This information was originally published by:
Papers and Records
Volume 27, Published in Toronto in 1931
Pages 15-76.

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But a little over two decades after Lieut. Governor John Graves Simcoe had written to the Duke of Portland announcing the military opening of Yonge Street, "from York to the Head-Waters of Lake Huron,"[1] there journeyed north over that highway as far as Richmond Hill-then known as Miles' Hill[2]-a man who was to make his stopping-place the pivotal point for a ministry of over a quarter of a century. That man was Rev. William Jenkins, the pioneer among pioneer ministers of the Presbyterian denomination in the region lying between the future metropolis of Ontario and Lake Simcoe. A native of Scotland, he had, after the completion of his divinity course at Edinburgh, corm first to New York State as a missionary to the Oneida Indians. There he spent twelve years, but feeling that his real life-work lay among the struggling pioneers of Upper Canada he set out for his new and chosen field on his own resources. It has generally been claimed that he came into Canada, via Kingston, in 1817, but from family tradition, it seems certain that he arrived a year earlier and that the intervening twelve months were spent in itinerant preaching, which took him through much of the Bay of Quint‚ region and westward as far as the Caledon Mountains. In this way he gained a more or Iess intimate knowledge of the conditions confronting those among whom he had chosen to minister. During that period, too, he formed acquaintanceships-which were to ripen and bear fruits-in the years to follow. The great new military and colonization road seemed to strike a natural centre line through the territory which he hoped to serve, and accordingly when calls came in 1817 from little groups of settlers at Scarboro[3] and Richmond Hill[4] he responded by organizing churches at those points. Still, for a number of years his itinerant ministry continued, for though regularly organized, the two pioneer congregations were not at once able to rear their first church buildings. Travel was, for the most part, on horseback and by blazed trails through the forests. Meetings were held in the settlers' log homes or barns or in the open. The first church at Bendale, Scarboro, a frame structure, was erected in 1819 and that at Richmond Hill, a quite commodious frame building of a very substantial character, in 1821. They were respectively replaced by the present permanent brick structures in 1849 and 1880. At the close of twelve years the charge at St. Andrew's, Scarboro, was turned over to another, but throughout his lengthy ministry Richmond Hill seems to have been the centre of his activities. That ministry was replete with incident. Reared in Free Church sentiment, he was active in the organization, in 1834, of what was known as "The Missionary Presbytery of the Canadas in connection with the United Associate Synod of Scotland." By a regrettable mischance a trunk-full of papers and correspondence, dealing with the Upper Canada Free Church movement, was destroyed. Had these papers been preserved they would no doubt have cast much light upon events leading up to the great cleavage of 1844 in the ranks of Canadian Presbyterianism. When opponents from within his own denomination had to be met it was but to be expected that at times there would be verbal tilts with protagonists from without and such was the case. It so happened that he and Bishop Strachan, the greatest of all defenders of ecclesiastical establishment in early Upper Canadian history, had, as youths in Scotland, been both chums and fellow-churchmen. Meeting on one occasion, the struggling minister from the upcountry backwoods, the now prosperous bishop accosted his whilom friend with the rather cutting remark: "Your coat's getting pretty threadbare, William." "Yes, Jock," came the still more biting reply, "but I hae nae turned it." A minister who could so neatly turn the point out of the pulpit might be expected to be able to defend his prerogatives while in it. Sleeping parishioners are by no means a modern development, for Rev. Mr. Jenkins had them in his day. One Sunday, a prime offender in this particular, completely wrecked the preacher's patience by adding snoring to his accomplishments. Seizing a Bible from the desk before him, he is said to have hurled it against the offending head with the remark, "If you will not hear the Word of God, then feel it." If there was intellectual stress and trial of patience there was also physical exertion and hardship. On one occasion while travelling by sleigh in winter, he and a companion were overtaken by night. Wrapping themselves in deer skins, -with which they were fortunately well supplied, they spent the night under their overturned and snow-banked vehicle. If the minister did not shrink from hardship or fatigue neither did members of his far-fiung flock for it is on record that a father and mother walked from Caledon East to Richmond Hill, carrying by turns their infant child, that it might receive baptism at the hands of their respected minister. It was a three day journey in each direction. Then, too, money was a none too plentiful commodity as was frequently demonstrated when marriage fees were often paid in loads of pumpkins or coils of home-made sausages. There were also novel events as when, on one winter's day, a wedding party of several couples, came to the manse from one of the Highland Scottish settlements farther north, bringing with them a piper. When the knots had been duly tied willing hands quickly cleared the snow from the yard and there in the frosty open air the principals and their hardy friends held the post-nuptial dance. There seems to be some doubt as to the actual amount of the stipend given to the pioneer minister, but at all events it was never large, for he was forced to eke it out by operating a two hundred acre farm on which were reared his large family.[5] This homestead was located near Cashel in Markham Township and was reclaimed from the virgin forest It is said that the Rev. Mr. Jenkins' first sermon at Richmond Hill was preached in the pine grove which once covered the site of the present Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church and its adjoining cemetery. In that cemetery a monument marks his last resting-place; the spot where he wished to lie having been pointed out to his elders by the veteran missionary following the close of his last service, less than a week before his death. It bears the following inscription:
Sacred to the memory of Rev. William Jenkins, A Minister of the Gospel for 44 Years, Who departed this life Sept. 25, 1843: Aged 63 yrs. 11 mos. & 28 Days Sleep on dear friend and take thy rest, Till Jesus calls thee from thy bed of dust.
As though in additional memory a descendant of one of the original pines flourishes nearby, and on long summer evenings casts its lengthening shadows over monument and grave. MARRIAGE REGISTER, 1819-1843. The following is a literal copy of the private (note) marriage register kept by the Rev. William Jenkins, extending as the dates will show, over the lengthy period of twenty-four years. The entries were recorded in a leather-bound volume measuring 8 1/4 x 12 3/4 inches and the book, despite the evidences of much handiing, is still (1930) in a good state of preservation. The paper forming it is of heavy quality, unruled, and bears on many pages a quaint water-mark showing the figure of Britannia, seated and holding an olive branch in the right hand. Surrounding the figure is a plain, circular belt surmounted by a crown. Other pages bear, also in water-mark, the date 1812.
Writing in many instances is very indistinct and the ink pale, and where abbreviations are used some of them are oddly original. Surnames are at all times difficult of interpretation and it would appear that the good old cleric had frequent recourse to the science of phonetics and that as a consequence bearers of the same cognomen who pronounced it with variations in accent, find their place in the record rendered according to sound rather than to orthography. There are a few repetitions and omissions in the consecutive numbering of the marriages but when these have been taken into account there remains a total of 857 ceremonies which, as each entry records not only the names of the principals, but in almost all cases also those of two witnesses makes the grand total of names well over 3400. There are also evidences which appear to indicate that the record was at times brought up to date from memory; perhaps in connection with marriages performed at a distance from the church or manse, for the parish was a wide one extending, as the entries show, from York (Toronto), on the south to the borders of Lake Simcoe on the north, and from the Township of Pickering in Ontario County on the east, to the Township of Esquesing in Halton County on the west. The difficulties encountered in making a faithful transcript were numerous, for in many places great doubt existed as to certain key letters in some of the names. While such discrepancies are mentioned it must be remembered that perhaps these now faded, and sometimes seemingly careless entries, were made under most trying pioneer conditions; perhaps when fingers were numbed by cold, when the logwood ink was pale from the addition of too much water or the recent effects of frost, when the glow from the open fire-place was uncertain, when the tallow candie flickered low, or lastly when the noisy witnesses of the recent tying of the knot made it difficuit for even the minister to be as calm, collected and methodical as was his wont. Be all this as it may, the record is one of rare interest in connection with a period when the history of a central section of our Province was in the making, when new homes were being established in the forests on either side of old Yonge Street, and when it took courage, patience and resolution to minister, in spiritual things, to so wide a territory. Note:-From all that can be learned it wouid appear that the official church register has unfortunateiy been lost. The book containing the list of marriages given herewith was the private property of Rev. Mr. Jenkins; a fact which is borne out by its having been used also for the keeping, by him, of certain day-book records of a strictly private nature. This private register was handed down in the Jenkins family coming finally into the possession of Mr. J. L. Jenkins, of King, Ont., a grandson of the pioneer minister, by whom it was turned over to the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church. [Note:- I have been advised this register is available on microfilm from the LDS church, on # 1030051, and 1030052.]
FOOTNOTES [1]February 27, 1796-Simcoe Papers, Vol. IV, p. 201. [2]So named from Abner Miles one of York's first inn-keepers whose tombstone bears one of the earliest dates in the Richmond Hill cemetery-viz. that of his death July 26, 1806, at the age of 54 years. He was a native of the State of Massachusetts. [3]The call from Scarboro is dated Feb. 12, 1817. The church was organized the following year. [4]The call from Richmond Hill is dated April 10, 1817, and the church there was organized the same year. This call really came from the residents of the district rather than the village; described as "a portion of the Township of Markham and Whitchurch." [5]His wife was Mary H. Stockton, daughter of Dr. Stockton of New Jersey. Their union was blessed with eleven children, nine of whom survived infancy. She rests beside her husband in the Richmond Hill Cemetery, having died July 24, 1866, aged 74 years and five months.
[The following record is not found in the book I used, but was found on the film
of the register. Thanks to Jane Wright Hutchinson. "June 25, 1828 Joshua Wright of Scarborough to Miranda Stephens, same place.
Witnesses - Mary Wright and Thomas Stevens. " LSD film 1030051.]
1819 John Cooper Mary Jenkins 1 June 2Oth Markhm. Mary McKennen James Stirret DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1820 Michael Gray John Snyder 2 Feb 4th York Kathren Corts Peter Corts March Mark Hugh Canada James Marsh 3 Mary Dixon John Atkinson March Scar. Robert Jonston Robert Jonston 4 4th Isoble Clendenen Alexr. Thomson June Scar. Adam Bell Robert Jonston 5 1st Isobel Oliver Robert Oliver June Vau. John Adams John Allen 6 14th Oxbrig Sylva Allen James Lawrence No. 6-Uxbridge June Mark Joel Beeman John Lawrence 7 2d Mary Carfrae James Ellerton Vau Samuel Stonely Jonas Snyder 8 Hannah Mullroy Thos. Musselman No. 8-No date in original. 1820 Ves David Knight Alexander Robertson 9 July 3d Cathren Ann Moor John Crighton Octr. 7th Mak Henrey Shell John Shell 10 Betsey Senol Abram Shell Octr. Markham Charles M'Keller Joseph Tomelson 11 19th Rebecca Tomleson James Tomleson 1820 Sarb. Richard Thomson Jordon Post 12 Oct. 14th Harriot Smith Thos. Wilcox Sepr. 16th Mark Jacob Snyder Jacob Musslman 13 Homes Musslman Jos-Snyder August 29th Mark George Shunk Jacob Coe 14 Helena Imlenkeiser John Coe August 21t. York John Ross James Tod 15 Alice Holms Robert Ross March 15th York Elihu Peas John Ross 16 Cathrine Cummier John Stewart DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 12th Mark Thos. Morgan Jacob Beeman 17 1821 Sarah Moonshaw Isaac Lawrence Nov. 3Oth Mark Henrey Remor John Reemor 18 Jean Herrick Frances Button Aprile 12th John Puterburk Peter Puterburk 19 Cathrine McDonald Daniel McQuerie No. 19-Puterbaugh or Putherbough. May 17th Mak Hugh Gray John Dobson 20 Anne Lamont Charles Gray Isaac Campble John McDonald 21 Betsey McQuerie John McQuerie No. 21-McQuarrie-No date or place given in original. March 19th Mark James Marsh George Atkinson 22 Margary Atkinson David Atkinson March 27th Vaug Alexander Matheson John Payne 23 Anne McKennin Peter McNaughton 1821 Mark William Ross Ronald McKinnon 24 Mary Maneere David Scott No. 24-Probably Manary. There were persons of that name in Chinguacousy Tp. in 1836. June 19th Tobico Alexander Morrow Hugh Deven 25 Hannah Deven William Ross No. 25-Probably Devines-John and Levi Devines were settled in Etobicoke in 1836. June 27th York John Smith James Harris 26 Nancy Colbath Henery Hough July 3d York George Mitchel Abram Corts 27 Hannah Corts Michael Corts July 19th Mark- Daniel McCloud Joseph Coulson 28 ham Sarah Mairsh David Bridgford August 7th Mark John Atkinson Asa Reid 29 Mary Price Benjamin Hawke Sept. 10 Mark George Miller Isaac Cook 30 Anne Sherer John Sherer Nov. 12th Mark John Perkins Henrey Shell 31 Mary Shell Isaac Shell No. 31-Should be spelled "Schell." Nov. 14th Mar Noah Sergeant John Barnard 32 Mary Warren John Cassler Nov 16 Mark John Morton George Pain 33 Anne Sherer Phillip Gower DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1822 Mar Thos. Atkinson John Atkinson 34 Jan 3d Lenissa Holland John Atkinson Jun. 10 King Mark Larmont James Love 35 Mary Brooks John Hunter 1821 Scar. John B. Willan Andrew Thomson 36 Decr 30 Elizabeth Elliot Robert Jonston 1822 Jan 21st Vaug. James Wilkey Thos. Morgan 37 P Mary Keyles James Godfellow -22 Mark Aaron Munshaw Peter Vanderburgh 38 L Mary Mulloy John Wilson Feb 6 Nesquesing David Darling James Leadly 39 P Elizabeth Tilford George McQueen No. 39-Esquesing. Feb 10 Whi C Henrey Laur George Leymon 40 P Hannah Leymon William Macklem No. 40-Whitchurch. dito Mark John Casswell James Coffey 41 P Susan Coffey Laurie McQuene Feb 21th Mark John Shell John Cassler 42 P Agnist McKinon Abram Shell Feb 28th York William Sylvester Archibald McNaughton 43 P Helonor Gray Elizabeth Henney Feby 26th Mark Peter Cober Michael Baker 44 L Siti Baker Maclena Cober Feby 26th John Cassler Abram Shell 45 P Susan Shell Henrey Shell March 4th Mark Thomas Bretke Joseph Smith 46 L Sarah Kells Thomas Kells - 7th Mark. William Coxson John Cassler 47 P Mary Kathrine Shall Susanah Cassler - 24th Vaugh John Frank Benjamin Robbins 48 P Elizabeth Walker John Hammond - 17th Mark George Munshaw Thomas Morgan 49 P Hannah Harvey Jacob Munshaw - 18th Mark Artemas Whipple Peter Brooks 50 P Susan Lighty William Robertson - 18th Mark John Lighty Peter Brooks 51 P Mary Anne Badgerow James Hartney No. 51-The surname Badgerow seems often to have been spelled without the final "w" The same family name in Vaughan, Markham and adjoining townships, has, apparently in many instances been contracted to Badger. NOTE: The letters "P" and "L" used in connection with either the dates or places, from this point forward, signify (respectively) "published" or "proclaimed" (most probably by reading of banns), and "licensed." March 19th York John Dinnet Hopel William Jonston 52 P Mary Jonston Niclas Heepner Aprile 2d Vaughan Joseph Matteson John Matteson 53 P Margaret Spraul John Snyder 4th Mark James Sterrit Robert Patterson 54 P Isobello McKinnen William Cassels Aprile 25 York John Guthrie John Lawrence 55 L Sybella Stinson Henrey Cutler May 14th Mark Ambrose Noble Phillip Badgrow 56 P Hannah Badgrow Trueman Pennock May 15 Mark Jacob Phillips John Cook 57 P Abigail Edie Thomas Edostal May 23d Scar Archibald Thomson Simon Thomson 58 P Hannah Walton Richard Thomson June 3d Whit Michael Legarie Stephen Cook 59 L Mary Coon William Lundie May 21st Mark John Middlbrook Susan Harper 60 P Hannah Harper John Coe June 5th Vaugh Christian Troyer David Leek 61 L Sarey Cover Nickles Cover 8th Mark Thomas Edstil George Mustard 62 P Eve Phillips James Murray Nos. 57 and 62-Name rendered Edostal in first instance and Edstil in second. June 3Oth Mark Thomas Crannie Jane Mustard 63 P Jane Dexter Agnist Mustard July 3d York John Hayden Jesse Ketchem 64 P Helen Gordon James Harris 18th Mark Alexander Lawrence James Maish 65 P Agnist Maish David Bridgford 65 Maish probably Marsh 29th York James Palmer James Palmer 66 P Mary Anne Hastings Thomas Mongar August 13th Vaughan Alexander McKay Daniel Sutherland 67 P Sally McQuiree Hector McQuerie Septr 12 Mark Peter Vanderburgh John Tolly 68 L Elizabeth Mulloy Jacob Vanderburgh 17 Vaugh George Stong John Frank 69 Polly Sherer Daniel Stong 24 Mark George Walton Elias Ferrier 70 Nancy Badgerow John Lighty 26th Mark Nathan Miller William Munshaw 71 P Nancy Munshaw Betsey Walker Octr 8th Toronto Donald McHinen Archibald McKinnen 72 P Christy McKinnen Ronald McKinnen Novr 25th Mark John Torman John Lyons 73 P Margaret Cantwell Jonathan Tomilson Decr 2d Scaro. Samuel Mills Christopher Thomson 74 P Elspeth Willard Simeon Thomson Decr 2d Saro. William Thomson James McClure 75 P Polly Willard John Heron Decr 19 Mark Peter Hephner John Shell 76 P Polly Shell Henery Kephner Decr. 3Oth Scar Sherwin Palmer James Palmer 77 P Matha Lumerii James Weyer DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 1st York John Cumar John Wilson 78 1823 L Sarah Soliner Smith Sarah Cumar 7 Mark Merum Bently Phillp Badgerow 79 P Hannah Badgerow Truman Pennock 1Oth W.Church Thomas McAdams William Stockdale 80 P Sarah Smith Robert Graham Feb 4th Markh Ira White Truman Pennok 81 P Elizabeth Racer Abram Stover 11th Mark William Bebee Fredrick Vanhorn 82 P Betsey Vanhorn Agnist Tanholder 18 Mark David Burkholder John Gamble 83 P Martha Gamble Agnist Gamble 25 Mark ?? Daniels John Daniels 84 Neil Lemon 84-The single surname Daniels is all that appears in the space reserved for the contracting parties. 26th Scarb George Thomson James Fenwick 85 P Lydia Ferry Timothy Ferry 85-Ferry might be Terry. 27 Mark John Smith Andrew Nisbet 86 L Mary Cheavins Robert Wiles March 1Oth Mark William Colwell Rolph Plummer 87 P Elizabeth Plummer William Plummer 13th Mark Robert Wyles Andrew Nisbet 88 Anne Holland Thomas Morgan Mark John Brown James Brown 89 March 19th P Mary Longe Kathrine Longe March 2Oth Mark David Parsills Uriel Chamberlain 90 P Mary Burns John Tolito Elrod 23d Mark John Joseph William Nulan 91 P Cathrine Speywood Charles Morray Aprile 15th Whit John Lemon Robert Clark 92 P Aime Machlem John Machlem ?? Whit. John Degeer George Lemon 93 P Elizabeth Winterstien Jacob Widman Aprile 16th Scarb John Thomson William Cassils 94 P Margaret Willar Archibald Thomson 17th Vaugh Robert Turnbull Alexander Matheson 95 L Cathrine McKinnon John Kerr 22d York William Plummer Steward Grafton 96 P Martha Anne Grafton Hulda Grafton May 6th York Jeremiah Brown Andrew Haugh 97 P Margaret Morphy Phebe Jonston 16th York Joseph Sherburne James Kennedy 98 L Lilly Love Robert Briden 19th York John Gorton Judeus M. Sanford 99 L Mandy Sanford Leonard Morgan 29th York Leonard Morgan Thomas Humberstone 100 L Anne Humberstone Mary Anne Humberstone June 5th Mark Elias Ferrere Albright Spring 101 P Elizabeth Cameron John Cameron 8th Whit William Orton William Musslmand 102 P Meride Musslmand Heiram Paterson July 15th P Morten McKinnon Farquor McQare 103 laled Flora Lamont Farquor McKinnon 103 Nothing to indicate what is meaning of word "laled." 22d Mark Elijah Titus Jestus Reynolds 104 P Mary Herrick Sophia Herrick James Williams Samuel Lunt 105 Sally Soules William Soules 105 No date or place in original record. [Witness was named Samuel LOUNT, not Lunt. He was later hanged for his participation in the 1837 Rebellion.] Aug. 14th Whit C Ebenezer Cook William Cook 106 L Phebe Hendrick Refusal Cleveland Septr Scar. William Purdy Eriel Chamberlain 107 12th P Rosa Davinish Joseph Haugh Septr Mark Alexander McKechanie James Jamison 108 12 L Mary Fleck Mary H. Jenkins Octr 9th Scar David Walker William Paterson 109 P Mary Forfar John Thomson 12th Sar Patrick Taggart James Arther 110 P Jane Arther Peter Mahan 23d Tob. William Monshaw Thomas Morgan 111 P Rebecka Devins Isaac Devins 27th York John Keiser Jacob Keiser 112 P Mary Snyder George Miller Nov. 4th Mark Jacob Wiesmer Ambrose Noble 113 P Elizabeth Worts James Martin 11th Mark James Brown Jacob Songe 114 P Kathrine Songe John Brown [Marriage 114- The name Songe should be Long(e)] Decr 9th Whit John Groinds Thos. McAdams 115 P Betsey Hatter Thos. Hatter 11th Scar John Walton Robert Jonston 116 P Mary Thomson David Thomson 18th Tob. Elisha Lawrence Isaac Devins 117 P Sarah Devins Peter Lawrence DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 2d Scr Simeon Thomson Andrew Thomson 118 1824 P Elizabeth Jonston Andrew Jonston 13th Whit Robert Wilson Jacob Wintersteen 119 P Sarah Lemen Andrew Henderson Feb 23d P Aron Leek James Wilkey 120 Mark Betsey Wright David Leek 26th Mark William Stockdale John Lyon 121 P Elizabeth Oberholster Benjamin Oberholster 27th Scar David Thomson Archibald Thomson 122 P Rebeca Forfar Andrew Jonston March Mark John William Crosbey Alexander Thomson 123 1824 P Agnist Thomson Chancy Crosbey 18th 25th Mark David Cummar John Wilson Junr. 124 L Abigail McKirgen Sally Cummar 26th Scar. James Thomson William Thomson 125 P Agnist Patterson James Patterson Aprile 8th Vaugh John Velie Abram Corts 126 P Anne Frank Leonard Clink 13th Vaugh Robert Camble Charles Keiler 127 P Katarine Pratts David Porter 20th WhitC William Cook Ebenezer Cook 128 P Sarah Laur John Laur 27th Mark Thomas Sweeting John Pringle 129 P Mary Douglass Mrs. Barbra Pringle June 6th Mark William Storm Samuel Prelinger 130 P Sarah Styles Mary Crecler July 29 Sarb Jacob Lumerii Abner Wright 131 P Sarah Amie. Humbason W. Humberston [Lumerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] August Mark William Norton Andrew Thomson 132 3d. P Hannah Stevens John Norton 4th Sar. Andrew Loser William Cook 133 P Charity Cook Jacob Loser 133 Loser may be Laur 5th Scar Jessam Brownell Jacob Lumerii 134 P Susan Anne Lumerii Archibald Wright [Lumerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] Septr Mark Timothy Monro Jesse Purdy 135 1Oth P Hulda Purdy Uriel Chamberlain Octr 12th Mark John Hilts John Statly 136 L Martha Keisy Anne Keisy 136 Probably Heise 14th Mark James Hartney William Witter 137 P Mary Duffeyn John Robertson 19th Mark Nicholas Saroras Abram Keissey 138 L Barbara Keissey Isaac Keissey 25th Scar William Pheniks Matthew Pheniks 139 P Mary Jones Mary Pheniks Nov 17th Mark James Gamble John Gamble 140 P Jane Warrne Jane Bynon 140 Probably Warren 17th Mark William Kidson John Gamble 141 P Elizabeth Warner Jane Bynon 22d Vaugh Amos Dextor Thomas Natross 142 P Phebe Spiker Keirum Dextor Decr Scar Robert Oliver Francis Jonston 143 2 P Janet Elliot John Thomson 8th Mark John B. Everson Hugh Warren 144 L Eliza Button Sally Shell 13th Scarb John Heron Jonathan Ashbrige 145 P Phebe Barton James McClure 16th Mark Michael Millar Aron Leek 146 P Mary Enticute Betsey Wright [Should be Mary Endicott. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1825 Mark James Degeer William Paterson 147 Jan. 4th P Kathrine Castor William Stone 12th Mark Fusson McDonald Moses Gamble 148 P Sarah Fuller Samuel Fuller Feb 13th Vaugh Thomas Nattras Hierum Dexter 149 P Mary Dexter James Harvey Cutler 14th York William Small Michael Curts 150 P Mary Ernein Anne Gill 15th York John Curts Samuel Munro 151 P Anne Coblum Matthew Connels March Albion Hughy Meoloy Samuel Stanely 152 23d P Mary Queen John Smith 25th Whit Samuel Irwin Robert Pain 153 P Elizabeth Davison James Cook 31st Whit Heiram Patterson William Patterson 154 P Viana Uttly William Musslman April Mark Alexander Broadburn Samuel Irwin 155 19th P Elizabeth McQuey Thomas McQuey 12th Vaug Jacob Baker Jonathon Baker 156 P Kathrine Bennet Peter Cober 28th Vaug William Cassels Timothy Terry 156 P Isabella Park Eliza Terry No. 156 duplicated. 1825 2346 number married in the United States 1817 et antea NOTE: From the entry at the upper right-hand corner of this page it would appear that the Rev. Jenkins must have been located in some sort of an American "Gretna Green" before he came to Canada. TIME PLACE PERSONS ATTESTORS Num. May Mark Matthew Endeli John Vanzant 157 3d P Mary Hamilton Betsey Stover [# 157- should be Udell, not Endeli. email Walter Udell.] 5th York John Fisher Samuel Munro 158 P Mary Munro Peter Curts 5th York William Skelding David Dunstin 159 P Esther Munro Sarah Dunstin 14th W Church William Musslman John Welch 160 P Lydia Machlem Charles Ellison June Broke Isaac Grant Hector McFarden 161 3Oth P Margaret McFarden Charles McFarden July 17th Vaghan Washington Peck Steven H. Sands 162 P Sophia Wilcoks Agnist McKeay August Vaugh Jacob Brown Samuel Smith 163 2nd P Lydia Smith Elizabeth Brown 16th Vaugh Samuel Smith John Brown 164 P Elizabeth Brown Hannah Burkholder 9th Vaugh Richard Peterson Samuel Cassler 165 Lundy Millar Joseph Mishler Sept. York John McBride David McBride 166 24th L Sarah Gordon Helen Gordon Octr. Mark William R. Caldwell Mr Teirs 167 25th L Elenora Ward 167-Or Feirs. Novr. Scar Henrey Millar Thomas Rogers 168 3d P Mary Canedy David Eumens 21st Mark Jeremiah Atkinson William Beebe 169 P Ann Nichols William Nichols 21st Mark William Robison James Mairs Jenkins 170 P Jean Holden Mary Hatfield Jenkins Decr. Mark Stephen Vandenburgh Hugh Cennedy 171 1st P Elizabeth Marven Matthew Limburn 4th Mark Hierm Dexter John Dexter 172 P Margret Williams John Williams 24th Mark George Atkinson John Baker 173 P Margaret Baker Michael Baker DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1826 Sarbo Thos. Lamport Smith Humphrey 174 Jan. 3d P Lydia Evans Sally Humphrey Feb 7th Scar Jeremiah Stephens William Norton 175 P Lydia Davies Peter Little 13th York Peter Curts John Mortmon 176 P Mary Anne Leavan Michael Curts 14th Vaug John Brown Joseph Stump 177 P Hannah Burkholder Joanne Foweler March Vau Barney Lions Jesse Purdy 178 7th P Martha Atkinson Isaac Miller 14th Mark John Luno Jonathon Ferrier 179 P Margaret Ferrier Joseph Ferrier 179 Should be Lunau. 2Oth Vaug Joseph Stump Elias Meshler 180 P Joanna Fowler Susanna Stump 21st Sar Nehemiah Stephens James Jones 181 P Susan Mills Kenyon Stephens 3Oth Scar William Bowling John Davidson 182 P Jane Davidson Agnist Davidson April Mark Jacob Castor John Castor 183 4th P Polly Brown Betty Brown ?? Mark Samuel Lyons Feusan McDonald 184 5th P Sarah Streeter Jonathon Fowler 11th Mark Ruben Harrington Jefferson Harrington 185 P Sarah Palmer David Palmer dto do James Berry Johomos Morgan 186 P Margaret Fitzgibbon James Wilkey 18th Mark Joseph Miller Richard Peterson 187 P Fanny Rabinel Calvin Cole 27th Mark Isaac Miller Thomas Rogers 188 L Margaret Wright Hannah Lummeri [Lummeri should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] May Mark Samuel Akins John Pingle 189 18th P Elizabeth Pingle Mary Akhart 3Oth Whil Jacob Wells Joseph Wells 190 P Polly Jones Elizabeth Harvey June Pikerin William Endeel William Laur 191 6th P Margaret Laur Polly Endeel [# 191- should be Udell, not Endeel. email Walter Udell.] Sept. Vaug John McVane William Mattice 192 26 P Sarah Mattice Hugh McCall Octr. Vaug John Williamson George Millar 193 6th L Cathrine Millar Henrey Frebold Octr. Mark David Wismer Jacob Urmy 194 17th P Mary Dumon Philip Lighty 19th York Lasarus Ellis Isaac Devins 195 P Nancy Devins Nathan Martin 31t Vau Jessy Purdy Henery Winoms 196 L Sarah Winoms John Sanders 196 Or Winams. Decr. Vaugh John Gamble Thomas Banyon 197 5th P Jane Banyon Elizabeth Gamble 7th Sar Henry Kennedy Asa Patrick 198 P Mary Anne Lumerii John Lummerii [Lumerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] 26th Mar David Badgero Peter Waltenberg 199 P Mary Barnard Henry Stover DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1827 Jan Yok Obadiah Cohuson David Jardine 200 15th L Grace Bethelone Joseph Hill Lawrence Lawrence 17th York Charles Lunt William Lunt 201 L Margaret Castle Sarah Cumar 21st Sar John Stoner William Thomson 202 P Helen Ellis Josuah Mamelen 25th Mark Josuah Shirrard Jacob Delong 203 P Rachel Badgero Elijah Shirrard 3Oth Vaug John Cairns John Armour 204 P Margaret Meloy Mary McColm 3Oth Vaugh Donald McCarther Fredrick Frank 205 P Cathrine McDonald Andrew Henderson 31st Mark Thomas Kennedy Samuel Goss 206 P Hannah Chapman David Leek Feby Scar John Thomson Archibald Thomson 207 22d P Mary Walton John Walton March Broke William Stevens George Spencer 208 8th Elizabeth Wixon Randal Wixon March Whit John Welch Andrew Henderson 209 27th P Mary Lemon Joseph Lemon 27th Mark John Saunders John Lawrence 210 L Penelope Cameron Lydia Jonston April York William James John James 211 18th L Rebecca Jonston Anne James July 4th P Charles Tripp Andrew Thomson 212 Scar Mary Ashbrige Thomas Willan August Mark Robert Hastey James Jonston 213 3d P Sarah Thomson George Hendrson Septr. Scar John Palmer Silas Monger 214 13th P Amey Roy Sherwood Palmer Octr. Sar William Thomson John Walton 215 P Isabella Laws David Thomson Novr. Vaugh John Kennedy John Chapman 216 18 P Hannah Chapman Henery Miller Nov 25 Scar Charles Palmer Sherwood Palmer 217 P Sarah Rae John Palmer 27th York David Stonehouse David Charton 218 P Hannah Charton Esther Stonehouse Octr. 15th Mark George Tisdel Thomas McInce 219 P Nancy Stwart Joe Wright Decr. 19th Toronto Robert Haliburton James Graham 220 P Violet Oliver James Paterson DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1828 Febury Vaugh Michael Baker Jacob Bennet 221 14th P Mary Cover Cathrine Cover 19th Vaugh John Riccard Michael Baker 222 P Betesy Bennet Mary Cover 19th Vaugh Allen Smith William Rogers 223 P Sarah Barb Mary Baker March Scarb John Fisher Charles Cowen 224 17th P Douby Jones Andrew Reynolds 2Oth Sarb Abraham Worts Andrew Thomson 225 P Rohada Steel John Thomson April Vaugh Henrey Valeire Jesse Berd 226 1Oth P Sary MacQuere Elizabeth Monshaw May Oxbrige David Forsyth Caleb Forsyth 227 5th P Elizabeth Brown Lena Smith 6th Scarboro Robert Charton John Charton 228 P Hannah Stonehouse Mary Stonehouse 8th Mark Fredrick Vanhorn John Millar 229 L Jerusha Chapman Lucy Vanhorn 12th Scarb James Rush David Eumans 230 P Rebecca Eumans Mary Humbeson 20th Pikering Joseph Udell James Grig 231 P Rebecca Sampson Agnist Sampson [# 231- email Walter Udell.] 2Oth Mark John Vanzant James Degere 232 P Agnist Styles Mary Vanzant 21st Scar John Chapman Dudley Wilcox 233 P Agnist Kennedy Jane F. Jenkins 28th Vaughan Archibald McDonald Hugh Beggs 234 P Mary White Laury McKinnon June Vaugh Jacob Bennet Joseph Fraser 235 4th P Mary Dudgeon Elizabeth Burkholder 19th Mark Abram Spring Daniel Spring 236 P Eve Shell Julleuett Demong July Mark Jonathon Worthing John Helmke 237 14th L Nancy Hemmenway Joseph Ferriere Septr. Mark Justen Badgero Jacob Perkins 238 23d P Agnis Cole Morem Bently Octr. Sar John Tabor Robert Stobo 239 9 L Sarah Phenril Peter Little 14th Mark William Berrie Daniel Tip 240 Mary Aune Ogden John Ogden 15th Vaugh Hugh Carl Beggs John McDonald 241 P Flora McKinnon Anne McKinnon 21st Whit William Long James Long 242 P Eloner Davis Flora Davis Nov. Mark James Baily John Winch 243 5th P Anne Bowmaster Anne Winch 9th W. Church George Leamont Thomas Ferguson 244 P Margaret Vandyk William Hall 12th Mark Thomas Rogers Robert Arnold 245 P Eliza Wilcox Martha Lemburn 25th Vau Solomon Prentice Hirem Prentice 246 P Mary Cyser Eve Prentice 25th Vaug Newton Godell Robert Smith 247 P Mary Smith David Leek Decr. Mark Joseph Shell Duncan Lemon 248 17th P Sally Lemon Eve Shell 18th Mark Jonathon Ferrier Wilbur Perkins 249 P Rachel Perkins John Mack 29th Mark Jacob Forsyth Jacob Warden 250 P Susan Shofield Katty Long DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan. 12th York Jacob Parsons George Piney 251 1829 P Peggy Watson Jane Piney March Mark John Hatter John Gamble 252 9th P Martha Burkholder Jean Gamble 9th Scar Ebeniser Stevens Joseph Secord 253 P Sally Vinson Anne Secord 27th Vaug Amos Dexter Patty Anderson 254 P Mary Beaty Katren Dexter ?? Vaug Lewis Frederick Jahn Peter Butterhaulder255 P Elizabeth Garland Mary Garland April Mark John March Hirem March 256 2d P Mary Perkins Jane Perkins April York James Harris Jesse Ketchum 257 9th L Fidelia Ketchum John Harris 21st W Chur George Graham Jacob Graham 258 P Wealthy Cassler Elzy Conor Dr due 3/- 3Oth Mark Timothy Monro Keldrick Clarkson 259 L Elizabeth Button Amos Wright 23d Mark Phillip Ekhardt George Ekhardt 260 P Susan Hegler Barbara Freehelder June Mark Simon Snyder Jacob Curts 261 15th P Kathrine Cover Martha Bennet 16th W Church Jacob Jonston Caleb Sweesy 262 P Seely Conor Lydia Sweesy npd 18th Markh William Lapsley Cunningham Mitchel 263 L Mary Hastings James Mustard July York Arthur Gifford Michael Meighan 264 6th L Ann Collins Matilda Fisher 9th King Barnes Barnes Benyon John Love 265 P Liddy Love Elizabeth Benyon 21st York Jesse Penrose Elihu Peas 266 L Melissa Grant Kathrine Peas August York John Snyder James Brown 267 28th P Kathrine Brown Susanna Snyder Sep Mark William Cornwall Jacob Morden 268 29th P Mary Stevens Kathrine Law Octr Mark Isaac Perkins Joseph Ferrer 269 1st P Elizabeth Ferreri John Hemenway 12th Vaugh Elisha Dexter George Bowles 270 P Mary Kane Hirem Dexter 270 Or Heisig. 2Oth Mark John Keisig Jacob Shunk 271 P Nancy Shunk Fanny Shunk Octr. Mark Alexander Jones Joseph Gamble 272 22d P Betsey Gamble Moses Gamble 28th Vaug John McDonald Arcbald McDonald 273 P Grace Moore Mary McKinnon Nov. York Robert Stonhouse Edward Charlton 274 1Oth L Mary Charlton Anne Gale 15th Vaugh Hirem Macy David Brigford 275 L Eliza Anne Lawrence Nathan Troop 17th Mark John Marr Elam Marr 276 L Anne Button Martin Stoutenbourgh 18th Vau Jesse Bennet Nathan Troop 277 P Anne Dugeon Margaret McQuere Decr Vaug Henery Sanders David Porter 278 9th P Elizabeth Hawman Joseph Walker 1Oth Mark George Warnica William Marwood 279 P Phebe Lyon Abigail Marwood 11th Mar John Ogden Mary Ann Berry 280 P Jane Kendrick James Ogden 17th Mark John Pingle Alexander Hunter 281 P Jane Hunter Samuel Atkins 29th Mark Samuel Lehman James Cook 282 P Mary Anne Cook Christian Widman 31st Mark Alum Marr Helery Clarkson 283 P Susan Clarkson Benjamin Marr 283 Probably Hilary. DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1830 Vaug Isaac Meshler Peter Dehout 284 Jan. 5 P Margaret Stump Peter Bunt 5th Vau Joseph Coon William Burkholder 285 P Anne Mynard Able Kenny 5th Vau Elezur Sanley John Marnan 286 P Rachel White Frances Bunt 12th Mark Hiram Miller Luther Miller 287 P Rebeca Edwards Catherine Castor 2Oth Mark Joseph Ferrere John Handline 288 P Bagero- Mary John Wilson 2Oth Mark Nathan Troop James W. Benedick 289 L Elizabeth Moonshaw William Munshaw 21st Vaugh John Williams John Hendery John Ward 290 P Sarah Shunk John Shunk Meligan 25th Feb. Sar George Skeldon George Skeldon Senr 291 1st P Sarah Innis * Levi Annis [ * -This should be Sarah Annis, according to information provided by Lisa Clarke, who also provides the following: "For anyone interested in finding more out about the Annis family that settled in Scarborough, Ontario, there is a family cemetary located on Scarborough Golf Club Road S. Levi Annis donated this land to The Washington Methodist Church. Both the Annis & Skeldon family plots are located there."] ?? Sar Joseph Walton James Thomson 292 P Elizabeth Thomson John Walton March Vaug Henry Line William Beggs 293 2d P Elizabeth Feighner Elizabeth Burkholder March Sar Israel Wilson Jesse Bennet 294 3d P Ealey Mills Andrew Thomson 9th Vaug Thomas Perry John Perry 295 P Martha Wilson Elizabeth Gilmore March Mark Thomas Robertson George Lehmon 296 24th P Mahale Tomilson Asa Tomlison 29th W.C. George Roe Samuel Johnston 297 P Anne Howard Andrew Paterson Apr Mark Erial Chamberlain John Fulton 298 1st L Mary Fulton Prime Lawrence 11th Mark Samuel Neighsworder John Kneiser 299 P Betsey Knider Job Leeman 299 Nightwander (?). 13th Mark George Varty John Tisdel 300 L Elonar Armstrong Margaret Armstrong 19th Vau Tobias Spiker John Spiker 301 P Susan Shunk Mary Shunk 20 Mark Edward Sanders John Spiker 302 P Hannah Norton Nathan Norton 18th Mark Abram Norton Stephen Noble 303 P Mary McDonald Edward Saunders July Mark Jacob Kenderick David Cryder 304 1st P Susana Cryder Jacob Leyman 20 Scar William Porter Jesse Cornell 305 P Moria Cornell Calvin Cornell 21 Pik John H. Alexander Samuel Terry 306 P Eliza Terry Samuel Besley 29th Mark John Stover Peter Stover 307 P Hannah Labeck William Livingston 5th Sar Erauna Tripp Ebenezer Steven 308 P Leucretia Tripp David Oglvy 12th Mark Abram Perkins Isaac Perkins 309 P Mary Horby John Ferrier Sepr Mark John D. Peck Isaac Dobson 310 8 L Hannah Dobson Susan Harkey 15th Mark Luke Stoutenborough James Walker 311 P Betsey Hilts Henertta Stoubrg 21st Mar Martinis Bagero James Devine 312 Betsey Herrington Thomas Nobles Octr. Mark James Boman Michel Friehelder 313 6th P Barbary Spring Daniel Spring 6th Mark Nathaniel Wood Jacob Size 314 P Hannah Jonston Jonah Wood 8th Mark Archebald Barker John Herrington 315 L Elizabeth Millar Henery Heney 19th Vagh Henny Snyder Jacob Shunk 316 P Mary Shunk Jean Shunk 26th Mark John Vanhorn Alexander Cameron 317 P Margaret Leys Susan McKinnon 26th Vaugh Gabriel Howman David Frank 318 P Elizabeth Borkholder Dory McKinnon Nov 2d York Hugh Laird William Milne 319 L Nelly Milne John Matteson 3d Mark Elizabeth Burk Peter Vandenburgh Senr 320 P Peggy Maloey Petter Vandenburgh Junr 3d Mark Jonah Wood Allan Marr 321 P Sarah Jane Davies James Degere 8th Mark Robert Mortly Miles Langstaff 322 P Jane Atkinson James M. Jenkins 9th Mark William Millar Lenord Casler 323 P Leny Smith John Boils 18th Mark Louis Arnold Amos Phillips 324 P Cathrine Jane Phillips John Arnold Novr. 23d Mark Colin Degere Tousang McDonald 325 P Eliza Fuller Charles Phillips 25th Mark Neil McDonald Thomas Brown 326 L Hannah McLean Anne McIntyre 30th York John Harris James Galway 327 P Eliza Gallway John Strong 30th York Abram Jonston Robt. Jonston 328 L Harriot Smith John Fenton Decr. Vaugh Charles McKinning Neil McDonald 329 1st P Christy Black Janet Moor 16th York John Brown Ellis Brown 330 P Phebe Jonston John Jonston 2Oth Mark William Robson Mary DeGeer 331 L Elizabeth Degeer John DeGeer 28th Mark Andrew Wilson John Wilson 332 L Hannah Beatty James Wilson DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 14th Mark Jonathon Dudly Wilcox Robert Arnold 333 1831 P Mary Harknes Miles James Mosier 18th Vaug Jacob Burkey Joseph Mishler 334 P Susan Blough John Mishler 25th Vaugh Neil McLamont Neil McKinnon 335 P Cathrine Black John Matteson Febury Mark William G. Clinch William G. Clinch Sr 336 2d P Nancy Donour John Clark Feby. Markham Robert Arnold Peter Ferguson 337 4th P Lavinia Phillips Samuel Paterson 8th Vaugh Neil Meloy John Meloy Sr. 338 P Christy McCathrine James McCathrine 15th Whit C. Jacob Orniey Jacob Utley Senr. 339 P Lucinda Utly Cathrine Ormey March Vaugh Gilbert Milligan James Quagly 340 24th P Sarah Raiston Peter Grant Ink Blot W. Church Norman Jones John Degere 341 P Thersea Paterson James Patterson May York John Jefferson Jacob Stonhouse 342 9th P Ester Stonhouse Eloner Herrington 1Oth Mark Daniel Spring David Badgero 343 P Lavinia Herrick Abram Spring 17th Vaugh Abram Law John Grant 344 L Elizabeth Clink Amos Wright 21st Vaug David Smellie James Hogg 345 L Anne Daiziel William Dalziel 31st W. Church Peter Bushnell James Lang 346 P Mary Yaux Elizabeth Davies June Mark Daniel Horner Manuel Dohner 347 14th L Christina Hoover Fanny Heisey 24th Oxbrig Robert Meadow Jacob Long 348 P Nancy Eudel Nancy Meadow [# 348- should be Udell, not Eudel. email Walter Udell.] ??? Mark James Long Lenord Long 349 28th P Elizabeth Daves Nancy Sampson July Mark Henry Herkie Dedrick Stevens 350 28th P Nancy Alexander Michael Feerhelder Augst W.C Henery J Patterson Abner Mindinhall 351 16th P Cathrine Cassels Eloner Smith Augst. Mark Joshua Miller Abram Miller 352 3Oth P Elizabeth Defoe Elizabeth Miller Septr Mark Thomas Balye Norman Milligan 353 5th P Polly Milligan Benjamin Milligan October Mark Thomas Ewart William Strone 354 16th L Helen Smith Fanny Stover Novr Piker David Marr Benjamin Marr 355 1st P Mandy Bice Hellen Marr Vaugh Walter Dalziel John Armour 356 2d P Jane Moor Archibald McDonald 15th Vaugh James McMurchy Archibald Campble 357 P Agnist McDougal Archibald McDougal 16th W. Church Joseph Lemons Jacob Baker 358 P Mary Baker John Welch 29th Oxbrige Jacob Morden James M. Forsyth 359 P Mary Smith Nancy Castor Decr Markham Loton Millar William Marr 360 6th P Abigail Anderson Betsey Millar 16th Vaughan James Hutcheson George Bowells 361 P Jane Sampson Mary Aime Hunt 17th Markh. Richard Frichly David McElroy 362 P Cathrine Kendrick James M. Jenkins 27th Pikering Jacob Castor Elijah Y. Miller 363 P Sally Vanzant Cathrine Castor DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 5th Vaugh James Gamble Elijah Miller 364 1832 P Elizabeth Gilmore Mary Gamble 23d Mark William Todd Samuel Dunsheth 365 P Margarel Dunsheth Benjamin Erles Feby Markham Joseph Aallen Thomas Lewis 366 6th P Martha Cash Cathrine Gower Febury W. Church Jacob Baker Joshua Lemons 367 8th P Elizabeth Corner Sarah Machlem 2Oth King Henry Harman Eli Woodrow 368 P Nancy Sampson James Harmon 28th Vaugh Peter Stover Nickles Holins 369 P Margaret Coover Samuel Snyder March Markh Henry Ausman John Wench 370 5th P Nancy Batesbee Anne Wench 8th Vaugh Thomas Moor Camble Querey 371 P Margaret Shooter Hellen Purcell 2Oth Markh Joel Bardwell Peter Stoutenboro 372 P Harriot Stoutenboro Kathrine Button 22d Mark William Robison William Foster 373 P Flory McIntyre Anne McIntyre Aprile Mark Nickles Coover John Donna 374 3d P Nancy Holmes Daniel Crider 5th Whit Samuel Daves John Welch 375 P Margaret Longe Henery Laur 19th Piker Peter Soulis Jun Thomas Morgan 376 L Susannah Fulton James Fulton 23d Whit C Joseph Saunders John Stover 377 P Nancy Daves Jonah Wood May Markh Avery Miller Elijah Miller 378 9th P Susan Wilson Sophia Herrick 24th Sarbor Nathan Chapman William Chapman 379 P Elizabeth Loumerii John Canady [Loumerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] June Vaugh Duncan Weir John Weir 380 7th L Mary Wright Hugh Wright July Pikeri James M. Forsyth James Brown 381 3d P Nancy Anne Castor Cathrine Boils 1Oth Mark Solomon Baker Joseph Phillipia 382 P Susan Eye Christian Stover 1Oth Mark John Simmerman George Clinor 383 P Sophia Dennis Eve Baker 19th Mark John Terry Patrick Walker 384 P Rody Lumerii Mary Basely [Lumerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] August Mark Christian Barkey Joe Barkey 385 5th P Cathrine Strikler Polly Cope 13th Sarbo John Hutchison Robert Jonston 386 P Hannah Lonesdale Andrew Davison 22 Mark David Shell Thomas Silverthorn 387 P Rachel Avery Betsey Silverthorn 29th Whitby Malcolm Wright John Wright 388 P Elizabeth Trewellenger Mary Trewellenger Septr Whit Church Paul Shell Emanuel Shell 389 11th P Cathrine Gower Mary Bartholemew 17th Mark Henery Nelles Maitd. G. Gordon 390 P Dority Phillips James M. Jenkins 18th Mark Solomon Gamble James Gamble 391 P Almira Miller Elizabeth Miller 25th Vaugh George Lilley James Brown 392 P Mary Anne Castator Elizabeth Wilson Oct W Church Jacob Widman Peter Laur 393 2 P Jillian Anker Cathrine Piper Oct P Farquhar McKinnon Allen McKinnon 394 2 Markham Flory Ferguson Neil Ferguson 3d York William Blair Edward Broke 395 P Jane Broke John Roger 22nd. Scarbor Thomas Borwik Robert Stobo 396 P Barbara Stobo John Stobo 23d York Peter Monro Jacob Curts 397 P Jean Lemarr Charles Monro 3Oth Mark James Ogden John Ogden 398 P Phebe Shell Mary Berrie Novr. Pikering Benjamin Earle William Marr 399 6th P Caroline Barle John Jonston 6th Pikering Joseph Lappia Leonard Longe 400 P Mary Long Nancy Davis 13th Vaughan Robert Adams Andrew Hamilton 401 P Anne Ritche John Millar 13th Vaughan Neils Holms Daniel Crider 402 P Susan Coover Samuel Snyder 12th Vaugh James B. Flanagan Leonard Countryman 403 P Mary Knitchler Susannah Countryman [Dr. Paul Countryman of Pickering believes that the author transcribed this entry incorrectly and witnesses were Conrad Countryman and his wife Susannah (nee Flanagan) Countryman.] 16th Mark John Gibson Thomas Shaw 404 P Nancy Watson Mary Bently 22d Sarb John Braddock Thomas Patterson 405 P Mary Elliot John Thomson 23d Piker James Brown Allen Vanzant 406 P Hannah Morden Nancy Daves 24th W. Chur. Joseph Cassler Henry Paterson 407 P Hannah Wintersteen Cathrine Paterson 25th Mark Samuel Boyer David Boyer 408 P Mary Bartholmew Cathrine Pipher Novr. W Church George Tackler John Tackler 409 3Oth P Rachel Jonston Margaret Jonston 409 Date blotted, very obscure 410 Date blotted, uncertain Decr. Markh Samuel Wood Jonah Wood 410 2d P Mary Sophia Guester John Guester 3Oth Markh William Obrine jun. William Obrine Sen. 411 L. Jane F. Jenkins James M. Jenkins Decr.11th Markham Jacob Shoefelt Cornelious Jonston 412 P Polly Castor Polly Castor Junr. DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jany 3d Scarbor Joshua Lummerii Robert Melligan 413 1833 P Mary McGarey Nathan Chapman [Lummerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] 15th W Church John Burkholder John Tackler 414 P Sarah Tackler Cathrine Pipher 19th Markham Joseph Varmea William Jonston 415 P Melvina Donover David Leek 23d Markham John Ferguson John Paterson 416 L Hannah McLean Christy McKinnon 24th Sarboro Charles McGarey Joshua Lummerii 417 L Charlotte Earle Fredrick Purley end [Lummerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] 29th Markh William Dunseth Samuel Dunseth 418 P Elizabeth Wright Elizabeth Moor Feby. Markham Robert Pelch William Cook 419 5th P Sarah Stonhouse Joseph Melburn 18th Vaugh Christopher Crouder George Lemore 420 P Rosina Keefer Sally Keefer 21st W. Church Phillip Bartholemo David Boyer 421 P Mary Boyer Cathrine Pipher Febry Vaughan James Watson Neil Meloy 422 22d L Mary McVicker Donald Camble 27th Markham Peter Reeser James Hamilton 423 L Mary Hamilton Jeoge Jonston March Markham Ephraim Badgero Mark Grundy 424 4th P Rebeeca Grahms Nathan Shefeilt 5th Markham Daniel Norton Jonas Norton 425 P Olive Saunders Sarah Anne Saunders 6th Vaughan David Gailly John Jamieson 426 P Jane Jamison James Shenold 426 Surname Shenold uncertain. 11th Markh Joseph Herrington Martin Badgero 427 P Sarah Pickle Betsey Badgero 18th King John McMillan John Ross 428 P Caroline Emlie Anker John Gordon Aprile Mark Joshua Dexter Benjamin Ferrier 429 2d P Elizabeth Ferrere Mary Ferrier 2d Mark James Hossack James Fenwick 430 L Agnist Mustard George Mustard 4th Vaugh James Meloy Donald Cameron 431 P Jane Armour James Murphy May Markham Benjamin Hurd Joseph Mattheson 432 1st L Margaret Matheson Sarah Mattheson 2d Markham Samuel Patherson William Selby 433 L Frances Selby Phebe Vernon 2d W. Ch. Frederick Cheney Dr. John Anderson Esqr.434 L Fanny Stouffer John Stouffer 14th W Ch John Jonston Joshua Davies 435 P Nancy Daves Joshua Lemon May Vaughan Joseph Fraser John Raymond 436 22d P Barbara Raymond David Porter June Markham Daniel Crider Equilla Bennet 437 11th P Martha Bennet Peter Stouver 11th Vaugh George Blake John Williamson 438 P Betsey Miller Joseph Miller 12th Markham David Martin Jonathon Ferrere 439 P Mary Ferrere William Ferrere 26th Mark Joseph Mathias Sanders Andrew Sanders 440 P Charlot Wilcox Ruben Perkinson July Markham Thomas Fisher Henry Bapst 441 3Oth L Mary Baker Eve Baker Augst Markh Lamont Whitney Gilbert M. Barker 442 9th P Mary Kile Anne Whitney 13th Mark Patrick Walker Robert Young 443 P Mary Bosely Alexander Bosely 18th Mark. Thomas Armstrong Mary Jenkins 444 P Emly Bailey William Jenkins I Testor 19th W Church John Emery Peter Emerry 445 P Mary Wilkey Henry Harman 28th Markham Thomas Shaw Fredrick Chyne 446 P Hannah Pearson John Stouver Sepr. Vaughan John Spiker Tobias Spiker 447 3d P Hulda Thorn Moses Spiker 10th Markham William Whirton David Badgero 448 P Elizabeth Badgero Ephraim Badgero 12th Whitchur Francis Bedour Amos Robertson 449 P Leonardo Robertson Rosana Crosly 19th Markham William Ford James Uunn 450 P Rebecca Martin Thomas McZude 24th Markham Samuel Jackson James Fuller 451 L Clarissa Fuller Sarah White Oct. Markham Godfrey Hilts Emanuel Shell 452 8th P Mary Hilts Mary Hilts 11th West Gill James Robertson John Goodfellow 453 P Mary Goodfellow William Rannie 22d Markham Christian Widman Daniel Lemon 454 P Esther Oyer Barbara Widman 23d Markham William Wade John Crosby 455 L Betsey Oxtobe George Develin Novr. Sarboro Alexander McKenney Charles McGary 456 14th P Elizabeth Euman Frederick Purly Decr. Oxbrige John Castor John Eudle 457 18th P Jane Eudle William Eudle [# 457- should be Udell, not Eudle. email Walter Udell.] 23d Vaughan John Harlan John Peterman 458 P Jane Littie John Richard DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1834 Pikering John Puller Joseph Lee 459 Jan 2d P Lydia Davison Eunice Spencer Jany Markham William C. Tipp George Clink 460 14th P Rebeca Mitchell Emanuel Donna 22d Markham John Warner William Johnson 461 L Ellen Johnson James Johnson 28th Markham Ruben Utley James Paterson 462 P Cathrine Urmey Elizabeth Rose 28th Markham Gilbert M. Barker William Hagerman 463 L Rosannah Hagerman Fanny Perkins Feby Markham James Brown John Shunk 464 11th P Cathrine Shunk Susannah Brown 12th W Church Joshua Lemons Joseph Collins 465 P Sarah Baker Charlot Leemons 27th Markham William Hamilton John Reecer 466 P Agnist Reecer Margaret Hamilton March Markham Archibald Thomson John Dixon 467 12th P Hannah McKinnon Peter Milne 25th Markham Jonathon S. Gerow Elijah Millar 468 P Elizabeth Millar Mary Castor 31st Markham Isaac Newlove William Farro 469 P Rachel Holinshead Charlot Newlove Aprile Markham Henrey Senor John Stoutenborough 470 3d P Charlote Stoutenborough Cathrine Button 16th King Thomas Tawlet Andrew Davison 471 P Mary Stewart Gilbert Tawlet 3Oth Markham Jacob Shaffer Henry Temple 472 P Mary Hilts Jane Jonston May W Church Robert Whitsider Jacob Leeman 473 6th P Mary Leeman Anne Leman 14th W Church John Fackler Jacob Leemon 474 P Margaret Jonston Sarah Machlem 17 Markham John Phillips George Hepner 475 P Elizabeth Wise Thomas Phillips June W Church David Alexander Richard Grahm 476 3d P Elizabeth Vine Le Count Margaret Susanna Le Count 7d Markh James Mosier Jehew Mosier 477 L Phebe Helmke Cathrine Ohearn 11th Whit C Philip Long Daniel Jakes 478 P Mary Connor Hannah Codes 29th Markham Benjamin Obholster Jacob Pingle 479 L Mary Schmair Cathrine Pingle July Markh Elisha Millar Jacob Millar 480 1st P Mary Castor Cathrine Boils 31st W Church Thomas Cook James Macklem 481 P Mary Macklem Sarah Macklem Aug Markham David Badgerow Martin Badgerow 482 5th P Theodocia Stevens Oliver Badgerow 19 Markham Jacob Snyder Abram Snyder 483 P Fanny Shunk Elizabeth Shunk 483-Date blotted-uncertain. 21 st Markh John Armstrong John Wilson 484 P Cathrine Redfern Robert Armstrong Septr. W Church James Jonston John Tackler 485 2d P Polly Wintersteen Margaret Tackler 3d Markham William Pearson Frederick Cheny 486 P Fanny Degear John Cornor 9th Markham George Baker Emanuel Doner 487 L Elizabeth Doner George Clink 23d P Martin Laur John Castor 488 Sophia Castor David Forsyth 3Oth W Church James Paterson Charles Sweesy 489 P Anne Rose Lydia Sweesy 3Oth W Church Thomas Pearson William White 490 P Mary Badgero Phillip Badgero Octr. Vaugh. James Pringle John Pringle 491 2d L Joan Wanlesse John Brake October Markham Richard Snowden Gilbert Barker 492 5th L Jane Perkins Rosanna Perkins Markham Markham Eli Dehart Joseph Dehart 493 8th P Hannah Harknese Jane Harknese 14th Scarboro Norman Melligan John Smith 494 L Jane Wilson Polly Boils Novr W Church Benjamin Tackler Sendrick Tackler 495 4th P Mary Jonston Mary Anne Machlen 495-or Lendrick. 6th Markh Joseph Watson William Sproul 496 P Rachel Dobson Amie Hutchson 12th Markh Abram Spring Abram Spring Junr 497 P Eliza Riddle George Riddle 18th W. Church Stephen Clark Joseph Clark 498 P Rosanna Crosby Mary Robertson 25th Markham Alexander McCord Alexander Gray 499 P Sybella Fitenburgh Unice Fredenburgh Decr 1st Markham John Richmond Joseph Tomilson 500 L Eliza Jane Tomlison Manuel Tomlison 2d W Church John Sapelton Josept Eudle 501 P Margard Susanna La Count Sarah Bray 2d Pikering Baker Stevens Oran Green 502 P Jane Granger Belinda Sanford 6th Markham John Cameron James Cameron 503 P Agnist Spring Adam Frelenton 9th Markh Thomas Lewis David Cash 504 L Margaret Stickly Susan Stickley 16th York Thomas Procter Samuel Munro 505 L Justine Munro Samuel R. Munro Decr. Vaugh John McKay James Wilkey 506 19th L Flora McKinnon James Breyson 23d Markh Cornelius Jonston Jacob Millar 507 P Margaret Clendenen Harriot Norton 24 Vaugh William T. Wolfe Barkley Doyle 508 P Mary Parkison John Wilson Vaugh James Brayson Robert Miller 509 26th L Margaret McKay John McKay DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 1st Mark Thomas Humberston David Oglvy 510 1835 L Sarah Willson Mary H. Jenkins 6th Vaugh Moses Spike Jacob Keysie 511 P Eliza Cysie Cathrine Lighty 6th York Peter Oster Joseph Matheson 512 L Elanor McKray Rachel Oster 13 Markh William Hillman William Mustard 513 P Permellia Kendrick Mary Anne Bell 15 Markh William Hurtly Thomas Nightingale 514 L Elizabeth O Hearen George Robertson 514 Probably O'Hearn. 26 Mark David Forsyth Peter Stoutenborough 515 P Polly Castor Susan Brown Feby. York Edward Thos. Henderson Thomas Drury 516 13th P Hannah Drury Charlot Drury 24th Markham Abram Miller Daniel Leemon 517 L Sarah Keisie Susan Boyer 24th Pikering James Norton Abram Lot 518 P Mary Crewden Richard Norton March Markh John Pearson Christopher Pick 519 P Moriah Pick Levina Stieno 16th Markham James Greenshields William Heron 520 March P Mary Heron Emery Richeson 17th Markh. Peter Spring William Bennet 521 P Nancy Shell Michel Shell 20th Markham Colin Beaton Allen Cameron 522 L Christy McKinnon Donald McKinnon 31st Markham Adam Clindenen Jacob Miller 523 P Barbra Castor Harriot Collins April Markh George Clink Emanuel Donna 524 7th P Polly Horner Joseph Donna 7th Markh Benjamin Kizer Michiel Burkholder 525 P Elizabeth Burkholder Ester Musselman 16th Markh Nathan Jackson Thomas Metcalf 526 P Eliza Camp Robert Metcalf 28th Vaugn Henrey Musslman Solomon Butterbaugh 527 P Sarah Butterbaugh Esther Musslman May Markh William Basingtwit Manna Dona 528 5th P Margaret Atkinson Eve Bakus 6 Markh Isaac Shell William Degone not Paid 529 P Jane Jonston John Perkins due 3Ds 15th Markh Robert Armstrong George Boyed 530 L Elizabeth Miller Hellen Bell 26th Mark John Strong David Spring 531 P Nancy Spring Freelove Strong 26th Markham Andrew Story Peter Milne 532 L Jane Miller Fredrick Creen Helen Bell June Vaughn Thomas Banks Joseph Wright 533 11th P Jannet Geffery James Heslip 22d Markh Samuel Wm. Thomson Robert Grudy 534 P Mary Grundy William Poster not Paid 23d Mark Richard Norton Daniel Berry 535 P Rosina Deware Eliza Sott July W. Chu Dennis Mitchel John Tackler 536 7th P Lucinda White Margret Hurtly 14th Mark William Holditch Moses Menningway 538 L Anne Hemmingway Benjamin Henderson 11th York John Hetherington John Dixon 537 P Isoble Reid Eliza Dixon August Mark John Williams* John Baker 538 P Hannah Dobson *Eve Baker 13th Markh John Baker Hugh Tomson 539 P Martha Statley* *Robert Dobson eror 538 and 539-It is not clear as to what is meaning of marks in the original, but from the names it would appear that the witnesses should be transposed. It will also be noted that the number 538 is duplicated. Octr. Markh Christopher Pikson John Button 540 1st P Lebina Stinoph Mary Pikston 1st Markh Fredrick Green John Pringle 541 L Agnis Bell Hellen Bell 12th Mark John Brasveser(?) William Allison 542 P Cicillia Monkman Mary H. Jenkins Octr. Pikering Daniel R. Barry Charles Barry 543 2Oth P Sarah Crocker Libeney Steinoff 2Oth Markh. Miles Langstaff Charles Lawrenoe 544 L Charity Langstaff John King Fairfield Cornellus Milser Jane Mills Octr. Vaughan Michalel Fisher Mark Burkholder 545 27th P Sarah White Cornellus Dunkam Novr. Vaughan Nathan Burns David McDugal 546 17th P Janet Wilkey James Newton 26th York Charles Munro Alexander McGwire 547 P Elizabeth McGwire David S. Dawn Nov. Pikering Neilson Bice Wellington Bice 548 31st P Eliza Lott Melinda Lott Decr. Markh. William Sproul John Hannah 549 2Oth P Charlot Wallace Anne Sproul 26th Mark Jacob H. Strone Jacob Nash 550 L Barbra Lehman Matilda Mitchel 550-Date may be 28th-re-written. DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan. 12th Markham James Fuller Isaac Wilson 551 1836 P Phebe Obrine Sarah White 26th Markh Andrew Smith Lorince Sides 552 P Elizabeth Stiver Betsy Hephner Febury Markh Richard Watson Richard Fudgen 553 4th P Cathrine Shell Michael Shell 9th Markh Fredrick Quantse Christopher Flurey 554 L Margaret Puterbaugh *Henery Wismer J. Sophia Quantse 23d Mark John McDonald Charles McLean 555 P Mary Paterson Mary McLean March Vaugh George Ross Alexander McKechney 556 1Oth L Euphemia Sutherland Alexander Ross 15th Mark. Eliha Bus Ridgly John Atkinson 557 P Sarah Crider Jane Forester 15th Markh James Fulton James M. Jenkins 558 L Janet Logan Mary Jenkins March W Church Moreland Rider Joel Medham 559 16th P Sarah Teil Henery Pifellet 559-In name rendered Pifellet the "f" is uncertain. 21st Mark Richard Madill James Canady 560 P Mary Anne Dun Elizabeth Dunn 27th Mark Jacob Oster Joseph Clark 561 L Eliza Jean Clark Rachel Oster May Scarboro Isaac Lummerii Archibald Lummerii 562 19th P Sophia Gilbert Elizabeth Lummerii [Lummerii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] June Mark John Hannah Michael Clark 563 5th P Nancy Spraul Esther Oyer 7 Mark Jacob Long Lenoard Long 564 P Elizabeth Davies Mercy Jonston 26th Markh Henery Methorn Joseph Methorn 565 P Elizabeth Lundy John Lundy 565-Might be Methom or Metham. July Markh David Morden John Pearson 566 5th P Lydia White Deby White 7th Markh Jacob Stoffer John Reecer 567 L Fanny Reecer Barbra Reecer 2Oth N Gwill Stephen Mann Daniel Mann 568 P Melissa Gager Richard Mann 28 Markh John Lumerlii Thomas Dufield 569 P Mary Cowen Thomas Smoke [Lumerlii should be Lamoreaux. Jane Wright Hutchinson offers this correction based on her personal research of this family.] 569-Blotted above name Dufield. August W C Francis Sidon George Oliver 570 15th P Mary Berry Deby White 23d Mark John Pringle John Younie 571 P Jane Yaunie James Pringle 23d Mark John Temple Henry Temple 572 P Rosina Hilts Lawrence Hilts 30t Mark Christian Baker John Baker 573 P Susanna Statly Eve Statly Septr Markh David Boyer Danial Yate 574 20th P Madaline Brown Nancy Vanzant 26th Markh William Southard William Chapman 575 1836 P Elenor McLeoud Alexander McLeoud 27th Markham Jonathon Nipps William Button 576 P Delila Hilts Neomi Nipps Octr Markh Thomas Holder Betsy Hemmenway 577 8th L Mary Hemmingway Moses Hemmenway 11th Markh Jonas Cake Susanna Whipple 578 P Lydia Lighty Mary Jenkins 578-Name rendered Cake probably Kaake. 24 Markh William Chapman William Jonston 579 P Margaret Vanhorn Abram Vanhorn Novr. Markha George Lundy Joseph Lundy 580 3d P Mary Gilmore James Bryson 8th Vaugh John Hislop John Hislop 581 P Hellen McGowen William Giffery 1Oth Markh John Hastey Joseph Orr 582 L Maise Louisa Orr Robert Herington 15th Markh Andrew Spring Daniel Spring 583 P Anne Nibbs David Spring Decr Markh. William Stevenson Thomas Walls 584 4th L Margaret Walls James M. Jenkins 6th Vaugh Michael Dey Whitmore Samuel Lyon 585 L Cathrine McLellan Sarah Fisher 6th Markhm Martin Remer John Remer 586 P Susan Nobles Axe Nobles 7th Markh John Penyman Eliza Brathour 587 P Barbra Shire Cornelie Shire 12th Markha James Wilson William Eck 588 P Hysie Esling Sarah Dennis 23d W Church Robert Wright James Wright 589 P Mary Paterson Mahala Paterson DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1837 Jan Markh David Euman William Euman 590 2d P Cathrine Lepord Samuel Canady 7th Markh Joseph Armstrong Neilson Wier 591 L Anne McLean Mary McLean Jan. Markh Daniel Green Archebald Fenwik 592 9th P Lucinda Hutcheson James M. Jenkins 25th W Church John Boyer Robert Wright 593 P Mahala Paterson Mary Wright 29th Vaugh Afred Bagshaw Benjamin Lee 594 P Fanny Millar Mary Anne Bassentway Febury Markh John Carlisle Edward Carr 595 4th L Jane Kerr Francis Carr 6th Markh Cornel B. Shire John Shire 596 P Hellen Hutcheson John Breathour March Markham Enos W. Bomont Garnet Loyd 597 2nd P Margaret McCausland Mary S. Jenkins 6th Markham John James Joseph Gould 598 P Rachel Widifield Eunice Bowland 7th Markham Christopher Heisey Michael Brooks 599 P Rachel Brooks Leaurett Secord 13th Markhan Jonathon Adamson Richard Trudgeon 600 L Amelia Trudgeon Martha Trudgeon 14th Vaughan Abram Stumb Joseph Stump 601 P Mattey Leno Amelia Burkholder 15th Markh Fredrik Joston Almor Vanzant 602 P Jane Kuster Amie Jonston 16th Markh Joseph Fritchly Mary S. Jenkins 603 P Barbra Wells Sarah H. Jenkins 16th W Church Jacob Leemon John Machlem 604 P Sarah Anne Machlem Mary Paterson 20th Markh James Young John Young 605 P Cathrine McIntyre Margaret Osburn 22nd Markh Thomas McKee Canady Henery Canady 606 L Jane Montgomery William Montgomery April P Anthony Pfaff Nickle Overling 607 11th Vaugh Solomina Millar Jacob Histner 12th W Church John Allen Hugh Collins 608 P Hannah Bogart Mary Anne Dillon 13th W Church John Walton Joseph Collins 609 P Hannah Wilson Amelia Wakfield Aprile Markh William Cunningham John Docherty 610 13th P Sarah Docherty John Loyd May Markham William Duncan Thomas Cockerline 611 1st P Cathrine Laikey Martha Burns 1st Markh Thomas Eck John Macklem 612 P Anne Lemon Mary Magdaline 2d Mark Ruben Wheeler William Smith 613 P Rebecca Scully Sarah Scully 23d W Church John Lundy Ephraim May 614 P Hannah Penrose Harriot Lundy 9th Mark George Knox James Purvis 615 P Mary Sanderson Elizabeth Sanderson mistake June Mark James Rambough John Eudel 616 6th P Hannah Eudel Harriot Woodroof [# 616- Should be Udell, not Eudel. email Walter Udell.] 22d Mark Thomas Anderson William Nigh 617 P Margaret Nigh Margaret Gower 30th W Church Peter Stoutenboro Hirem Stoutenhoro 618 P Caroline Ashton Hellen Ashton July N Toronto Henry Shaver Henry Tell 619 P Nancy Snider Sarah Snider 31st Markham Timothy Millard John Randel 620 P Esther Rogers Raitchel Millard Octr. Markham Christian Reecer Michael Burkholder 621 17th P Susan Burkholder Rebecca Lion 17th Markh Moses Hemmingway Robert Turner 622 L Jane Burns John Foster Novr Markh David Watson James Vanhorn 623 19th P Nancy Vanhorn Jane Wells Decr Markh James Finlay James Colter 624 7th P Mary Anne Colter Nancy Stokdale 12th Markh James Edumson William Daw 625 P Matilda Owens James Weir 625-Name Edumson very indistinct. Decr. Markham William Dow James Edmonson 626 12th P Jane Weir Matilda Owens 12th Markha James Edmonson William Dow 627 P Matilda Owens Jane Weir 25th Vaugh John Baker Jacob Cover 628 P Barbra Cover Susan Baker 29th Markham James Burns William Tinly 629 P Mary McPerson John Gray DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan. 2d Markh Jacob Keisey Peter Castor 630 1838 P Elizabeth Castor Cathrine Heisy 24th Markh Joseph Berkey John Reamer 631 P Fanny Reamer Molly Couch 26th Markh Benjamin Ferrier Robert Bowman 632 P Nancy Macateer James Armstrong Feb. Mark Lachlan Paterson Neil Paterson 633 1st L Anne McKinnon Mary McKinnon 4th Markh Ephriam May Joseph Medhorn 634 P Harriot Lundy Lavina Lundy 7th Markhm Alexander Long Edward Colwell 635 L Huldey Jane Caldwell Charlot Crone 12th Markh Mordecai Millard James Kempt 636 P Martha Condill Martha Airest 27th Markh Henery May Neil Paterson 637 P Pamillia Paterson Jane Paterson March Markh Aron Tool James M. Jenkins 638 8th P Anne Williams Mary Jenkins 12th Vaugh John Oster Michael Oster 639 P Jane Antony Rebeca Matteson 19th Mark John Shire William Osburn 640 P Mary Jane Osburn Francis Osburn 2Oth W Church Alenor Vanzant Abijah Jones 641 P Sarah Wideman Susan Brown March Markham John Canedy William Canedy 642 26th P Eloner Storts Samuel Canedy Aprile Vaughan Michael Burkholder Samuel Leon 643 10th P Rebeca Lion Cathrine Lehman 11th Markham David Hill Mary Hatfield Jenkins 644 P Mary Cupp James M. Jenkins 24th Oxbrige Peter Laur Abram Falconer 645 P Jemima Falconer Hannah Laur May Vaughan Joseph Stump Samuel Lehman 646 1st P Cathrine Lehman Cathrine Stump 29th Markham William Ney George Gower 647 P Margaret Gower Jane Machlem June Markh Samuel Lundy Mary H. Jenkins 648 4th P Hannah Straw Mary Hill 12th King Joshua B. Hillburn Josiah James 649 P Mary Hillburn Francis Gould 26th Mark David Nighswender Michael Nighswender 650 P Molly Cough Susan Barkey July Markh John Baker William Jenkins 651 1st L Nancy Mitchell Mary Jenkins 10th Oxbrige George Long James Widman 652 P Celestia Stephen Mary Avery 10th Markham George Perkins Mary Bell 653 P Elizabeth Robertson William Jenkins 28th W.C. Hamilton Hall James Nickle 654 L Sarah Anderson Cathrine Anderson August Oxbrige Richard Fluwell Thomas Thomson 655 7th P Mary Ferguson Isoble Ferguson Septr W. Church Matthew Trench William Machlem 656 26th P Abigail Patterson Jane Patterson Octr. W Church David Law Leonard Long 657 10th P Eliza Jonston Prudence Wintersteen 15th W Church Alexander Morrison John Stewart 658 P Mary Anne Machlem Susan Lundy 16th Mark Michael Brooks Samuel Law 659 P Elvira Young Elizabeth Brooks Novr. W Church Ludwick Tackler William Jonston 660 2Oth P Hellen Siden Prudence Wintersteen 26th Markh Joseph Jonston William Ferguson 661 L Elizabeth McIntyre Margaret Hosberr Decr 16th Markh William Winch Henery Sholts 662 P Christeen Vantse Mary Lightly 16th Markh Henery Sholts William Winch 663 P Mary Lighty Christeen Vantse 29th Markh William Shaw Thomas Cooper 664 L Mary Jenkins Sarah H. Jenkins DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jany. Markh George Prelinger John Prelinger 665 1st 1839 P Fanny Heisey Elizabeth Heisey 6th Markh Michael Hennon John Brown 666 L Jane Patterson Anne Brown 666-Date blotted-probably 6th is correct. 16th Markh Jesse Gould John Vernon 667 P Mary Anne Bolton Sarah Gould 2Oth Markham Andrew Hill Leonard Long 668 P Elizabeth Jonston Sarah Jonston 21st Markham Michael Gordon Abram Vanhorn 669 P Sarah Badgero Elizabeth Whetter 24th Vaughan Silas Fuller William Jenkins Junr. 670 P Rachel Phillips Sarah White Jan. Markham William Nickles Simon Till 671 29th P Elizabeth Till Abram Baker 29th Markham Abram Falconer Peter Laur 672 P Jane Avery Jemima Long Feby. Markham Edward Layman William Smith 673 5th P Sophia Smith Sarah Skelly 2Oth Markh John Shade Simeon Shire 675 P Deby White Sarah Beaton 25th Markh James M. P. Coulter Joseph Colter 674 P Mary Carney Anne Warren 25th Markham Aron Hains James Pullock 676 P Eliza Sparling Fanny Chapman March Markh John Kendrick Hiram Taylor 677 2d P Eliza Jane Kelly Henery Shook 4th Markham William Rodhouse William Lundy 678 P Christiana Camble Sarah H. Jenldns 5th Markham James Wideman Peter Shofeilt 679 P Agnist Shoefeilt Margaret Yakes 10th Markham John Connor Andrew Shams 680 P Elizabeth Lucis Daniel Henderson 11th Markham Comley Randal Tushua Bogart 681 P Elizabeth Penrose Prissilla Penrose 18th Markh George Sproxton Robert Shilson 682 P Elizabeth Seward George Thomas 18th Markh John Lion Charles Garret 683 P Anne Waterhouse Sarah Garret 24th Markham Job Wells Thomas McCradden 684 L Elizabeth De Long Sarah McCradden 28th Markham John Stoutenborough James Stoutenboro 685 P Sarah Watson Margaret Shell Aprile Pikering Robert Lion Hugh Obrine 686 2d P Esther Obrine Eliza Cooper 8th Markham Joseph Larken Mary Mustard 687 P Anne Waterhouse Sarah H. Jenkins 10th Pikering Hugh Pugh William Lee 688 P Hannah Smith Diana Stonehouse 10 Markham Robert Conamore Robert Hardy 689 L Elizabeth Hemmingway Thomas Button 17th Markham John Flowery Patrick Davison 690 P Esther Hagerman Mary Harman 19th Markham Alexander Brothwick Christopher Anderson691 L Sarah Sanderson Elizabeth Sanderson 21st Markham James Plater William Cooper 692 L Rebeca Langstaff Mary Cooper May 7th Markham Adam Lot Wellington Bice 693 P Eliza Cole Clice Lot 17th Markh Alexander Brown Mary H. Jenkins 694 L Sarah Pain Sarah H. Jenkins 19th Markham John C. Burr James Mairsh 695 P Isabella Wright Susan Burr 28th Markham David Morton John Patterson 696 P Isabella Mclntyre Peter Brake June W Church Henery Case Ralph Bell 697 10th P Elizabeth Allcok Jane Bell 21st Scarboro Marshall Machlem John Ward 698 L Mary Jackson Cathrine Ward July Markham Michael Phillips William Ferriere 699 2d P Chloe L. Reynolds John Mapes 7th Pikering Alexander Sharp Archibald McIntyre 700 P Anne Hosberry Margaret Hosberry July 16th Vaughan James McLoud Jacob Stone 701 P Sarah Fisher Mary Keefer 22d Markham Joel Horner John Colter 702 Licence Jane Docherty Charles Tenton August York Dewit Clinton Bishop John Cumar 703 7th L Elizabeth Grant Edward Stevenson 15th Oxbrige Thomas Thomson Dilworth Chapman 704 P Isabella Ferguson Janet Ferguson 2Oth Markham Thomas Arnold James Canady 705 P Harriot Baker Hellen Plaxton 29th John Handlin Mary H. Jenkins 706 L Susannah Kelfer Sarah H. Jenkins Septr. Markham Joseph Menthorn Sarah Jenkins 707 9th P Lubina Lundy Hannah P. Jenkins Octr. Markham Jerome McCarty Lawson Barber 708 25th P Anne Farnan Neil Farnan November W Church Pennington Keitly Alfred Jonston 709 5th P Prudence Jonston Charlot Lehmen 13th Vaughan Charles McKinnon Angus McKinnon 710 P Jane McGown Neil Cample Decr Markham Jacob Shunk Jacob Smith 711 17th P Susanna Deedwarner Barbra Musslman 21st Markham Benjamin Hemmingway John Hemmingway 712 L Perlena Weibb Josiah Helmkey 29th Markham William Temple James Stoutenboro 713 L Margaret Shell Margaret Shell 3Oth Markham Jacob Yakes John Grahm 714 P Sally Hatter Betsey Grahm 714-This number duplicated. DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1840 Jany Markham George Bell George Trench 714 1st P Selome Wright Mary Ambler 2d Markham Hiram Stoutenburgh James Stoutenburgh 715 P Ratchel Page Susan Burr 24th Markham William Jerman John Lafland 716 P Sarah Beaton Mary McClean 3Oth Markham Malcolm McKinnon Lachlan McLeen 717 P Catherine Ferguson Parker McKinnon Febury Markham William Jonston Benjamin B. Jenkins 718 5th P Jane Reynolds Sarah H. Jenkins 11th Markham Peter Recer Adam Break 719 P Elizabeth Cough John Recer 16th Vaughan Thomas Banks William Smith 720 L Alice Merreth Cathrine M. Higgins March W Church Alexander Terry David Terry 721 9th P Lucy Warner John Eves 17th Markham Abram Reamer John Boyer 722 P Elizabeth Boyer Elizabeth Raemer 24th Markham John Heisay Josephus Recer 723 P Magdalane Baker Susanna Baker 24th Markham Peter Shaver Joseph Shaver 724 P Effic Hilts Elizabeth Hilts April Markham William A. Williams Joel T. Williams 725 6th P Emellia Peters Anne Tool 13th Markh John Pexman James Burch 726 P Mary A. Burch Jane Prentice May Vaughan Robert Traviss Neilson Grahm 727 4th P Sarah Grahm Susan Moor May Markham John Yakes Daniel Yakes 728 26th P Susan Castor Lydia Castor 27th Vaughan William Evans A. P. Lawrence 729 P Mary Reid Matilda Evans June Markham Henery Vanzant Daniel Yake 730 2d P Margaret Yakes Elizabeth Long 9th Markham Elijah Rose William Hillbourn 731 P Elizabeth Hillbourn Sarah Anne Rose 17th Vaughan Thomas Wilson George Shepherd 732 L Sarah Leymburn Charlot Leymburn August Markham John Spafford William Jenkins Jun. 733 12th P Christian Ney Cathrine Anderson 733-Ney, name re-written-doubtful. 31st Markham Robert Lachlan Joseph Laghlan 734 P Betsey Biggars Sarah H. Jenkins Septr WhitChurch John Ormond Edward Stewart 734 7th P Elenor Scott Anne Cros Scadden 734-Number duplicated. 15th Markh George Jonston David Davidson 735 P Hannah Conor Margret Conor Octr Markham Thomas McMurchey John McMurchey 736 9th L Charlotte Elizabeth Grant Duncan McErchey 12th Markham Robert J. Schregly George Davison 737 P Fanny Hunt Sarah Anne Schregly 19th Markham Michael Shell Benjamin B. Jenkins 738 L Meriam Wright Sarah H. Jenkins 2Oth W Church Christopher Scott Nicelson Paterson 739 P Elizabeth Connor Margaret Connor Octr. Markham David Baker Thomas Connor 740 2Oth P Charlotte Lehmon Anne Green 22d Markham Joseph Watson John Foster 741 P Margaret Shell Margaret Robertson November Markham Joseph Millard John Hollingshead 741 24th P Susan Hollingshead Charles Millard 741-This number duplicated. Decr. E. Guill Calvin Weddel Thomas Edward Davis 742 1st P Emirilla Smith Emillia Smith 8th W. Church Josephus Reecer Abram Hoover 743 P Susan Baker Elizabeth Baker 8th Markham Daniel Hoover David Boyer 744 P Moriah Neigh Esther Reamer 23d Markham John Udle John Pearson 745 P Unice Spenser Sarah Brown [# 745- should be Udell, not Udle. email Walter Udell.] 24th Markham William Montgomery Joseph Penick 746 L Susan Burr Henry Smith DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jany. 3d Markham Ebenezer Madill Benjamin Madill 747 1841 P Mary Anne Madill Anne McLean 19th Markh Jacob Fisher Abram Stover 748 P Eve Statly Mchiel Fisher 2Oth Mark. William Robert Shaw Nathan Pegg 749 P Mary Jillot Abigail Pegg 25th Markham Thomas Barrie John Holland 750 P Mary Anne Houghs Debra Barrie 26th Markh Daniel Hephner David Mustard 751 P Nancy Mustard Betsey Hephner Jany. Markham John Hall Samuel Simpson 752 26th L Jane Waddle Jane Simpson Feb Markham William Carter Daless Wellington St. Clair753 10th L Deborah Barry Julia Anne Barry 16th Markham John Person John Morton 754 P Sarah Brown Eliza Cooper 18th James Perkins Joseph Ead 755 Sarah Adams Clarissa Perkins March Markham Thomas Connor John Jonston 756 9th P Hannah Jonston Lydia Millar March Markham John Wint William Bennet 757 16th P Lieusia Riddle Ann Lavan 23d Markham Samuel Wideman Benjamin Hare 758 L Barbra Heisy Sarah Heisy Aprile Markham John Focklar William Shireld 759 13 Barbara Musslman Elizabeth Focklar 17th Neal Brown Charles Ruttles 760 L Elizah Reckles Margrett Brown 2Oth Markham William Shofield Eli Shirfild 761 P Elizabeth Focklar Sarah Muselman May Marm Henry Eyer Henry Widman 762 4th L Mary Burkholder Hannah Burkholder 18th Markham Peter More Joseph Marr 762 P Hannah McKay Mary Moor--- 25th Markh John Morden William Brown 763 P Mary Brown Mary M--- June Markham John G. Reecer Joseph Brown 764 15th P Christina Brown Mary Reecer This page of the record is very much interlined and badly blotted, especially over names of witnesses in Nos. 762 and 763. The handwriting also, in a number of entries, is not that of Rev. Jenkins. No. 762 is also duplicated. Augst. Markham Jeremiah Plant Peter Plant 765 5th P Briget Barlow Margaret Temple 3Oth Markham Joel Smith Pascol T. Prentice 766 P Mary Anne Lawer Jane M. Prentice Sepr. Markh Abram Vanhorn John Wilson 767 2d P Mary Anne Whitney Anne Whitney 13th Markham Samuel Lundie Isaac Hollandshead 768 P Charlot Bell Mary Lundie 2Oth Markham Robert Hogson William Smith 769 P Anne Smith Jean Smith 28th Markham Phillp Brown John McMillan 770 P Caroline Williams Betsey Medale Octr. Markham Charles Davis George Davis 771 12th P Margrat Ervin Mary McCaye 29th Mark Geoge Gorman David McKenzie 772 L Margaret Croghton William Rankan Novr Markham Levi Bostwick John ArnoId 773 2d L Carolin Arnold John Erwin 9th W Church Chrisler Hoover Peter Dona 774 P Cathrine Baker Elizabeth Keisy 20th Mark Peter Dona Samuel Dona 775 P Elizabeth Keisy Elizabeth Keisy Decr. Markham Josiah Helinke Robert Stiver 776 2d P Amy Badgero Amy Phenik 776-Date blotted. DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER 1842 Jany. Mark William Conor Mary Castor 777 3d Anne Castor David Castor 3d Mark Alexander York Silas York 778 Elizabeth Long Elizabeth Yakes Jan. Markham James Bently David Badgero 779 1Oth P Jemmia Retolick Elijah Elmsly 6th Markham Peter Bandly Daniel Yaker 780 P Rachel Yaker Cathrine Castor 78O-Date may be either 6th or 16th. 15th Markham Christian Bever James Baker 781 L Clarissa Lott Caroline Lott 17th Markham George Crosby Gilbert Penik 782 P Amenie Penik Anne Clary March Markh Jacob Stong Henry White 783 7th P Sarah Snyder Beney Bowers 8th Markham John Brown James Ralston 784 L Cathrine Hart Moriah Mechechney 9th Markham Fredrick Hilts Fredrick Smith 785 P Nancy Kelly Mary Hilts 15th Markham Peter Fisher Henry Atkinson 786 P Caroline Akhart Abram Stover 15th Markham Joseph Walker Jesse Conor 787 P Sally A. Conor Jacob Baker 24th Markham Thomas Hearne James Vanderburgh 788 L Ellanore Vanderburgh Susette Barnard 31st Markham James Edwards James Harman 789 P Alecto Harman Jane Allen April Vaughan Thomas Morgan Alexr. Meohony 790 2d L Susan Clark James Wilkey 5th Markham Fredrick Smith John Forster 791 P Mary Perkins Cathrine Perkins 9th Markham Henry Brown James Wiley 792 L Pauline Rumere Jane Carter 12th Markham Jacob Baker George Gower 793 P Sally Lehmans Jullia Lehmens 19th Markham Edward Chambers Gilbert McTaggat 794 P Anne McTicket Mary Anne Baker 30th Vaughan William Paterson John Maloy 795 P Mary McMawn Margaret Munshaw May Markham John Stephens Ingles Button 796 17th. P Mercy Jones David Badgero 24th Markham Benjamin Hare Samuel Millar 797 L Sarah Heisy Molly Rymer May Markham James Manser Isobel Bell 798 3Oth P Jane Bell Sarah H. Jenkins June 2Oth Markham Emanuel Doner James Sautenborgh 799 L Eliza Baty Sarah H. Jenkins July Markham Robert Craik William Trench 800 3d L Jane Grant Thomas McMurchy 5th Markham John Riter Henry Wagoner 801 P Rachel Wagoner Mary Anne Stiver 9th Vaughan David Coalman Thomas Lauder 802 P Sarah Gilmore Jane Anne Coalman Septr. Markham Martinus Badgero Michael Golden 803 23d P Helen McCray Anne McCray 3Oth Markham Thomas Shefield Samuel Davis 804 P Mary Anne Snowdan Elizabeth Reamer 31st Markham Charles Mitchel Margaret Strong 805 P Phebe Strong John Strong Senr. Septr. Markham Joseph Cook Jacob Cook 806 13th P Sally Herrington Jane Herrington 28th Markham William Tenton Abram Nobles 807 P Margaret Graham Sarah Graham Octr. Markham William Basely Thomas Temly 808 10th. P Cathrine Peterbaugh Samuel Basely 10th Markham Jonathon Widdifield Gabes Jonson 809 P Mercy Jonston Hannah Lundy 11th Markham Thomas Burett Charles Anderson P Sarah Tell Macount OBrady Herriot Jane Macount 18th Markham Caspar Widman Samuel Widman 810 P Matty Hoover Elizabeth Hoover 810-This number omitted in proper order and used for next entry. Octr. Markham James Walker Isiah White 811 25th P Ratchel White Martha Webb Novr. Markham Daniel Neighswander Markham Neighswander812 22d P Mary Cryder Franklin Hull Decr. 6th Markham John Baker Daniel Baker 813 P Betty Lehmon Anne Walker 13th Markham William Smith William Longfield 814 P Sarah Longfield Cathrine Ferrier 13th Markham Joseph Lachlan Joseph Martin 815 P Charlote Anne Purdy Phebe Lachlan 27th Markham Henry Harmon James Harmon 816 P Mary Briggs Phebe Stouks 29th Markham Henry Harmon Elihu Woodrow 817 P Elizabeth Stouks Phebe Stouks DATE PLACE MARRIED WITNESSES NUMBER Jan 3d Markham Samuel Miller George Bleak 818 1843 P Barbara Cough Peter Mishler 9th Markham Henry Welch George Falconer 819 P Phebe Cook Peggy Falconer 17th Markham Michael Fisher Abram Hoover 820 P Hannah Bell Jacob Fisher 2Oth Markham John Lemond Gabus Jonston 821 P Christian Jonston Hannah Lundy 23d Markham William Wilson Hannah Wilson 822 P Mary Anne Ritmond Harvy Wilson 26th Markham William McGinnis Daniel Conway 823 L Mary Furto James M. Jenkins 824-This number omitted entirely. Jany. Markham Peter Stitton Jacob Cline 825 26th P Elizabeth Cline Catherine Cook 31st Markham Peter Shofield William Trench 826 P Elizabeth Trench Lene Shofelt 31st Markham Franklin Abram Baker 827 P Mary Morden Sarah Castor Febry Markham Phillip Gower John Shell 828 7th P Nancy Gilbert Jean Gilbert 7th Markham Ellis Hughs Morhal Wood 829 P Sarah Powel Mary Anne Lundy 14th Markh Gilbert Folliot Peter McCallom 830 P Mary Anne Lonsdale Peter Davison 14th Markham Donald McDonald James M. Jenkins 831 L Sarah Hoel Jenkins Isabella Obrine 15th Markham Alexander McKendry John Wiley 832 L Sarah Smith Nancy Smith 23d Markham John Donna John Stockdale 833 P Effy Shell Margaret McKinen March Markham John Flanell Charles Bascom 833 7th P Susan Ballie Susan Widdifield 833-This number duplicated. 9th Markham Fredrick Wessley Joseph Willis 834 P Hannah Wessley John Wesly 21st Markham David Strecker Christopher 835 P Sally Scully Cathrine Heisy 26th Vaughan William Walton Jesse Toten 836 P Hannah Hamilton Luissa Hamilton March Markham Cresly Stover Peter Stover 837 25th P Sally Shunk Jacob Shunk 28th Markham Isiah Wilson Edward Newton 838 P Eliza Jane Gilbert Mary Anne Neilson 3Oth Markham William Plaxton Richard Watson 839 L Susan Spring Angle Spring April Markh Peter Vandenburgh James Vandenburgh 840 12th L Mary Anne Marsh Moriah Marsh 15th Markham Daniel Owen Donald MacDonald 841 P Elizabeth Gray Sally MacDonald May Markham Edmond Newton James M. Jenkins 842 3d L Lavina March Benjamin Stockton Jenkins June Markh Joseph Vencise John Reemor 843 7th P Martha Fraser Susan Reemor 843-Probably either Ramer or Reamor. 13th Markh William Shaver Samuel Tackler 844 P Elizabeth Pipher Elizabeth Beamor 844-Witnesses' names very dim. 19th Markham George Lindsay Daniel Spring 845 P Jane Herrington Luconia Spring 29th Markham William Bull Joseph Bull 846 P Sarah Jonston Susannah Jonston 11th Markham Arthur West Mary Jenkins 847 L Mary Ambler Mrs. Mary Jenkins 11th Markh Michael Oster Thomas Clark 848 L Mary Clark Margrat Oster 12th Markham David Jonston John Lehmens 849 P Rachel Lundy Christeen Lehmen July Vaughan John Carter John Cresler 850 3Oth P Esther Cresler Eliza Phillips August Markham Samuel Millar John Boyer 851 1st P Polly Reamer Elizabeth Reamer Septr. Markham John Leghlan William Richardson 852 5th P Mary Anne Mitchel Phebe Leglan