nov. 14, Charles Harris to Abagail Mabee, of Oxford. May 19, 1835- John McDiarmid to Mary Burgess, of Nissouni. July 6, Thomas Morgan to Rachel Rosser, of London. Oct. 29, Varnum German to Betsey Murray, of Nissouri. Dec. 24, William Pickart to Many A. Pickel, of Nissouri. Jan. 14, 1837- Thomas Rosser to Ann Bell, of London. Jan. 21, Josiah P. Burgess to Jemima Near, of Nissouni. July 1, Henry Edwards to Eleanor Simons, of Lobo. May 1, John C. Holding to Esther Markham, of Nissouri. Aug. 30, John Rohner to Mary A. Edwards, of Dorchester. Dec. 2, Jeremiah Dorman to Catherine Matthews, of London. Dec. 6, James G. Barnes to Sarah J. Withers, of Nissouri. Dec. 28, Thomas Badygood to Marilla Finch. Jan. 18, 1838- Casper Near to Sarah Garner, of Nissouri. Mar. 18, Sylvester Dupee to Susannah Stanton, of Nissouri.
Marriages by Rev. David Cross Free Communion Baptist Church
No date [about 1835] Joseph Alwood and Christen McKay of Nissouri.
Marriages by Dugald Sinclair Baptist minister
Mch. 2, 1835- John McKellar to Sarah Livingstone, of Mosa. Apr. 28, Colquhoun Campbell to Catharine Sinclair, of Adelaide. July 9, Alex. Campbell to Jannet McArthur, of Caradoc. Aug. 25, John McGugan to Sarah McTaggart, of Williams. Dec. 3, Donald McDonald to Mary McTaggart, of Lobo. Feb. 9, 1836- Adonija Degraw to Isabella McNeil, of Caradoc.
Marriages by Rev. Dugald Sinclair Baptist Society
Jan. 1, 1836- Donald Campbell to Margaret Brown, of Williams. Nov. 24, Alex. Graham to Ann Stuart, of Lobo. Dec. 11, Duncan McLean to Catherine McKinley, of Lobo.
Marriages by Rev. Samuel Baker Regular Baptist Church, Malahide
Feb. 5, 1836- John McLachlin to Catherine McKenzie, of Williamstown. Mar. 26, George Sloot to Sarah Best, of Westminster. July 10, 1837- William F. Curry to Susannah Moses, of Mosa.
Marriages by Rev. David Wright W. M. Church
Jan. 17, 1838- John Frank and Hester Walters, of Westminster.
Marriages by Rev. Wm. McDermond Calvinist Baptist
May 6, 1835- Phillip Rosser and Maria Edwards, of London.
Marriages by Rev. Joseph Merrill Bayham Baptist Church
Sep. 26, 1835- James B. Stephenson to Eliza Dunmead, of Dorchester.
Marriages by Rev. Nichols French West Oxford Regular Baptist Church
Sep. 30, 1834- Hiram German to Sarah Brigham, of Nissouri. Oct. 11, 1835- Samuel Herrin to Mary Whiting, of Dorchester. June 17, 1837- Thomas Squires, of Dorchester, to Catherine Bentley.
Marriages by Rev. J. R. Lavelle Universalist Minister, London
Apr. 25, 1850- Bartholomew Swartz to Sylvanie Shotwell, of Westminster.
Marriages by Rev. Thomas Huckins Free Will Baptist Church, London
Feb. 4, 1833- Joseph Miller to Susannah Hampton, of London. April 15, Hugh Stevenson to Catherine Donaldson, of London. July 16, Peter Sarvis to Sarah A. Phroman, of London. Aug. 28, Charles Mann to Sarah Jaynes, of London. Oct. 10, David Duke to Maria Whitehead, of Biddulph. Dec. 31, Wm. Patterson to Jane Marckel, of London. Jan. 13, 1834- John W. White to Elizabeth Buchner, of London. Jan. 21, Edward P. Godfrey to Mary Moore, of Southwold. Mar. 16, John Frasier to Almeda Gilbert, of Southwold. April 8, Jacob Eberly to Sarah Mills, of Oxford. May 4, 1834- Daniel Root to Rhoda Fuller, of Warwick. May 13, Stephen Griffin to Elizabeth McPherson, of Southwold. June 26, George W. Ross to Diadema Paul, of Biddulph. Aug. 10, John Fralick to Annis Pierce, of London. Nov. 11, Albert Ellice to Jane A. Reynolds, of London. Nov. 16, Ralph Little to Maranda Purchase, of London. Dec. 24, Levi Vaughan to Mary Scott, of London. Dec. 30, Robert Holmes to Margaret Reckord, of Dunwich. Jan. 13, 1835- Azarah W. Clark to Ann Sarvis, of London. Jan. 16, Archibald Price to Ann Monaghan, of London. Sept. 15, Corneilus Williams to Elizabeth Defields, of Mosa. Jan. 26, 1836- Samuel Munro to Eleanor Banghart, of Westminster. Mar. 29, Robert Brown to Sarah Attwood, of Dunwich. May 23, Alexander Wear to Jane Hodgins, of London. May 24, James P. Harris to Martha Jackson, of Dereham. June 19, William Snelgrove to Eleanor Adkins, of Caradoc. Aug. 8, Caleb Willcox to Jane Bartlett, of Mosa. Aug. 9, Horace Cooley to Zelpha Moses, of Mosa. Aug. 31, Cornelius Jones to Harriet Abry, of London. Sept. 18, Alonzo Smith to Lucy Hubbard, of Mosa. Nov. 12, F. Finley, of Plympton, to Ann Sharp, of London.
Marriages by Rev. William Clarke Congregational Minister
Jan, 15, 1838- John Dent to Ellen Delaney, of Zorra. May 25, Edward Watson to Elizabeth Woods, of London. June 1, John Clegg to Letitia Feret, of London. June 7, Samuel Stansfield to Mary A. James, of London. June 9, Robert Thompson to Martha McCadden, of Adelaide. June 11, Thomas Warner to Jemima Smith, of Amherstburg. July 23, John Marshall to Catherine Atkinson, of London. Sept. 3, Merrill S. Ayres to Martha E. Burch, of London. Dec. 18, John F. O'Neill to Phebe Sweet, of London. Jan. 10, 1839- Wm. Jackson to Rhoda Siddal, of Mosa. Jan. 30, John Henderson to Rachel A. O'Dell, of Westminster. Feb. 13, John L. Swart to Martha Manning, of Westminster. Mar. 6, Robert Kearns to Ann Candless, of London. Mar. 6, Elijah Payne to Margaret Wheaton, of London. Mar. 13, Peter Ross to Louisa Elliott, of Ekfrid. Mar. 27, John Beattie to Elizabeth Elliott, of Westminster. Apr. 28, Thomas Boston to Mary A. Jones, of Lobo. May 3, Samuel Bond to Mary A. Campbell, of London. May 8, William Young to Mary Parker, of London. May 11, John Gubbins to Sophia Reynolds, of London. May 13, Porter Stevens to Hannah Eldridge, of Westminster. May 23, Caleb Griffith to Caroline Morris, of London. June 12, John Woofington to Ann Weir, of London. June 13, Eleazer McCarthy to Mary A. Bevens, of Dorchester. Sept. 19, Thomas Dark to Grace Rottenbury, of London. Oct. 18, Nathaniel Lawson to Ann Thomas, of London. Oct. 30, Ralph Smith to Mary Davison, of London. Oct. 31, Wm. Dickson to Margaret Auld, of Warwick. Nov. 1, John Clarke to Prudence Bailey, of Nissouri. Nov. 4, Neil Munroe to Flora Hare, of Westminster. Nov. 28, Joseph Mowrey to Mary A. Guffin, of London. Dec. 7, Lorenzo D. Cook to Mary Steinhoff, of London Dec. 25, James S. Steinhoff to Mary Cook, of London. Jan. 11, 1840- Henry Palmer to Mahala Carter, of London. Jan. 13, John Lodge to Eleanor Foote, of Southwold.
Marriages by Rev. John Beatty Wesleyan Methodist
Nov. 20, 1833- John Nixon to Jane Jackson, of London. Dec. 1, William Wheeler to Melinda Flanigan, of London. Dec. 18, Ira Allen to Jane Gethy, of Lobo. Jan. 13, 1834- Yunel May to Mary Browne, of Nissouri. Jan. 21, Andrew Yerex to Mary Summer, of Westminster.
Marriages by Rev. James Jackson Wesleyan Methodist Church, London District
Nov. 18, 1834- John Lambert to Mary Ann Smith, of Lobo. Feb. 12, 1835- James C. Smith, of London, to Lucy McDougal, of Southwold.
Marriages by Rev. Isaac Newton Dugan West Wesleyan Methodist Church
Oct. 14, 1834- John Stanley to Eliza Atkinson, of London. Dec. 3, Warren Young to Susan Besstidds, of London. Dec. 31, Hiram Dell to Anne Frank, of Westminster. Jan. 1, 1835- William Wilson to Elizabeth Bevans, of Nissouri. Jan. 1, Joel Moriarity to Lucy A. Bevans, of Nissouri. Jan. 28, Roswell Forbes to Eliza Lamoure, of London. Jan. 29, William Stinoff to Eliza Holt, of Yarmouth. April 3, Henry McKay to Rebecca Patrick, of London. April 19, Alexander Bane to Mary Lewis, of Zorra. April 28, Augustus Hicks to Alvira Barnes, of London.
Marriages by Rev. William Griffis Wesleyan Methodist Church
Sept. 4, 1834- Daniel Freeman to Isabella Bailey, of Nissouri. Oct. 29, Joseph Barnes to Eleanor Williams, of London. Jan. 13, 1835- James N. Holmes to Margaret Sutton, of Westminster. Mar. 18, William Patterson to Eliza Brethwait, of London. April 7, William Ross to Amanda Bentley, of London. April 11, Jacob Wilsie to Eleanor Manning, of Westminster. May 19, Wm. McFadden to Lucinda Walcot, of London. May 20, James Thompson to Catherine Murphy, of London. May 21, Wm. Jackson to Margaret Webster, of London. May 26, Charles G. Bostwick to Evis Manning, of Westminster. Nov. 4, 1835- John Jones to Ann Jane Curry, of Mosa. Nov. 4, George Curry to Elizabeth Jones, of Mosa. Feb. 24, 1836- James Gardiner to Rebecca Flemon, of Mosa.
Marriages by Rev. John S. Atwood Wesleyan Methodist Church
Oct. 4, 1835- Silas H. Ball to Jane S. Hyde, both of Dorchester.
Marriages by Rev. Dugald Campbell Baptist Church, Aldborough
Feb. 2, 1838- Robert McAlpine to Betty McLachlin, of Mosa. Feb. 25, Duncan McPhail to Mary McCallum, of Zone. Mar. 1, Archibald Murray to Flora McAlpine, of Ekfrid. Mar. 29, Donald Smith to Isabella Mitchell, of Ekfrid. Mar 31, Duncan McCall to Sarah Haggart, of Lobo. April 4, John McCall to Catherine McCall, of Lobo. June 14, D. McCallum to Mary Black, of Dunwich.
Marriages by Rev. C. Vanderson Wesleyan Methodist Church
Dec. 12, 1836- Nathan Choat to Caroline Gibbs, of St. Thomas. Feb., Thomas Allen to Melissa Gregory, of St. Thomas.
Marriages by Rev. David Wright Wesleyan Methodist Church
Dec. 10, 1835- Simeon Morrell to Eleanor Beach, of Oxford. Dec. 31, Robert Barrie to Maria Vandeburgh, of London. Feb. 18, 1836- John Taylor to Martha Willis, of London. Feb. 18, George Menelly to Eliza A. Manning, of Westminster. Feb. 29, George Sweeten to Mary Gardner, of Adelaide. [There is an error in the transcription of the above marriage, according to information from the microfilm: Record Group 8, Series I-6-A, Volume 16, London District Marriage Register (Middlesex & Elgin cos.), 1833-1855; FHL film 1030053. Page 61, No. 254, Certificates of marriage number two hundred and fifty four by David Wright, minister. Name of parties: George Sweeten, township: Adelaide, to Mary Gardner, township: Adelaide, date of marriages: 29th MARCH 1836, names of witnesses: Alexander Gardner (&) John Crealy, by banns or license: by banns. I certify the above is a full and correct list of all the marriages performed by me within the dates specified in the above list. London 4th Jany. 1837. (signed) David Wright Wesleyan M. Minister Thanks to Barbara Luckham for bringing this to my attention.] April 11, Alexander Cameron to Mary Westby, of Tuckersmith. April 24, William Jackson to Elizabeth Chalmon, of London. June 29, John Armstrong to Sarah Young, of Tuckersmith. Sep. 8, Henry H. Cornstock to Lucretia Strowbridge, of Westminster. Oct. 9, Edward Button to Ann Reynolds, of London. Nov. 27, James Stewins to Ann Swart, of London. Dec. 15, Welsie Manning to Amanda Simson, of Westminster. Jan. 25, 1837- Benjamin Woodhull to Lucinda Miner, of Delaware. Mar. 10, Thomas Guest to Mary McRobert, of London. Feb. 24, John Kearns to Purlina Schram, of London. April 5, James McIlmurray to Ann Johnston, of Adelaide. May 3, James Bryant to Elizabeth Ayers, of Westminster. May 24, Andrew Yaks to Wealthy Crouse, of Westminster. Aug. 16, Rev. J. K. Williston to Eleanor Morden, of Westminster. Oct. 6, George McConnell to Eliza Willis, of London. Nov. 9, George W. Albee to Hannah Vail, of London.
Marriages by Rev. J. Flanagan Wesleyan Methodist Church
1837- Ira M. Sumner and Elizabeth Merrill, of London. Charles Hoag and Hannah J. Day, of Hipun.
Marriages by Rev. Edmund Stoney Wesleyan minister
Sep. 17, 1837- William H. V. Hill to Mary Stevens, of London. Oct. 3, Leonard O'Dell to Rachel Norton, of Dorchester. Mar. 27, 1838- Simeon Sanborn to Mahala Hartshorn, of London. April 23, John Willis to Susan Shaw, of London. May 30, Geo. Alway to Jane Armstrong, of Lobo. Aug. 29, Daniel Morden to Eliza J. Robison, of London. Sept. 11, Gabriel Willcia to Catherine O'Dell, of Westminster. Sept. 19, Geo. Oliver to Mary A. Percival, of London. Sept. 20, Arthur McGerry to Charlotte Towe, of London.
Marriages by Thomas Fawcett Wesleyan Methodist Church
Feb. 28, 1838- Ezekial Caldwell to Sarah Sutton, both of Westminster.
Marriages by Rev. Caleb Burdick B. N. A. Methodist Church
Aug. 15, 1833- Adoram Frank to Eliza Hodgson, of Westminster. Jan. 19, 1835- Wm. Conly to Mary Walker, of Dorchester. Jan. 21, Truman Burgess to Caroline Furry. Aug. 17, Amos Ferrin to Anna Cornwall, of Dorchester. Mar. 22, 1836- John McLarity, of Yarmouth, to Anna McArthur, of Dorchester. June 29, 1837- Jacob Stover, of Dorchester, to Ann Froman, of Maladide.
Marriages by Rev. Robert Earl Wesleyan
Oct. 2, 1837- John Morgan, of Warwick, to Elizabeth Hughes, of London. Nov. 8, Reuben Adams, of Malahide, to Mary Jane Little, of Westminster.
Marriages by Rev. John Shilton Canadian Wesleyan Methodist Church
Jan. 6, 1837- Benjamin Shilton to Hannah Chapman, of Raleigh. Mar. 9, John Clandening to Sarah Clement, of Mosa. Mar. 13, Howard Allen to Catherine Drake of Mosa. Mar. 13, Thomas Drake to Mary J. Eveland, of Mosa. April 18, William Wilson to Elizabeth Huff, of Zone.
Marriages by Rev. James Bell Canadian Wesleyan Methodist
Jan. 2, 1838- John Little to Mary A. Patterson, of Westminster. April 10, Thomas Orr to Abigail Tyrrell, of Westminster. May 17, James Owry to Eliza Orr, of Westminster. Sept. 26, Abram Lewis to Charlotte Patterson, of Westminster. Oct. 17, Benjamin Bentley to Christian Stringer, of Bayham. Nov. 27, Jared Elwood to Rosanna Talmon, of Westminster.
Marriages by Ephraim Smith Methodist Episcopal
Apr. 24, 1831- Lorenzo D. Bates to Mary Earl. May 4, John Sharp to Martha Smith. Oct. 30, Samuel Healy to Christiana Howell. Jan. 26, 1832- Eli Cross to Anna Smith. Feb. 16, 1832- John Maher to Lodice Smith. Mar. 16, David T. Duncan to Mary Gillett. Mar. 24, Chris. L. Barnes to Amy Otis.
Marriages by Rev. Thos. Whitehead Methodist Episcopal Church
Oct. 14, 1832- Jasper H. Gooding to Mary Good, of Goderich. Nov. 5, Thomas B. Hale to Jane Willson, of Goderich. Nov. 14, William Holland to Eliza Hicks, of Goderich. Apr. 17, 1833- Thomas Webster to Mary Bailey, of Nissouri. July 10, Arthur Squires to Lytha Carter, of Stanley.
Marriages by Rev. Ezra Adams Methodist Episcopal Church, London District
July 5, 1832- Thomas Hurlburt to Betsy A. Adams, of Caradoc. Oct. 2, Jackson Stafford to Isabella Nickald, of Southwold. Oct. 25, ---- Carroll to Lydia Kelly, of Mosa. Nov. 13, John Philips to Harriet Caswell, of Westminster. Nov. 20, James Nash to Keziah Lockwood, of Caradoc. Jan. 31, 1833- Seneca Edwards to Mary Curry, of Mosa. Feb. 20, Wm. Provost to Sally Siddal, of Dunwich. Feb. 20, Horace Kelly to Nancy Provost, of Mosa. Dec. 3, 1834- Colvin Davison to Jane Nichols, of Ekfrid. Feb. 4, 1835- John Coyne to Elizabeth Neal.
Marriages by Rev. Jesse Owen Methodist Episcopal Church
Jan. 1, 1833- William Hodgman to Ann McGogan, of Caradoc. Jan. 7, James Clarke to Harriet Ramsay, of Caradoc. Jan. 28, Allen Fox to Jane Hunt, of London. Feb. 10, Belah King to Maria Dickison, of London. Apr. 15, Charles Dickison to Elizabeth Neadham, of London. May 6, Cyrus Hawley to Eliza Smith, of London. May 8, John Geary to Eliza Hasket, of London. May 8, Moses Willson to Eliza Bailey, of Nissouri. July 29, John Jackson to Nancy Sawtle, of London. Aug. 28, John Wheaton to Jane Clark, of London.
Marriages by Rev. John Bailey Methodist Episcopal Church
July 4, 1837- Charles Pettys to Mary Nixon, of Nissouri.
Marriages by Rev. Charles Pettys Methodist Episcopal Church
Sep. 20, 1837- Cyrus P. Meriam to Margaret McBean, of Ekfrid. Oct. 19, 1838- Alonzo Charles to Lucy Blackmore, of Mosa.
Marriages by Daniel Picket Methodist Episcopal
Oct. 8, 1834- James Nixon to Annie Nichols, of London Township.