From Ontario Archives Marriage Registrations Microfilm MS 932 Reel #4.
Folio 14, Pages 236 and 256.

                Page 236                  Page 256

Groom        John Lamb                  John Lamb
Age             25                         27
Residence    Garafraxa                  East Garafraxa
Place born     Galt                       Canada
Parents      James Lamb                 Thomas Lamb
             Jessie Cairns              Jessie Caines
Bride        Elizabeth Glover           Elizabeth Glover
Age             23                         23
Parent       Joseph Glover              Joseph Glover
             Susannah Watson            Susanna Watson
Witnesses    Wm. J. Glover              Wm. J. Glover
                of Caledon              Marg. N. Glover
             Margaret Ann Glover        [both of]
                of Erin                 East Garafraxa
Date         23 November 1871           22 Nov.
Place        Erin                       Erin
Groom Rel.   Primitive M.               Prim. M.
Bride Rel.   Episcopal M.               Episcopal M.
Married by   James Alex Thompson        Rev. Jm. Thompson

Why was it duplicated?  No idea.  Not horribly wrong, but wrong enough to
really make a difference.