Baptisms By The Rev. John Kennedy

Church of England

Essex and Kent Counties

1854 - 1855

    GAUSLING, Thomas, Mary Ann and Charles, children of Robert and Eliza of Mersea, 3 Sept 1854.

    THAYER, Cordelia Victoria daughter of John and Margaret of Mersea, 3 Sept 54.

    CARTWRIGHT, Martha, Walter and Jane, children of William and Jane of Tilbury East, 14 Jan 1855.

    HYMESON, Mary daughter of Benjamln and Harriet of Mersea, 21 Jan 1855.

    PARDO, John son of Andrew and Fanny of Raleigh, 11 March 1855.

    BENNETT, Henry, Elizabeth and Joseph, children of George and Sarah of Raleigh, 6 May 1855.

    WIGLE, Sarah Phidelia, children of Alex. and Mary Ann Wigle of Mersea, 8 July 1855.

    DURFY, George, Abrabam, Jedidiah, John Wesley, Angeline, Adeline and Mary Ann,
      children of Henry and Margaret of Romney, 8 July 1855.

    WILSON, Rachel daughter of John and Jane of Tilbury East, 15 July 1855.

    RURSELLO, Leonard, Malinda and Nancy Jane, children of John and Margaret of Romney, 22 July 1855.

    METCALF, Ann, Mary, Hannah and Alsine, children of George and Mary of Mersea, 5 Aug 1855.

    STANTON, Charles, son of Daniel and Julia of Raleigh, 12 Aug 1855.

    CLINGASMITH, Jane Dorcas, daughter of George and Urainah of Harwich, 14 Aug 1855.

    SWARTS, Mary, daughter of Isaac and Mary of Howard, 20 Sept 1855.

    STORY, Mary and Maria, children of Thomas and Mary of Harwich, 20 Sept 1855.

    BACHELOR, Robert, Edward, Lowell, Frederick and Mary Elizabeth,
      children of John Edward and Elizabeth, of Raleigh, 26 Oct 1855.

    Bill Martin, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
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