This information was originally published by:
Papers and Records
Volume 1, Published in Toronto in 1899
Reprinted in 1930.
Pages 109-112.

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NOTE.-Stephen Conger, Justice of the Peace, of Hallowell, Prince
Edward County was a son of David Conger, one of the U.E.L.
pioneers of that county. David Conger was a native of Pisataqua,
New Jersey, where his son Stephen was also born. He came first
to Upper Canada in 1786, selected and purchased a lot, with a
mill site, in Hallowell, two miles east of Picton on Bay of
Quinte shore. He returned and moved his family the next year,
bringing with him the irons and castings for a saw-mill, which
he erected there, being the first mill of the kind built in
Prince Edward County. A little later he built also a grist mill
on the same lot. There have been mills there ever since. The
Conger Methodist church was built on the same lot in 1809, and
is now the oldest Methodist church in actual use in the Province
of Ontario. Stephen was a boy of fourteen years old when his
father moved, and is said to have driven, or helped to drive,
some cows belonging to the family all the way from New Jersey,
being over a month on the road. He was appointed a Justice of
the Peace and was sworn into office at Kingston, July 14th,
1803, being one of the first in Prince Edward County. In the
absence in the county of any minister legally qualified to
marry, he solemnized seventy-six marriages between 1803 and
1823, some of whom became the heads of some of the largest and
most respectable families in the county. During all that time a
number of the early Methodist ministers regularly travelled
there, but they were not legally allowed to marry then. Among
them were Revs. Darius Dunham, Joseph Jewell, Joseph Sawyer,
Thomas Madden, Sylvanus Keeler, Henry Ryan, William Case, Thomas
Whitehead, Isaac B. Smith, John Reynolds, David Culp, Ezra
Adams, Isaac Puffer, James Wilson, Franklin Metcalf, and Wyatt
Chamberlain.  It will be seen these well-known ministers often
published the parties, but they had to come to the Justice of
the Peace to be legally married.  Mr. Conger was father-in-law of
the late John P. Roblin, M.P.P., and Registrar for Prince
Edward, and father of Roger Bates Conger, M.P.P.
                                T. W. CASEY.

The following is the list from Stephen Conger's record:

1.      Married Charles Huff, of Adolphustown, and Elizabeth
Russell, of Thurlow, both in the Midland District of Upper Canada,
on the 26 Aug., 1803
2.      Luis German and Nancy McKea    Sophiasburgh, Mar.18, 1804
3.      Michael Cryderman and Prudence Pettit, Hallowell, Apr. 7, 1805
4.      Abraham Maybee, Amelias.; Polly Johnson     "     June 9, 1805
5.      Reuben Burlingham and Phebe Leavens      "     Sept. 9, 1805
6.      Daniel McFall and Hannah Cunningham      "      Dec. 16, 1805
7.      Robt. Huyck, Amelias.; Eleanor McMaster    "     Mar. 6, 1806
8.      Elijah Cunningham and Sarah Hyatt           "    Mar.18, 1806
9.      Stephen Burdette, Marysburgh;; Jane Steel    "    May 1, 1807
10.,    Enoch Solomons,Hall.;Elizabeth Ryckman, Sophias., July 22, 1807
11.     Abram Barker and Mary Hubbs     Hallowell, Sept., 27, 1807
12.     James Armstrong and Hannah Dougall, Hallowell, Oct. 9, 1807
        He was father-in-law of the late Rev. Dr. Egerton Ryerson, and
        of Dr. John Beatty, for many years a Professor in Victoria
        College and Mayor of Cobourg.
13.     Samuel Orser and Elizabeth Johnson    "     Oct. 12, 1807
14.     Nicholas Peterson, Hall.; Peggy Van Tassel  Fred., May 30, 1809
15.     Daniel Leavens and Jane Blount      Hallowell, June 27, 1809
16.     Benjamin Dunham and Betsy White        "      Oct. 17, 1809
17.     Stephen Palmer and Abagail Jones       "      Jan. 10, 1810
18.     Richard Clute and Sabra Ann Goldsmith  "       Mar. 10, 1810
        Produced a license from His Excellency Francis Gore,
        Lient.Governor of Upper Canada.
        The grand-parents of Roger B. Clute, Q.C., of Toronto.
19.     Moses White and Jane Stinson Conger Hallowell, Mar. 20, 1810
20.     Jonathan Greely and Harriet Wessels    Sophias., July 23, 1810
        The parents of the late Absolom Greely, M.P.P., for Prince Edward.
21.     Aaron Carnahan and Sarafaria Sickles  . Hallowell, Aug. 29, 1810
22.     Luis Shombou and Mary Ann Cardinal.       "        Dec.15, 1810
23.     William Black and Sophia Peterson         "        Feby. 3, 1811
24.     Abraham Warren and Deborah Elsworth       "        Sept. 6, 1811
25.     Garret Striker and Lidia Bowerman         "        Sept. 30, 1813
        The parents of the late Gideon Striker M.P.P. for Prince Edward.
26.     William Yourx and Lidia Travis           "         Oct. 3, 1813
27.     Peter Secord, Elizabeth Winslow (licensed)  "      Mar. 9, 1815
28.     John Terwilliger, Hall.; Rosanna Vandusen, Sophia. Apr. 4, 1815
29.     Levi Bates, of Hamilton District of Newcastle,
        and Fanny Vandusen   Sophias. (license),           Jan.10, 1812
30.     Elijah Orser and Rachael Brown     Hallowell,      Jan. 1, 1816
31.     Gilbert Miller, Hall.; Elizabeth Huyck Amelias.,    Mar.11, 1816
                (By publication by Deacon Adams.)
        He became the Rev. Gilbert Miller, a well known Methodist minister.
32.     Gilbert Purdy and Asenath Goldsmith   Hallowell,    May 1, 1816
33.     Henry A. Johnson, Hall; Phebe Casey Adolph.,        May 18, 1816
                (Published by Rev. Ezra Adams)
34.     Joseph Hicks and Elizabeth Hicks    Hallowell,      Sept. 3, 1816
35.     Benjamin Hicks and Sarah Geroe            "         Oct. 18, 1816
                (Published by Rev. Thomas Madden.)
36.     Ira Lamion and Mary Yourx                  "         Nov.20, 1816
                (Published by Rev. Thomas Madden.)
37.     James Platt and Mary Hicks, both of         "        Mar. 4, 1817
                (Published three Sundays by Rev. Ezra Adams.)
38.     John Warren, Hallowell; Nelly Ryckman, Sophias.,     Apr.27, 1817
                (Published three Sundays by Rev. Ezra Adams.)
39.     Samuel Wickam, Sarah Joseph (colored), Sophias.,     Aug.27, 1817
                (Published regularly by Rev. Darius Dunham.)
40.     Charles Sharp and Caty Thompson    Sophiasburgh,     Dec. 14, 1817
                (Both Colored people, published by Rev. Wyatt Chamberlain.)
41.     Albert Ryckman, Sophiasburgh; Charity Warren, Hallowell, July 5, 1818
                (Published by Rev. Wyatt Chamberlain.)
42.     Jacob Cooney and Susannah Pine   Ameliasburgh,       Sept.22, 1818
       (N.B. traviled 10 miles through the mud and got nothing for it.)
43.     Jesse Henderson and Susan Eliza Thurison, Hall., Dec. 24, 1818
                (License, bearing date Dec.21, 1818; rec'd one guinea.)
44.     John Black and Matilda Johnson        Hallowell,     June 6, 1819
        (Published by Rev. John Tuke.)
45.     John Goldsmith and Phebe Orser        Hallowell,       June 19, 1819
        (Published by Rev. Thomas Madden.)
46.     Robert McCamon and Elizabeth Wessels      Sophias.,    July 22, 1819
47.     Samud Ryckman, Sophias.; Watty Dyre,      Hallowell,   Jan. 10, 1820
        (Published by myself, S. Conger.)
48.     Abraham Weeks and Cinderilla Hare         "          Jan. 11, 1820
        (Published by myself, S. Conger.)
49.     George Zufelt and Susannah Lawson          "           (No date.)
50.     Jas. Potter Spencer and Catharine Rankin        "      Mar.18, 1820
51.     Caleb Williams and Gloranah Young             "        May 3, 1820
52.     Joseph Daly and Polly Benson            Sophiasburgh,   Sept.18, 1820
        (Published by Deacon Medcalf.)
53.     GCeo. Goodwell and Betsy York (Colored), Hallowell,     Oct. 10, 1820
54.     Francis Yett and Jemima Goodwell             "          Dec. 12, 1820
55.     Daniel Williams and Catharine Howell   Sophias.,        Dec. 18, 1820
                (Published by Mr. Wright)
56.     William Yerrex and Phebe Herrington  Hallowell,         Mar. 18, 1821
                (Published by Rev. James Wilson.)
57.     John Phillips and Catharine Smith          "             May 1, 1821
58.     William McGrath and Mahitabel Simson       "             June 5, 1821
        (Regularly published by Cornelius Vanalatine, Esquire. Said
        marriage forbid by her father but not for lawful reasons, and no
        attention paid to it by me.)
59.     Archibald Miller and Elizabeth Abraham, Hallowell,       July 23, 1821
        (A very rainy day. Certificate given.)
60.     Abraham Hyatt and Phebe Cole               "            Oct. 22, 1821
        (Published by myself.)
61.     James Cardinal and Deliah Darling    Hallowell          Nov.11, 1821
        (Published by myself.)
62.     Andrew Hayek and Mary Dyre                "             Dec. 12, 1821
        (Published by myself.)
63.     William Emerson and Rosanah Young         "             Jan. 21, 1822
        (Published by myself. Certificate given.)
64.     Joseph Rumbold and Phebe Smith           "              Feb. 14, 1822
                (Published by Rev. James Wilson.)
65.     David Conger Goldsmith and Elizabeth Carthy  Hallowell  Feb. 26, 1822
                (Regularly published by Rev. James Wilson.)
66.     James Benson, Sophias.; Mary Trader.       Hallowell,   Feb. 27,1822
                (Published by Rev. James Wilson.)
67.     Henry Bennam and Jane Hewlin                  "          May 4, 1822
                (Published by Rev. James Wilson.)
68.     Hazelton Spencer and Harriatt McKenzie         "        Mar. 31, 1822
69.     Samuel Harding and Elizabeth Stanton.         "         May 19, 1822
                (Received three crowns. Certificate given.)
70.     James Rankin and Elizabeth Johnson        Hallowell,    Mar.26, 1822
71.     John Conger and Maria Wilson                            July 2, 1822
                (Published by Deacon S. Fergusson.)
        The parents of the Conger Brothers, publishers of the Picton Gazette.
72.     Elisha Miller and Elizabeth Tagarty an English
                woman, late of Montreal, but now of Hallowell,
                by my own publication, at his sons, Gilbert Miller,
                on Sunday (a very rainy day)                     Aug. 4, 1822
        The Grandfather of the late A. C. Miller, M.P., for
        Prince Edward Co.
73.     Jacob Miller and Harriet Brown              Hallowell,   Aug.25, 1822
74.     Modest Duplessis, Hallowell; and Catharine M. Gempsey
                                                Sophiasburgh,    Dec. 5, 1822
                (Published by S. Conger.)
75.     Samuel Hyatt and Jane Cole         Hallowell,            Mar. 18, 1823
                (Published by me.)
76.     William Bull and Jane Clark         Ameliasburgh,        Mar. 27, 1823
                (Published by me.)

The following occurs in a Methodist Baptism Record, kept by
James Dougall, Esq., for the Circuit:

Solemnization of Matrimony between John Carley and Dorcas Conger,
both of Hallowell, according to the form of our Church
(Methodist), Mar. 2nd, 1817, by Thomas Madden, Elder.

Solemnization of Matrimony between John Platt Williams and Mary
Yeomans, both of Hallowell, according to the form of our Church,
Feb. 3rd, 1817, by Thomas Madden, Elder."