The following is a copy of an affidavit I happened to run across a while ago in one of the Archives of Ontario copies of Birth Registrations. It reinforces the idea that independant confirmation of all facts should be a rule to follow. In this case a normally accurate source is shown to be totally undependable.

                Dominion of Canada
                Province of Ontario
                To Wit;
                        In the matter of the registration of the birth of
                        Norman Blanchard.

I, Stephen Blanchard, of the Town of Meaford, in the County of
Grey, farmer, DO SOLEMNLY DECLARE that.

(1) I am the father of Norman Blanchard of the City of Toronto in
the County of York, book-keeper.

(2) My brother Gideon Blanchard, who registered the birth gave
information to the effect that the name of the child was Norma, the sex
female, and the date February 14th, 1894, whereas the facts are:
that the child was Norman, the sex male, and the date of birth February
21st, 1894.

(3) I desire the registration of the birth to be changed in accordance
with the above facts.

AND I MAKE this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be
true and knowing that it is the same force and effect as if made under
oath and by virtue of the CANADA EVIDENCE ACT.

Declared before me at the Town of Meaford, County of Grey, this 28th day
of December 1917.  (signed by Stephen Blanchard and Jn. Horsley Mayer, J.P.)

        (The original registration has been written over correcting the
        name, date and sex.  "See affidavit" has been written in the
        Remarks section. ) Registration # 9911 of the Twp. of St. Vincent
        County of Grey, Archives of Ontario Microfilm MS 929 Reel # 120,
        also available at the LDS as film # 1846240.

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